Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 412

Even so, that can only show one problem.
Behind Lin Wanqiu, there is indeed a master!
Moreover, the relationship between this master and Lin Wanqiu is not simple.
The original energy he stayed in Lin Wanqiu’s body would take at least five years of cultivation to accumulate.
Many people don’t know what the original energy accumulated by a martial arts master for five years means.
It can be said that if the master behind Lin Wanqiu uses the energy he has accumulated in five years of cultivation to infuse an ordinary person, then that ordinary person will be promoted in a very short time. Late stage dark power!
It’s even possible in the early stage of Huajin!
But now, this energy has been used on an ordinary girl.
There is no doubt that this is a big deal.
Who is the grandmaster behind Lin Wanqiu?
Why didn’t he directly teach Lin Wanqiu the martial arts and let Lin Wanqiu become a martial artist, but instead used the method of original energy to protect Lin Wanqiu?
Is there any secret in Lin Wanqiu?
“Mr. Chen?”
Jiang Zhongting stretched out his hand again and shook it in front of Chen Feng. Chen Feng then reacted as if he had first awakened from a dream, and he was thinking too much.
“What does Mr. Chen think?” Jiang Zhongting couldn’t help asking.
“Nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, and then said again: “Uncle Jiang, please don’t tell me about Wanqiu.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not the kind of person with a big mouth.” Jiang Zhongting nodded. He has a close personal relationship with Shi Pojun, knowing that the world is far from simple as it seems.
In addition to the world of ordinary people, there is also the world of warriors.
The world of warriors is more than a hundred times more dangerous than the world of ordinary people.
Today’s Lin Wanqiu may involve some important secrets in the world of warriors.
After coming out of the hospital, Chen Feng’s expression was a little gloomy.
Although Lin Wanqiu is fine now, it is true that she once stepped into the ghost gate for herself.
If there is no master-level original energy body protection, Lin Wanqiu would have died when he was hit by a car.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng dialed Qin Xuerou’s phone.
This is the first time he came to Zhonghai to find Qin Xuerou on his own initiative.
Today, he must give Lin Wanqiu an explanation.
After the call was connected, without waiting for Chen Feng to speak, Qin Xuerou on the other side spoke first: “I know what I want you to ask me, but I can’t tell you.”
“Why?” Chen Feng’s tone was calm and calm. I felt a little chill in the bottom of my heart.
“You can’t offend them.” Qin Xuerou’s voice was a bit tired, and a bit helpless.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed: “This is not a reason.”
“This is a reason!” Qin Xuerou’s attitude suddenly became tough.
“Chen Feng, I hope you understand a truth. Rabbits will bite people when they are anxious, and dogs will jump over walls when they are anxious.”
“You are just an abandoned son of the Chen family.”
“Your identity is far from yourself. It is so noble as imagined.”
“The other party dared to kill even Chu Celadon, let alone you. If you really push them, you will never see the sun the next day!”
“Wan Qiu almost died.” Chen Feng’s tone was as calm as ever.
“She just almost died, not really dead!” Qin Xuerou’s voice was a bit cold.
She had already investigated Lin Wanqiu’s background. She was from a mediocre family and her parents were ordinary textile workers. Apart from her appearance, Lin Wanqiu There is nothing surprising.
Such a girl, let alone not dead, even if she is really dead, Qin Xuerou will not let her influence the overall situation.
“Hehe.” Chen Feng smiled and stopped speaking. In the eyes of people like Qin Xuerou, the lives of ordinary people are no doubt about the lives of ants.
An ordinary person, even if they die in front of them, they won’t lift their eyelids.
“Chen Feng, I know what you are thinking.”
“But I want to remind you that your current situation is very difficult.”
“In the 13th room of the Chen family, there are people in the 11th room who want you to die.
” If you provoke the forces on Zhonghai’s side, there is only one situation waiting for you, ten deaths without life!”
“What about ten deaths without life?” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“From the moment I stepped out of the Chen family, I was dead.”
“This is different. The water on Zhong Hai is very deep.” Qin Xuerou suddenly became a little irritable. She didn’t expect that she said so much, Chen Feng didn’t hear a word.
“Chen Feng…” Qin Xuerou wanted to persuade a few more words, but there was a beeping voice on the phone.
After hanging up, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Although Qin Xuerou didn’t tell who did the assassination, he could probably guess it.
Among the four great members of China Shipping, the Chu family is the first family deservedly.
But this is well-deserved, more because the Chu family has the old war god, the only remaining national hero, rather than the true strength of the Chu family.
Among the four great people, the real strength should be the Wang family.
After the Wang family is the Chu family.
Chen Feng didn’t understand the Qin family and the Song family, but when I thought about it, these two families should be inferior to the Wang family and Chu family.
At this point, the answer is ready.
What could make Qin Xuerou so jealous and threaten him at the same time, in the entire Zhong Hai, apart from the Wang Family and Song Family, there will be nothing else.
Which of these two is specifically, Chen Feng is not clear.
The only thing Chen Feng understands is that Jin Jiazong is related to these two families.
Among them, Jin Jiazong played a role like a thug.
He can speculate these things, and the Chu Family can naturally speculate them too.
Perhaps from the beginning, Chu Celadon knew who his true enemy was.
The reason why he didn’t say it, there was a high probability that it was to draw him into the Chu family camp. complex.
Everyone has calculations.
This is the current situation.
Chen Feng squinted. Perhaps the only good news now is that he already knows who the probable enemy is.
On the other side, after Xia Mengyao came out of the Hongye Club, Lin Lan hurriedly followed behind: “Mengyao, wait for mom! Mom has something to tell you!”
Lin Lan yelled from behind, but Xia Mengyao was in front as if deaf. Go, without the slightest intention of turning back.
At this time, a red Maserati drove towards him, and then stopped in front of Xia Mengyao.
The door opened, and a middle-aged man with the appearance of a driver got out of the car, opened the rear door for Xia Mengyao, and put his hand under the side of the car.
This scene stunned Lin Lan immediately.
This Maserati… is here to pick up her daughter?
“Manager Xia, please get in the car.” The next second, the middle-aged driver’s respectful attitude verified Lin Lan’s guess.
With Martha Laidi, I really came to pick up my daughter!
And… what’s always going on with Xia?
My daughter, when did she become President Xia?

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