Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 439

Lin Lan’s harsh words immediately made Lin Yue feel her face hot and painful. If Lin Lan dared to talk to her in this tone before, she would definitely give Lin Lan two slaps on the spot, but now…do n’t even talk about Lin Lan. She slapped both of them, and she didn’t dare to say a word to Lin Lan even though she was serious.
Just as Lin Yue was thinking about how to continue begging Xia Mengyao in all sorts of embarrassment, Xia Mengyao glanced at Lin Yue blankly and said faintly: “Okay, you can go back.”
“Go back?”
Lin Yue’s face became stiff. What does it mean to go back? Xia Mengyao is making an order to chase guests?
“I will help you solve the hotel matter.” Xia Mengyao added, seeming to know what Lin Yue was thinking.
After hearing Xia Mengyao’s words, Lin Yue looked ecstatic.
“Thank you, Mengyao! Thank you!”
“No.” Xia Mengyao’s attitude remained cold. The reason for making such a decision was not because she sympathized with Lin Yue, but because she didn’t want to continue to struggle with Lin Yue.
Of course, if after this incident, Lin Yue still doesn’t learn the lesson and continues to cause trouble, then next time, she will never be soft-hearted.
After Fang Ya sent away Lin Yue, Lin Lan began to worry again.
“Mengyao, are you still in touch with that trash…?” Lin Lan couldn’t help but ask the question in her heart. From what Lin Yue said just now, it is not difficult to know that she almost came to the company in the morning to find fault, and Tang Yaozong in the afternoon The hotel was closed.
Chen Feng’s response was not swift.
So the question is, why did Chen Feng react so quickly? Did Xia Mengyao tell him what Lin Yue was looking for?
“No.” Xia Mengyao shook her head.
“No?” Lin Lan was still suspicious, “How did you know about you and your second aunt without that waste?”
“You have too many problems.” Xia Mengyao calmly glanced at Lin Lan. Chen Feng can have so fast The reaction is normal because he is in the company.
Xia Mengyao’s indifferent attitude caused Lin Lan’s tone to stagnate. It stands to reason that Lin Lan should have shut up at this moment, but when he thinks of the scene of Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng rekindling their old relationship, Lin Lan couldn’t help but say:
“That… …Daughter, don’t blame your mother for being nosy, you have divorced that trash, and your current status is still the president of a large group. In the past, trash was not worthy of you. Now he is even more even giving You are not worthy to carry shoes…”
“Waste?” Before Lin Lan finished speaking, Xia Mengyao suddenly sneered and interrupted Lin Lan: “Mom, if I tell you, all that I have today is from your mouth. What do you think about that waste?” Lin Lan was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Xia Mengyao with a weird expression: “Daughter, what nonsense are you talking about? You don’t have a fever, do you? How could it be that waste gave you all of this?”
“In addition to making you shame, what else would he do?” “I know you don’t believe it, but I can tell you clearly that I have all of this today. It was given by Chen Feng, including the position of the president I am currently sitting in.” Xia Mengyao said calmly, from beginning to end, Lin Lan did not believe that Chen Feng was a man with monstrous energy.
In Lin Lan’s eyes, Chen Feng will always be a waste of food.
“This is impossible!”
“How could that waste have such a large amount of energy?!”
Lin Lan’s expression was a bit fierce. Although she said it was impossible, she couldn’t help but doubt it at the moment.
What Xia Mengyao said is not fake!
Combined with the case of Tang Yaozong Hotel being blocked…
Lin Lan didn’t dare to think about it anymore. In fact, there was a voice in her heart all the time, that is, Chen Feng is not as shabby as he seems on the surface, and he probably has some other background.
The reason for this sound is because of the signs that Chen Feng showed.
Koenigsegg, who is worth more than 20 million, and Shen Hongchang’s respectful attitude… everything, if you think about it, you will find problems.
But Lin Lan didn’t think about it!
Every time I want to think about it, there will be a voice in my heart telling her that this waste can’t have a big background. If he really has a big background, he won’t be the son-in-law of the Xia family and won’t be affected by it for three years in the summer. Wimpy.
Every time, Lin Lan persuaded herself that even if she had doubts, she would automatically ignore it.
But now…
“Mom, you are really stupid sometimes.” Xia Mengyao suddenly laughed at herself, “So stupid that I don’t know when to say you are good.”
“Actually, many things started from when I became the president of the Yuquanshan project. , You should want to understand.”
“But you didn’t.”
“Daughter, what do you mean?” Lin Lan trembled, and she suddenly had a bad feeling.
“Do you know who invested the 50 billion Yuquanshan project?” Xia Mengyao did not answer Lin Lan’s question, but instead asked Lin Lan a question.
“It’s the Chen family.” Lin Lan swallowed.
“Why did the Chen family invest 50 billion yuan to develop the Yuquan Mountain project in a place like Cangzhou where birds don’t shit? Why didn’t they invest elsewhere?” Xia Mengyao continued to ask.
Yes? why? Logically speaking, a small place like Cangzhou is not worth the Chen family’s 50 billion investment?
Could it be that……
As if thinking of something, Lin Lan’s pupils suddenly tightened, and then her whole mouth trembled, and she couldn’t even speak.
“Mom, one last thing to remind, Chen Feng, his surname is Chen!” Xia Mengyao said calmly, saying each word.
The words that were spit out were like thunder, bombarding Lin Lan’s mind.
There was a “puff”.
Lin Lan, who was in despair, sat directly on the ground.
Chen family, Chen Feng!
Chen family, Chen Feng! ! !
She has always looked down on the uselessness, turned out to be from the Chen family!
And it’s the direct line of the Chen family! A direct line that is worthy of the Chen family’s 50 billion investment! regret!
Endless regret!
After knowing the truth, Lin Lan felt that her intestines were about to be regretted! why? !
Why do people from the Chen family, a trillion-dollar family, want to join a small family like the Xia family! why? !
Why didn’t Chen Feng reveal his identity truthfully in the beginning? !
If Chen Feng revealed her identity truthfully, then she would never treat Chen Feng like that!
She will treat Chen Feng as a guest, and will offer Chen Feng as a grandfather!
Compared with Chen Feng, Shen Junwen and Wang Dong are all weak!
They don’t even deserve to give Chen Feng shoes!
Lin Lan raised her hand and slapped herself severely.
This slap is naturally a move she regretted to the extreme.
At the same time, it was also her punishment for her previous stupidity.
Once, there was a son-in-law of a trillionaire in front of her, but she didn’t cherish it…

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