Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 460

The “hiss” severe pain caused Wang Biao’s whole body to tremble, and he took a breath of cold air, and he called out subconsciously.
However, when the words came to his mouth, he saw his wrists were bloody and bloody, white bones and scum penetrated the skin, burned with blood, and exposed to the air, so scary.
This discovery made Wang Biao’s whine to his lips, abruptly holding back.
He stared at Chen Feng with eyes wide open, his eyes filled with fear!
He has never experienced this before!
Even the number one leader in the killer organization he once belonged to could not crush his bones as easily as Chen Feng did.
“You…Who are you?!” In panic, Wang Biao subconsciously asked this sentence.
At the beginning, Chen Feng and Li Le got into the car obediently with him. He thought Chen Feng was frightened by him.
But now, he didn’t have the slightest idea before.
He can be 100% sure that Chen Feng can easily subdue him before getting on the car.
There must be other reasons why Chen Feng didn’t do that.
“Who am I?” Chen Feng jokingly smiled, then glanced at Wang Biao lightly, and said, “I am someone you can’t afford to offend.”
Wang Biao’s tone was stagnant. If Chen Feng said this before, he would definitely Sneered at Chen Feng fiercely.
But now… he was eager for Chen Feng to say this earlier.
He really can’t offend Chen Feng, let alone Yu Wenbo.
Although he was Yu Wen Chengying, Yu Wen Chengying was nothing more than a walking corpse in front of Chen Feng, a peerless man.
Wang Biao swallowed again, and immediately he opened his mouth, as if he was ready to beg for mercy.
At this time, Chen Feng smiled but spoke:. “Rest assured that you will not die, at least temporarily, will not”
“But if you continue to put my words when heeded, then I do not mind change his mind.”
“Not, Not anymore!” Wang Biao smiled and shook his head hurriedly like a rattle.
He was pretty sure that Chen Feng did not lie to him.
There is no need to lie to him like Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng wanted to kill him, it was a matter of moving his fingers, there was no need to waste so much tongue with him.
“You don’t need to be nervous, drive well and send me to the position Yuwenbo just mentioned. I won’t kill you.” Chen Feng turned his eyes to the driver in the front row.
“Yes…Yes…” After receiving Chen Feng’s assurance, the driver who was breathing heavily and sweating was finally relieved.
After doing all this, Chen Feng closed his eyes again and lay back on the chair calmly.
“Brother Feng…”
Li Le swallowed again. He wanted to say that Wang Biao still had a gun in his hand. Chen Feng did not confiscated this gun.
Although Wang Biao broke one hand, there is no guarantee that he would not shoot with the other hand.
“Don’t worry, he won’t shoot.” Chen Feng said with a light smile, as if he knew what Li Le was thinking.
It can be seen that Wang Biao is a smart man.
Of course, even if he had to be unwise, Chen Feng had 10,000 ways to make him pay for his unwiseness before he shot.
“Yeah.” Li Le nodded slightly, and then moved his gaze to Wang Biao. Although Chen Feng’s tone was very calm, he still wanted to guard against Wang Biao.
Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.
The gun was indeed in Wang Biao’s hands.
But as Chen Feng said, Wang Biao does not shoot.
No, I dare not!
Especially after Chen Feng said lightly that he wouldn’t shoot, the last thought in Wang Biao’s heart disappeared completely.
For nothing else, it was because Chen Feng dared to close his eyes and lay on the seat calmly when he knew that he had a gun in his hand… It was because of Chen Feng’s behavior that he did not dare to shoot.
Donggong Villa is located on the west side of Hongqiao Xijiao Hotel in Zhonghai City. The architectural style is based on the classic buildings of Britain, France, Italy and Spain. It is one of the well-known rich areas in Zhonghai City.
As early as a few years ago, the value of the East Palace Villa broke the billions mark.
In recent years, with the soaring housing prices in the first-tier cities across the country, the price of Donggong Villas has moved upwards like a rocket.
The price of today’s Donggong villa starts at least 300 million yuan.
Yu Wenbo lived in the Donggong Villa, but the Donggong Villa he lived in was not bought for 300 million yuan, he only spent 50 million yuan.
Because he has a father named Yu Wen Chengying.
Yuwen Chengying is a super giant in the real estate industry in China Shipping!
With the relationship between Yuwen Chengying, Yuwenbo can get the most favorable quota no matter how expensive the villa is.
At this moment, in Villa 18 of the East Palace.
Yu Wenbo was naked, took out a few stacks of hundred-yuan bills from the bedside table, and threw them on the three-line star who was lying naked on the bed: “Take the money, put on your clothes, and take the taxi out.”
“Bo Shao, I don’t want any money…”
The third-line star lying on the bed clutched her breasts, looked at Yu Wenbo with wintry eyes, and said delicately.
“No money?” Yu Wenbo raised a joking gesture: “Then what do you want?”
“Is it possible that you still want to be my woman?”
Without waiting for the third-line star to speak, Yu Wenbo suddenly became cold: “Do you think you Is it such a bad match?”
“I really take myself seriously if I give a little money to stretch my legs!” Yu Wenbo looked condescendingly at the third-tier star, and said unceremoniously: “Get the money, Disappeared from my eyes immediately!”
“Yes, Bo Shao!”
The third-line star was so scared and panicked that he did not dare to put another one, so he rolled up Yuwenbo’s money, quickly dressed and stuffed the money into it. In the bag, turned and left the villa.
“Humph.” Yu Wenbo snorted disdainfully as he watched the third-line star leaving.
He just slept with such a three-line little star, put it outside, I don’t know how many diaosi’s dream goddess, but when he comes to him, it is just a high-level thing for one hundred thousand yuan a night.
Even some so-called goddesses don’t even need 100,000 yuan, and they have to rush to post themselves to him.
This kind of goddess, he Yu Wenbo slept less than a hundred, but also eighty.
How can it be easily tempted?
After taking a deep breath, Yu Wenbo took out his cell phone again and dialed Wang Tao’s number: “Wang Tao, have you finished processing over there?”
“Bo Shao, finished processing!” On the other side of the call, Wang Tao and Liu Tian, ​​and Wang Tao’s two younger brothers came out of the hospital and were injured by Chen Feng. Yu Wenbo went back to the Donggong Villa for the first time because he had a private doctor, and Wang Tao and his two younger brothers had no personal doctor, so they had to come to the hospital for examination. .
“After processing, hurry up to Donggong Villa. Your cousin has caught that bastard!”
“Caught it?!”
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s words, Wang Tao was as excited as if he was beaten with blood: “Bo Shao, my brother and I Come here now!”

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