Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 466

Looking down, Wang Shiyuan’s unbearable water snake waist came into view.
Below the waist of the water snake, there are two beautiful round and slender legs. The snow-white luster from the two beautiful legs is like mutton jade, and all eyes of Matsushima Maple are taken away.
No one knows, Matsushima Maple is a complete leg control.
Perhaps due to his extremely short height, Maple Matsushima has no resistance to the slender legs.
“Okay, let’s go down.”
Suddenly, Matsushima Feng waved his hand to interrupt Li Shiping.
When Matsushima Maple interrupted, Li Shiping was startled at first, then his expression became uneasy, thinking that he had said something wrong, which caused Matsushima Maple’s dissatisfaction.
“Go down, Master Songdao already understands Chen Feng.” At this moment, Li Yi stood up. As Songdao Feng’s dog, he could see that Songdao Feng’s thoughts were no longer on Li Shiping at this moment.
“Yes, Brother Yi.” Although I didn’t understand that Feng Matsushima was just playing that set, Li Shiping responded respectfully.
“You will live next door tonight, and there is a presidential suite next door.” Li Yi commanded, since Matsushima Maple has been eyeing the prey, it is impossible for him to let the prey run away.
“Thank you Brother Yi.” Li Shiping thanked him with joy. Li Yi could let him live next door, which shows that Matsushima Feng was very satisfied with his answer.
“No thanks, go back.”
Li Yi’s mouth raised a sneer. He really didn’t know what Wang Shiyuan liked about Li Shiping.
In Wang Shiyuan’s appearance, it is not a problem to hang a golden turtle son-in-law who is several grades higher than Li Shiping, but Wang Shiyuan prefers to be a clever fool like Li Shiping.
After Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan went out, Li Yi immediately came to Matsushima Maple and put on a flattering expression: “Master Matsushima, when do you want to sleep with that woman?”
As a qualified dog leg, he is self-conscious. Always try to figure out what the owner is thinking. There are some things that you can’t wait for the owner to say, but you have to say it first. Li Yi is very experienced at this point.
The corner of Matsushima Feng’s mouth raised a satisfied smile: “Just tonight, but I don’t want to use strong, you drip, understand?”
“Understand.” Li Yi nodded hurriedly. In fact, as Matsushima Feng, even to Wang Shiyuan Yong Qiang, Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping did not dare to say anything afterwards.
The reason why I don’t need to be strong, Li Yi guessed, is that Feng Songdao is now in China. After all, he is the youngest son of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. If there is some news, it will definitely have a great impact on Qianshui Merchant. The official here is not easy to explain.
“Master Songdao, do you think this is okay…” Li Yi’s mouth was attached to Songdao Feng’s ear and whispered.
As a well-known broker in Zhonghai, he did a lot of things about male thieves and female prostitutes. There is no difficulty in dealing with a little whitehead like Wang Shiyuan.
After listening to Li Yi’s bad idea, Matsushima Feng nodded with satisfaction again.
“Let’s do it like this. After the matter is done, your benefits are indispensable.”
“Thank you, Master Songdao.” Li Yi thanked him excitedly. The benefits Songdao Feng said were in units of tens of millions to help Zhonghai City. An ordinary rich and powerful sleeps a celebrity model, he can get hundreds of thousands at most, but can help Songdao Feng sleep a woman, but he gets at least tens of millions of money.
“Li Shiping, come out, don’t let Wang Shiyuan know, I have something to talk to you.”
After leaving Songdao Feng’s room, Li Yi sent a text message directly to Li Shiping’s mobile phone.
At this moment, in the presidential suite, Li Shiping was already in a state of eagerness, and he was about to go overboard with Wang Shiyuan. When he saw Li Yi’s text message, Li Shiping’s lust for heat suddenly cooled down.
He put on his pants and walked out of the room to the end of the corridor.
“Brother Yi, you are looking for me…”
“Master Matsushima is interested in your girlfriend.” Before Li Shiping finished speaking, Li Yi interrupted Li Shiping straightforwardly.
“Ah?!” Li Shiping was suddenly shocked. He couldn’t think of killing him. Li Yi asked him to come out.
“Give you a million, let your girlfriend sleep with Master Songdo for one night tonight.” Li Shiping said without any emotion. For people like Li Shiping, intimidation is actually enough, but for the sake of safety, he still A price of one million was offered.
“Brother Yi, Master Matsushima can’t find any kind of woman, why must Shiyuan…” At this moment, Li Shiping was almost crying. Anyway, he is also a man, and Li Yi is in front of him. , Let him hand over his own woman and let another man sleep, how could he accept it.
“Hmph, it is your blessing for Master Matsushima to fall in love with your girlfriend!”
“You don’t know what’s good or bad!” Li Yi snorted coldly. If the honey is not good, you can only get a big stick.
“Brother Yi…” Li Shiping’s face changed, and Li Yi was already a blatant threat.
“You should be clear about the identity of Master Matsushima. If he wants to sleep with your girlfriend, he doesn’t have to be so troublesome. The reason why I told you is to give you face…”
“But now it seems that you don’t want to I want my face.” Li Yi sneered.
“Brother Yi, I didn’t mean that. It’s just that Shiyuan couldn’t agree to sleep with Master Songdo…” Li Shiping hurriedly defended. He knew Wang Shiyuan well. Although Wang Shiyuan worships money, she also has her own principles.
It is impossible for Wang Shiyuan to sleep with Songdao Feng, even if his wealth is trillions.
Matsushima Maple’s appearance and figure were too unsightly.
In Wang Shiyuan’s words, sleeping with such a man would make her very sick.
“Don’t worry about this, I have a way.” Li Yi seemed to have expected Li Shiping to say that. He smiled and took out a white pill from his pocket.
“This is the god pill I bought in the underground black market. You will find a reason to put this god pill in wine for your girlfriend to drink it.” Li
Shiping did not pick it up immediately, but showed his face. Tangledly asked: “Brother Yi, what does this Immortal Pill do.”
“Aphrodisiac.” Li Yi replied lightly, “After eating, your girlfriend will lose his memory for a short time and forget tonight completely. What they did.”
“So, as long as you don’t say it, she will never know that she slept with Master Matsushima.”
Li Yi was like a demon, stepping forward Li Shiping’s rational defense step by step.

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