Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 413

Licking her face and getting into the car with Xia Mengyao, Lin Lan was about to ask what happened to Xia Mengyao, only then found out that in the co-pilot of the car, there was a beautiful woman with exquisite features and capable temperament wearing a black OL skirt.
This beautiful temperament is Xia Mengyao’s secretary, Fang Ya.
“Hello, Aunt Lin.” Fang Ya greeted Lin Lan with a smile. Although Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao had a bad relationship, no matter what, Lin Lan was also Xia Mengyao’s mother. As Xia Mengyao’s secretary, her manners were natural. Can not be lost.
“You… hello.” Lin Lan stammered in response, without realizing what happened for a while.
“Auntie Lin, I’m President Xia’s secretary, Fang Ya, you can call me Xiaoya.”
“Xiao…Xiaoya…” Lin Lanqiang smiled and nodded, then couldn’t help but turn her gaze to Xia Mengyao, she I want to know why Xia Mengyao changed her body and became a female president. Didn’t she come to Zhonghai to look for a job? Why did she become president at once?
Xia Mengyao ignored Lin Lan’s doubtful gaze, she was staring out of the car window in a daze at the moment, not knowing what she was thinking.
“Meng Yao…” Lin Lan couldn’t help but open her mouth when Xia Mengyao was silent for a while.
But after opening his mouth, he met Xia Mengyao’s cold gaze.
After facing Xia Mengyao’s icy gaze, Lin Lan fell silent for an instant. For some reason, the current Xia Mengyao and the former Xia Mengyao were totally different.
The former Xia Mengyao had a weak temperament, so she could handle it at will.
But now Xia Mengyao has an inexplicable coercion on her body, and this coercion makes her a little bit afraid.
“Mr. Xia, are we going back to the company or are we now?” Fang Ya asked tentatively. She has been in contact with Xia Mengyao for a while, and she has a general understanding of Xia Mengyao’s temper.
She could clearly feel that today’s Xia Mengyao, after coming out of the Hongye Club, was emotionally unstable. She had never seen this instability in Xia Mengyao before.
“Go back to the company.” After recovering, Xia Mengyao faintly agreed.
Then the vehicle turned around and drove towards Kangmei Pharmaceutical.
A few minutes later, Fang Ya couldn’t help but ask: “Uncle Zhang, how do you take this road today without taking the Binjiang Bridge?”
The middle-aged man called Uncle Zhang, with a rather honest appearance, replied in a dull voice. : “A car accident just happened on the Binjiang Bridge, and now the road is blocked.”
“Car accident?”
“What car accident?” Fang Ya asked subconsciously.
“I don’t know, it seems that a man and a woman are walking on the bridge, and then a car suddenly lost control, and the woman was hit by the car to save the man.” Uncle Zhang replied casually.
“Is that woman okay?” Fang Ya couldn’t help but care. A woman is the most emotional, and she will inevitably get ripples when she hears this kind of plot.
“That woman… it is estimated that, according to the people at the scene, the vehicle that caused the accident was directly hit and scrapped. In such a tragic accident, the possibility of surviving the person who was hit is extremely small.” Uncle Zhang truthfully analyzed, he was one. An old driver has seen no hundreds of car accidents in the past few years, but 80, so it is natural to know how tragic an accident can be.
“Oh, I hope that girl is safe.” Fang Ya couldn’t help sighing. From Uncle Zhang’s description, it is not difficult to know that the man and the woman are likely to be a couple. At the time of the accident, the woman gave up in order to save the man. Killed his own life.
Fang Ya didn’t know how much courage this would take, but for herself, she would never make that kind of decision when faced with this kind of thing.
“Go to Binjiang Bridge!”
At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded in the car.
Fang Ya turned her head unexpectedly, took a look at Xia Mengyao, and asked puzzledly: “Mr. Xia, what are you doing to the Binjiang Bridge?”
“Don’t ask, just go.” Xia Mengyao suppressed his anxiety and said in a deep voice.
For some reason, after listening to Uncle Zhang’s words, she always felt that the lovers in Uncle Zhang’s mouth were Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu.
Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu went out together. In addition, the Binjiang Bridge is not far from the Hongye Club. From the Hongye Club, turn left and you can walk there in less than five minutes.
Moreover, if there is a car accident, Xia Mengyao has no doubt that Lin Wanqiu will be desperate to save Chen Feng.
The way Lin Wanqiu looked at Chen Feng was exactly the same as the way she looked at Chen Feng in the past!
This is the real reason why she is out of control today.
Next to Chen Feng, she appeared a second!
This woman’s love for Chen Feng is not much less than her love for Chen Feng!
“Uncle Zhang, go to the Binjiang Bridge.” Although I don’t understand why Xia Mengyao made this decision, as a subordinate, Fang Ya can only obey at this time.
Only Lin Lan in the car vaguely understood why Xia Mengyao had to make such a decision at this time.
But after understanding, Lin Lan couldn’t help but think of an absurd idea, wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?
That trash and that showy fox got hit by a car as soon as they left the house?
Five minutes later, the silver Maserati appeared on the Riverside Bridge.
After opening the car door, Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and walked outside the cordon.
Xia Mengyao breathed a sigh of relief when he found that Chen Feng was not in the cordon.
However, Xia Mengyao’s pupils shrank suddenly after seeing the Land Rover rotten into a mass of scrap iron.
This Land Rover was not crashed!
It’s more like being bombarded with violence!
Xia Mengyao’s inner anxiety grew stronger and she was able to bombard a Land Rover into scrap metal with violence.
Among the people she knew, only Chen Feng could do it!
In this way, the man and woman in Uncle Zhang’s mouth are Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu!
Xia Mengyao took three steps uncontrollably, her face pale instantly.
What happened at that time?
Why is the scene so tragic?
Is someone going to be against Chen Feng?
And… Lin Wanqiu, is she still alive?
Suddenly, countless confused thoughts flooded into Xia Mengyao’s mind. Xia Mengyao had a pretty face and suddenly lost his blood.
“Mr. Xia, what’s wrong with you?” Fang Ya asked worriedly. Xia Mengyao’s current state is very Something’s wrong, could it be… She knew the man and woman who had just been in the car accident?
Xia Mengyao did not answer Fang Ya’s question, but took out the phone from her pocket in a panic, and dialed Chen Feng’s number with trembling fingers.
On the other side, Chen Feng has already returned to the hotel.
As soon as I entered the room, the phone rang.
Seeing the caller ID, Chen Feng was silent for a while, and then pressed to answer.
As soon as I pressed the answer, Xia Mengyao’s trembling voice came from the other end of the phone: “Chen Feng, are you…are you okay?”
There was a little bit of indignation and a little grievance in my heart, but all the indignation and grievances, I heard Xia Mengyao worry The moment the sound disappeared.
This is Chen Feng’s most real feeling at this moment.

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