Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 450

“Brother Tao!”
Seeing that Wang Tao was subdued in an instant, the two behind Wang Tao were shocked, and they threw their fists towards Chen Feng without even thinking about it.
Chen Feng sneered and twisted the big hand holding Wang Tao’s fist, and then lifted Wang Tao with one hand.
Then, like throwing rubbish, he gently threw Wang Tao forward and smashed the front door of the two rushing people.
After two screams, the two of them were thrown out and fell heavily to the ground.
All this is extremely long, but in fact, from Wang Tao’s shot to the three lying down together, the whole journey took less than five seconds!
Yuwenbo had a horrified expression. When Chen Feng walked up with no expression on his face, Yuwenbo’s first reaction was to back off.
While retreating, he looked at Chen Feng in horror and shouted:
“You…what are you doing? You… don’t come over!”
Chen Feng sneered, “You just have the courage?” As soon as this word came out, Yu Wenbo His face flushed immediately, ashamed and annoyed, his courage was not small, it could even be said to be very big, because there was Yuwen’s family behind him, and he was really scared of this one-third of Zhonghai.
But Chen Feng, who I met today, did not play his cards according to common sense!
Even if a normal person is in conflict with him, when he sees his limited edition Lamborghini worth nearly 10 million, he will first consider his background and start working.
But when Chen Feng was here, it seemed that he couldn’t see his Lamborghini at all.
Say hands-on!
There is no sign at all!
It can be said that he was completely caught off guard.
I thought that the appearance of the three of Wang Tao would find him a place for him, but I didn’t expect that Wang Tao, who was considered a small name in the circle on weekdays, came to Chen Feng, but he was like a paper, even Chen Fengyi. Can’t catch any tricks.
What’s this?
“My dad is Yu Wen Chengying!”
Seeing Chen Feng took another step forward, Yu Wenbo’s last line of defense was finally completely defeated, and he almost shouted out these words like a roar.
In the past, even if there was a conflict with others, he would never say that his Lao Tzu is Yu Wen Chengying, because to say it would be a loss, especially for him, a top-notch young man in China.
It is a shameful behavior to report oneself Laozi’s name without a pause.
But at this moment, he doesn’t care about anything else. He is afraid that if he doesn’t report the name of Yu Wen Chengying, he will have no chance to report it!
“Yuwenchengying?” Chen Feng’s mouth raised a touch of playfulness.
“Yes, yes, yes! Yuwen Chengying! My dad is Yuwen Chengying! Wenying Real Estate is our home!” Seeing that Chen Feng seemed to be scared by the name Yuwen Chengying, Yuwenbo’s expression was immediately delighted.
But this happy expression didn’t last for a few seconds, but Chen Feng smiled and said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know Yuwen Chengying.”
“I don’t know Yuwen Chengying?!”
Yuwenbo was taken aback first, and then his face was full of incredible In this scene of Zhong Hai, is there anyone who doesn’t know his own Lao Zi Yu Wen Chengying?
It’s okay if you don’t know Yuwen Chengying. Wenying Real Estate should have heard of it, right?
Being able to come to Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner shows that Chen Feng still has a certain position in Zhonghai. Since he has a certain position, how could he not know Zhonghai’s real estate tycoon Yu Wen Chengying?
“Can’t you hear what I just said?” Yu Wenbo wanted to explain a few more words, but Chen Feng coldly interrupted.
“Apologize to him!” Chen Feng glanced at Li Le. Don’t say that Yu Wenbo was the day of Yu Wen Chengying. He is the son of the king of heaven and Lao Tzu. He also has to apologize to Li Le. This is Chen Feng’s attitude!
“Brother Feng, let’s just forget about it…” Li Le whispered while Yuwenbo was still struggling. Chen Feng didn’t know Yuwen Chengying, he still knew it, one of the three major real estate companies in China Overseas One’s Wenying Real Estate is a company owned by Yuwen Chengying Holdings.
He doesn’t know the specific value of Yuwen Chengying, but a rough estimate is that there are seven or eighty billion. If Yuwenbo is really Yuwen Chengying’s son, then his slap will be for nothing, and even he has to pray that Yuwenbo will not trouble him in the future.
Seeing Li Le showing timidity, Yuwenbo was immediately proud. Chen Feng didn’t know Yuwen Chengying, but Li Le still knew Yuwen Chengying.
Just when Yuwenbo thought that Chen Shanfeng was a bit more acquainted, Chen Feng said coldly: “It can’t be counted!”
“Li Le, let me ask you a word. Today, if he slaps you, you bear it. Tomorrow, he wants it.” Killing you, you still can’t bear it?!”
“I…” When Chen Feng looked at him coldly, Li Le’s tone suddenly stopped, but in his heart he began to seriously think about the question Chen Feng asked.
If Yu Wenbo slapped him today, he would admit counsel, then next time, if he meets Yu Wenbo again, if Yu Wenbo insults him, there is a high probability that he will continue to admit counsel.
And the more he admits to counseling, the better Yuwenbo will be, and even one day, Yuwenbo will really kill him.
“I understand, Brother Feng!” Li Le gritted his teeth, a cruel look flashed across his eyes, he couldn’t persuade him!
At least for today, he must not counsel!

Pop ” Just when Yu Wenbo was still thinking about what Li Le understood, a slap was thrown on his face without warning.
Yu Wenbo’s face suddenly felt hot and painful, and his heart was shocked.
It was Li Le who slapped him just now!
How dare he? !

Pa ” Without waiting for Yuwenbo to think about where Li Le was emboldened, Li Le raised his hand and slapped Yuwenbo on the face again.
This slap directly slapped Yu Wenbo to the ground.
“Grass mud horse, are you still crazy?!” Li Le spit out over Yu Wenbo. He didn’t know what would happen if he slapped Yu Wenbo with two slaps. The only thing he knew was the two slaps. !
When Yu Wenbo grabbed his parking space before and slapped him unreasonably after getting off the car, I must have never imagined that this scene would happen now, right?
Yu Wenbo, who was slapped to the ground by Li Le, was surprised. He did not expect that Li Le dared to slap him.
Chen Feng slapped him, he could accept it, because he couldn’t see the depth of Chen Feng.
But Li Le is obviously an ordinary urban little white-collar worker, the kind of little dick who has no background at a glance, why would he dare to fan himself?
Yu Wenbo was completely confused.
“Is it cool?” Chen Feng smiled faintly, Li Le finally did not let him down. If Li Le is afraid of Yu Wenbo’s identity today and dare not start with Yu Wenbo, then Li Le will not have access to his true identity in this life.
“Cool!” Li Le laughed loudly. Before today, he had never thought that one day he would slap a second-generation super rich like Yu Wenbo.
“Remember this feeling.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. After today, Li Le is qualified to touch his level.

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