Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 454

In the envious eyes of everyone, Chu Celadon stepped on the crystal high heels and came to Chen Feng. She smiled sweetly: “Brother Feng, I am sorry, I made you wait for a long time.”
“It didn’t take long.” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. , Immediately took out the bracelet I bought in Antique Street, and handed it to Chu Celadon: “Happy birthday.”
“Thank you, Brother Feng.” Seeing Chen Feng even prepared a gift, Chu Celadon suddenly looked surprised and took it from Chen Feng. After receiving the gift, Chu Celadon smiled playfully: “Brother Feng, can I open it now?”
“Of course.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Then I’ll open it.” Chu Celadon chuckled. At this moment, she seemed to be a little girl who had received her love of sweets, and she looked like a queen a little earlier.
Chu celadon was so intimacy with Chen Feng, and it made many people in the field taste it.
There are even some young talents whose eyes are full of jealousy.
Chu celadon has always been famous for being unassuming to men. Even in the entertainment industry, she has never seen Chu celadon and any male star have any intimate behavior, but today, she has no secret of being so affectionate to a man. , And the identity of this man is still a son-in-law!
How can this make them stand?
Some people are envious and hated towards Chen Feng, and some people are now focusing their attention on the gifts in Chu celadon. These people are obviously curious as to what kind of gifts Chen Shengeng gave to Chu celadon.
Chu Celadon didn’t let these people wait for too long, and she quickly opened the gift box.
A few seconds later, an emerald green bracelet exuding a warm breath appeared in everyone’s sight.
When they saw that this bracelet was just a very ordinary jade bracelet, everyone’s eyes became weird.
This door-to-door son-in-law, unexpectedly gave Chu Celadon such an unfavorable gift?
The value of this jade bracelet is less than ten thousand, right?
How can he get a gift that is less than 10,000?
There were still many people who were envious and jealous of Chen Feng, but when they saw the gift from Chen Feng, these people became elated without exception.
It is strange that Chu celadon would receive such a gift for Chu celadon.
While many people think that Chu celadon will easily find an excuse to gift back to Chen Feng, Chu Celadon has a look of surprise spoke: “Xiexie Feng brother, I love your bracelet.”
Then, Chu celadon it will spot The emperor green bracelet that was originally worn on the wrist was taken down and replaced with Chen Feng’s jade bracelet.
In this scene, the eyes of everyone in the court almost didn’t fall off.
Even Chen Feng was slightly surprised by Chu Celadon’s behavior.
But soon, Chen Feng recovered his calmness and smiled and said, “Just like it. I saw this bracelet in the antique market. I think it suits you well. So I bought it. The bracelet is not expensive, just cost. More than seven thousand, I hope you don’t dislike it. ”
More than seven thousand? !
As soon as Chen Feng said this, there was another buzzing in the field.
Li Le gave a thumbs up secretly. At this moment, his admiration for Chen Feng can only be described by five-body throwing on the ground. When buying bracelets from Chen Feng in the antique market, his first reaction was that Chu celadon would not accept such cheap The gift, when it arrived here, not only did Chu celadon receive it, but also put it on in public. How much is it for Chen Feng to make such a move?
Some were happy and some were sad. When Li Le admired Chen Feng, the faces of the other young talents in the venue all turned green. The gifts they prepared for Chu Celadon cost a million for the first time. Several people directly bought a luxury car and diamond ring worth five or six million yuan for Chu Celadon.
But even if they gave such an expensive gift, Chu Celadon would not look at them high, and would not even say thank you, but when I came to Chen Feng…
“No, I like the gift that Brother Feng bought for seven dollars. “Chu Celadon smiled sweetly, this almost confession scene once again gave many young talents in the field a crit.
Many people even had a strange idea on the spot. Could it be that Chu Celadon would be a good son-in-law?
“Master Songdao.”
Just as everyone in the field guessed Chu Celadon’s preferences, a respectful voice sounded in the field.
Afterwards, the crowd parted automatically. In the eyes of everyone, a short and fat young man with a height of only 1.6 meters and an estimated weight of 200 jin came walking with his hands.
The short and fat young man is not very old, he seems to be only about 26 or 27 years old.
Perhaps because of the obesity, the short and fat young man’s face is full of fat. As he walks, the fat on his face trembles rhythmically as the body continues to shake, looking quite happy. sense.
Although the short and fat youth made people feel very funny, no one in the court dared to laugh.
Even when the short and fat youth appeared, many people buried their heads, as if they were afraid of looking at each other.
“Master Songdao.” Among the crowd, only Li Yi greeted him.
At this time, Li Yi had a flattering face. After walking in front of the pudgy young man, he deliberately bowed his body and attached his mouth to the pudgy young man’s ears in a nearly stooped gesture, and whispered a few words. sentence.
After Li Yi finished speaking, the short and fat young man nodded lightly, with a clear expression on his face.
“Miss Chu, you are very beautiful today.”
The short and fat young man came to Chu Celadon with his hands and praised Chu Celadon in poor Chinese. Although he was shorter than Chu celadon by more than one head, at this moment, his momentum was not at all defeated by Chu Celadon.
Chu Celadon’s Liu brows wrinkled slightly. For some reason, the look in Matsushima Maple’s eyes made her very uncomfortable, but although it was uncomfortable, she still had to be polite.
“Thank you, the young master of Songdao, for the compliment.” Chu Celadon smiled slightly as a response.
I thought Matsushima Feng would leave, but who knows, Matsushima Feng immediately beckoned, and took a key from Li Yi behind him.
Songdao Feng turned around and handed the key to Chu Celadon: “Miss Chu, today is your birthday. I came suddenly and did not prepare in advance, so I asked my family to send a yacht over, and I hope Miss Chu will not dislike it.”
A yacht? !
Although Matsushima Maple’s Chinese is very poor, everyone in the venue still understood Matsushima Maple’s meaning.
Songdao Feng, unexpectedly gave Chu Celadon a yacht as a birthday gift!
Judging from the appearance of the yacht key that Matsushima Maple took out, the one given by Matsushima Maple is not an ordinary medium-sized yacht, but a super luxurious large yacht!
The price of this ultra-luxury large yacht is at least one hundred million!
“Hiss” someone couldn’t help but took a breath, but it is the son of the president of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, Matsushima Feng made the shot, really generous!
Start with one hundred million at a time!
That’s it, it came suddenly, without preparing in advance, if he was really allowed to prepare in advance, then he would have to send something sky-high.

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