Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 429

The purpose is to prevent some people with ulterior motives and make arrangements for the master.
Although the martial arts masters are almost invincible in the world, they are not gods after all. If someone really wants to do something against them, they only need to gather three or four masters in advance and make an ambush before they can be killed.
Fifteen years ago, Park Changjun, the master of kendo in Korea, died in the ambush of five masters.
The death of Park Changjun is shocking to the world!
This is the first master to die after the dark and turbulent years have passed!
No one thought that the grandmaster with the pronoun invincible would die.
After the death of Park Changjun, the martial arts associations all over the world have set up regulations. The master’s deeds are unpredictable. He inquires about the master’s deeds without authorization and is punished with treason!
As soon as this rule came out, the deeds of the master instantly became a taboo in the martial arts world, and the master himself deliberately concealed it, causing the master to almost disappear in every corner of the world within 15 years.
Except for the great masters who are based in Yanjing, almost no one knows the whereabouts of the other masters.
“Brother Shi, I was abrupt this time, and I will pay attention to it in the future.” Chen Feng said in a serious tone. He did underestimate the status of the Grand Master in China. He thought that he was only investigating the whereabouts of the Grand Master. Whereabouts is a taboo topic in China.
“It’s okay, you’re the one who asked. If you are someone else, I’m afraid that person will sue you to the Wushu Association on the spot.” Shi Pojun said. Treated as treason.
Although few people have really been convicted for this so far, if someone has trouble finding Chen Feng, it would be enough for Chen Feng to drink a pot just by investigating the master’s deeds.
When Chen Feng and Shi Pojun discussed the Jin Jiazong’s affairs, Wang Defa also gave Lin Yue a final notice.
“Persuade Xia Mengyao within three days and let Xia Mengyao come to his house to apologize, otherwise Lin Yue will pack up things by himself, roll up the bedding and get out of Zhongsheng Group.” I have to say, Lin Yue panicked, completely panicked.
Wang Defa’s attitude was unexpectedly firm.
If she didn’t want to make Xia Mengyao surrender and apologize to Wang Defa, she would definitely be driven out of Zhongsheng Group by Wang Defa.
After taking a deep breath, Lin Yue dialed Lin Lan’s phone again. By now, her only hope was Lin Lan. Except for Lin Lan, no one could persuade Xia Mengyao.
“Lin Lan, where are you now?” Lin Yue’s tone was no longer domineering, in fact, at this moment, she did not have the qualifications to dominate.
“It’s Sister Yue, I’m in Meixi Lake now, what’s the matter?” On the other end of the phone, Lin Lan squeezed her attitude before she said leisurely.
Today is no better than in the past. Before coming to Zhonghai, she wanted to ask Lin Yue, hoping to pass Lin Yue and let Xia Mengyao marry into a wealthy family.
But now, it is no longer needed.
Because Xia Mengyao herself is a rich man!
She is 100% sure that Xia Mengyao is now the president of Kangmei Group!
Regardless of how Xia Mengyao got this position for the time being, it is said that Xia Mengyao’s current status is not comparable to Lin Yue.
Even the Wang Dong whom Lin Yue introduced to Xia Mengyao does not necessarily have Xia Mengyao noble status.
Without him, it is only because the size of Kangmei Group is more than two or three times that of Zhongsheng Group.
Lin Yue didn’t hear the superiority in Lin Lan’s tone. She still said to herself: “Lin Lan, you have to give me an explanation. Your daughter has offended Dong Wang before, so this can’t be the case. Go over silently.”
“Sister Yue, what do you want to say?” There was a subtle ridicule at the corner of Lin Lan’s mouth. Lin Yue thought that the current Xia Mengyao was the toy she could knead at will. The current Xia Mengyao is the Kangmei Group. Lin Yue, the president of China, wants to judge their mother and daughter, and she has to see if she is qualified!
Even if Lin Yue’s reaction was slow, she finally heard the mockery in Lin Lan’s tone at this moment.
Lin Yue suddenly became angry: “Lin Lan, what do you mean?! Do you mother and daughter don’t want to mix in Zhonghai! Believe me or not, let you get out of Zhonghai.”
“Let us Mother and daughter get out of Zhonghai?” Lin Yue smiled disdainfully and hummed: “Sister Yue, you are too dear to yourself, besides, Zhonghai is not yours. You said let our mothers get out, we mothers will get out. Go out? How can there be such a reason.” With the identity of President Xia Mengyao backing, Lin Lan suddenly felt a lot of confidence when she spoke.
But Lin Yue was very angry: “Lin Lan, you ungrateful thing, how can you talk to me?”
“You forgot how you begged me and asked me to find a second-hand daughter for you. Are you ready to leave the house…” “Lin Yue, who do you say is second-hand?” Before Lin Yue finished speaking, Lin Lan interrupted Lin Yue coldly: “You used to say that to my Mengyao, I didn’t Opinion, but now, no!”
“Not now?”
“Why not now? Lin Lan, I tell you, as long as that bitch is divorced, she will always be a second hand!” Lin Yue sneered.
“You fart!”
Lin Lan became annoyed and furious: “Lin Yue, let me tell you, our Mengyao is now a sweet potato. People who want to chase her can line up from the Pujiang river to the Pujiang river.”
“Hahaha , Lin Lan, did your brain get water, or did those men get water?”
“Also row from the Pujiang River to the Pujiang River?”
“Why don’t you say that you are going to France from here?” Lin Yue laughed unscrupulously. Although Lin Lan didn’t know what was wrong, she didn’t believe that there would be so many people chasing a divorced. woman.
“Lin Yue, you don’t know yet, what is the status of my Mengyao now?” Lin Lan said with a sneer.
“Identity?” Lin Yue sneered, and said with disdain: “What status can a divorced second-hand goods have?”
“Does Kangmei Group know?” It seems that Lin Yue has long known that Lin Yue does not believe in general, Lin Lan has some Said proudly.
“I know, what’s the matter.” Lin Yue nodded, and then said with some playfulness: “Lin Lan, you don’t mean to tell me that your second-hand daughter has joined the Kangmei Group.”
“If it is true. , Then I can only say, you think too much. Although Kangmei Group is difficult to enter, it is not impossible to enter. If you think that working in Kangmei Group means having an identity, then I can only say that you are too naive!” Lin Yue She sneered. She didn’t know whether to laugh at Lin Lan’s ignorance or fearlessness. She actually thought that Xia Mengyao had joined the Kangmei Group and didn’t need to look at her expression.
It’s ridiculous!
Although Kangmei Group is a giant in the pharmaceutical industry, an aircraft carrier-class company with a market value of 100 billion, the Kangmei Group also has nearly 10,000 employees.
Xia Mengyao just joined the Kangmei Group, no matter how good his ability is, he will still be a middle-level employee.
But she is the deputy general manager of Zhongsheng Group.
The two are not comparable at all!

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