Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 419

“Li Le, you are a bit unkind, I just heard it outside the door, who did you call Brother Feng.” The young man Huang Mao’s face became hardened, as if he was a little unhappy.
“He is the brother Feng you called?” Before Li Le could speak, the young Huang Mao turned his gaze to Chen Feng. After all, there was only one man in the box.
“Yes…” Li Le was a little embarrassed. The full name of this yellow-haired young man was Guan Chuyi. He was a typical rich second-generation family. His family was powerful and powerful. He could not afford to offend him at all. Right now, Guan Chuyi was clearly focusing on him. Chen Feng’s friend, how can this be good?
“It’s fine, since this brother Feng is your friend, then he is also my friend. Everyone is a friend. Sit down and have a meal together, is it okay?” Guan Chuyi seemed to be asking Li. Le, in fact, he didn’t regard Li Le as a human being. Before Li Le could finish talking, Guan Chuyi moved a chair and sat at the table.
“A few beauties, don’t you mind if I dine with you?”
Guan Chuyi smiled slightly, and rolled up his cuffs casually, revealing Vacheron Constantin on his wrist.
He believed that as long as these beauties were not blind, they should be able to understand the meaning of his action.
Hu Siyuan smiled faintly, picked up the goblet in front of him, took a sip of red wine, ignored Chu Yi.
Xiao Wei frowned Liu’s eyebrows and moved his gaze to Chen Feng. Everything depends on Chen Feng’s decision. Although this Guan Chuyi didn’t know how to be polite, if he was kicked out, he would not give Li Le face. Now, Li Le is Chen Feng’s friend after all.
“Well, Brother Guan, or let’s eat together another day. Brother Feng doesn’t like to eat with strangers.” Before Chen Feng could speak, Li Le had bitten his head and spoke first. You can see that Li Le has Speaking this sentence, I mustered my courage.
The relationship between him and Guan Chuyi was actually not very good. Now that he disturbs Guan Chuyi to pick up girls, it can be said that he has completely angered Guan Chuyi, and the rich second generation like Guan Chuyi is still a little nervous in Li Le’s heart.
But he had no choice. If he didn’t say this, let Guan Chuyi stay here to soak Xiaoyu and Hu Siyuan, then there might be a gap in his relationship with Chen Feng.
“If I have to eat today?” Guan Chuyi’s voice fell cold. He thought that after he said that, Chen Feng would be the first to oppose it, but he didn’t expect that it was Li Le as a trash. Give yourself face?
When Guan Chuyi shook his face in public, Li Le’s face suddenly became a little ugly, but Guan Chuyi’s background was there after all, and he didn’t dare to break out.
“Brother Feng, right?” Guan Chuyi turned his gaze to Chen Feng again, with a provocative tone in his tone: “I want to have a meal with these beauties, do you have any comments?”
“No “Chen Feng smiled slightly, as if he didn’t care about Guan Chuyi’s provocation.
“No?” Guan Chuyi raised the corner of his mouth with a playful look: “You are quite acquainted.”
“Brother Feng?” Li Le was a little surprised. Chen Feng’s temper is not like the kind of person who is easy to subdue. He even Li Shiping. Everyone dared to stun, how could he get to Guan Chuyi’s place, he wilted.
Guan Chuyi didn’t know what Li Le was thinking. In his opinion, Chen Feng’s clothes were normal. After all, his outfit was placed there. As long as he was with long eyes, he could see that his identity and background were not simple.
If someone like him wants to pick up a girl, Chen Feng should send the girl to him obediently.
“Are you all students?”
Guan Chuyi looked around Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan unscrupulously, then chuckled.
Xiao Wei frowned, and there was a hint of disgust in her beautiful eyes, but she did not answer.
On the contrary, Hu Siyuan, seemingly interested in Guan Chuyi, smiled and said, “How did you see it?”
Seeing Hu Siyuan’s answer, Guan Chuyi’s eyes suddenly brightened.
There is a play!
However, although he was very excited, Guan Chuyi had never shown anything on his face. As a veteran who wandered through the flowers all the year round, Guan Chuyi knew very well that the more such a time, the more calm and the more he must keep himself. The mystery of her, can’t the beauty smile at you, you lick your face to greet you.
“Don’t worry about how I saw it? You just say so.” Guan Chuyi’s tone has a somewhat superior meaning. Hu Siyuan is obviously the kind of beauty with a wealthy family and was held in the palm of her hand since she was a child. The beauty of her, absolutely can’t follow her heart.
Hu Siyuan smiled slightly: “Yes.”
Guan Chuyi nodded slightly, and then turned his gaze to Xiao Wei: “Where is this beauty, is she also a student?”
“Is it related to you?” Xiao Wei glanced coldly at Guan Chuyi. Chu Yi made no secret of the disgust in his eyes.
Guan Chuyi was taken aback for a moment, and then he smiled intently: “This beauty seems to have a big temper.”
“But…” Guan Chuyi’s eyes continued to move down, when he saw the two slender and long skirts under Xiao Mai’s short skirt. Guan Chuyi’s lower abdomen suddenly became hot when the snow-white beautiful legs, and he didn’t know what it was like to carry such two slender legs on his shoulders.
After swallowing again, Guan Chu Yiqiang suppressed the heat in his lower abdomen and smiled and said, “But I like beautiful women with a big temper. The bigger the temper, the more I like them.”
“Go away!” Xiao Mai disgusted. With a cold drink, he was obviously angry.
However, Guan Chuyi didn’t care at all. After taking a joking look at Xiao Wei, Guan Chuyi said, “Well, beauty, you make a price and just say, how much can you sleep for one night? No matter how much. Money, I care about Chu Yidu…”
There was a crisp slap in the face, and Guan Chuyi was hit back by the slap before he finished speaking.
“Go back and sleep with your mother!” The person who slapped Chu Yi was naturally Xiao Wei. At this moment, Xiao Wei looked at Guan Chuyi coldly, and the disgust in his eyes made no secret.
“Do you dare to hit me?”
Guan Chuyi was stunned by the slap.
Xiao Mai sneered, before Guan Chuyi didn’t react, she slapped Guan Chuyi’s face again.
This slap in the face directly caused Guan Chuyi’s whole body to fall into anger.
“Smelly bitch! I killed you!” Guan Chuyi grabbed the wine bottle on the table with red eyes, and slammed Xiao Wei’s forehead heavily.
Xiao Wei was startled, and she was about to step back subconsciously. Although she had slapped Guan Chuyi before, she was also a girl, and it was irrational to fight a man like Guan Chuyi.
Just when Xiao Wei was about to retreat, a red wine bottle flew obliquely from the right back, and then banged straight onto Guan Chuyi’s head.
“Ah!” After a scream, Guan Chuyi covered his head and fell to the ground in pain. The blood on his forehead couldn’t stop flowing out of his hands.
It was Chen Feng who threw out the red wine bottle.
Originally, Chen Feng planned to pay attention to Li Le’s face, not to care about Chu Yi’s ants, but Chu Yi just didn’t know what is good or bad, and he had to deal with Xiao Wei if he knew what was going on. How could Chen Feng bear it?

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