Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 474

“Brother Feng, don’t be angry with my sister. My sister is so angry. She is from Jianzong. She is a member of Jianzong. She has a very hot temper…”
“Yuwenbo!” Yuwenqian stomped anxiously. , I was about to twist Yuwenbo’s ears, but Yuwenbo was beaten up by a carp and easily avoided.
The two siblings chased in the hall like this.
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng shook his head and smiled helplessly. The relationship between the two brothers and sisters was quite deep.
After chasing for a while, Yu Wenqian did not succeed.
Immediately she came to Chen Feng angrily: “Chen Feng, right? I tell you, my brother is afraid of you, I am not afraid of you.”
“You beat him, sooner or later I want you to give me an account.”
“Okay, I’ll wait.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. This Yuwenqian is obviously a spoiled eldest lady who has been spoiled since childhood. Although she is unreasonable, her heart is not bad. Such a person does not have to worry about her doing something What an extraordinary move.
“By the way, Brother Feng, why did you come here?” At this moment, Yu Wenbo walked up again with a smile.
“An elder is going to live, I want to buy him a birthday gift.” Chen Feng said.
“Have you bought it? Brother Feng, if you don’t buy it, I can help you advise you. I still have a hand in picking gifts.” Yu Wenbo smiled.
“Then you can pick for me.” Chen Feng smiled helplessly. He was really bad at picking gifts, especially giving birthday gifts to the elderly. He had never had this experience before.
“Hey, Brother Feng, then I’ll be more respectful.” Yu Wenbo smiled and asked: “Brother Feng, the elder you want to give a birthday gift, how old is this year, do you have any preferences to avoid?”
“I only know that the elder will have his 80th birthday tomorrow, but I don’t know anything about his preferences and taboos.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
“Don’t you know it?” Yu Wenbo frowned and said to himself: “This is a bit difficult.”
Gift giving is a delicate matter, not only the age and gender of the recipient should be considered. , And consider the preferences and taboos of the recipients. Chen Feng knows almost nothing about the recipients, which is really difficult to do.
“Can you tell me your relationship with that elder?” Yu Wenbo asked.
“He is my wife’s grandfather.” Chen Feng said.
“Wife? Are you divorced?” Yu Wenqian frowned and glanced at Chen Feng. She also read the information that Yu Wen Chengying investigated, so she naturally knew that Chen Feng had been a son-in-law in Cangzhou for three years. This is also what she doesn’t understand the most. She doesn’t understand, the Chen family, why go to such a place where birds don’t shit to be a son-in-law for three years. This is more bizarre than a pie in the sky.
Chen Feng rolled his eyes and ignored Yu Wenqian.
Yu Wenbo also tacitly ignored Yu Wenqian.
“Brother Feng, since that elder is your sister-in-law’s grandfather, then you can’t give him a sloppy gift. The grade of the gift must not be low…”
“Well, Brother Feng, I have a painting here. If you buy it, if you don’t dislike it, you can give this painting to that elder. The old people generally like this kind of calligraphy and painting, and it is not easy to make mistakes.” As Yu Wenbo said, he took out a rolled ancient painting from his bag. , Ready to hand it to Chen Feng.
But I didn’t want Yu Wenqian to stand up angrily: “Yuwenbo, what are you doing? I bought this painting and gave it to Elder Li. You give it to him. What can I give to Elder Li?”
Yuwenbo turned over. Rolling eyes: “Sister, Brother Feng is waiting here for anxious use. Elder Li is not in a hurry. I’ll pick you a better one than this one.”
Yuwenbo said, and took the ancient painting from Yuwenqian . Pulled out.
“Yes, Brother Feng, if you give this ancient painting to that old man, that old man will definitely be smiling.” Yu Wenbo handed the ancient painting to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled and took it casually: “How much is this painting, I’ll transfer it to you in a while.”
“Brother Feng, you’ll be out of sight. What money is there to talk about between you and me? When I give it to you, if you don’t dislike it, you just accept it directly and you don’t need to transfer the money.” Yu Wenbo said.
“No, one yard goes to one yard.” Chen Feng shook his head, “Money must be transferred.”
Judging from the magnanimity of Yu Wenbo’s shots, the value of this painting will definitely not be cheap, at least one million.
In addition, Yu Wenbo took out such a valuable thing to help him. If he reaches out and takes it for nothing, what is the difference between it and grabbing.
Seeing Chen Feng’s tough attitude, Yu Wenbo suddenly felt helpless, his eyes rolled and said, “Well, Brother Feng, I bought this painting for 130,000 yuan. You can transfer it for 100,000 yuan.
” Yu Wenbo, you are crazy!” Yu Wenqian raised her eyebrows, and she bit her silver teeth straight: “This painting was obviously you bought for more than three million yuan, where’s 130,000 yuan!”
“You want to please this bastard, too. It’s not like this!”
“Sister, what are you talking about? Where’s more than three million, just one hundred and thirty thousand!” When Yu Wenqian was exposed in public, Yu Wenbo was not embarrassed, it was still a serious book.
“Brother Feng, don’t listen to my sister’s nonsense. This painting is worth one hundred thousand. You can transfer one hundred thousand to me in a while.” Yu Wenbo turned his gaze to Chen Feng. For him, the painting is 13 There is no big difference between 10,000 and more than three million. The important thing is that you can make good friends with Chen Feng. If you can make good friends with Chen Feng, even if the painting is more than 30 million, he will send it out today.
Chen Feng smiled without saying a word. I have to say that Yu Wenbo is much smarter than Yu Wenqian. His hand, but at the least cost, won the greatest benefit.
As the saying goes, icing on the cake is worse than giving charcoal in the snow.
When Yu Wenbo needed help, he took out this painting. The effect of this painting on himself is much larger than the villa and Lamborghini he had given him before.
This time he accepted the painting, not only to write off the previous gap with Yuwenbo, but he also owes Yuwenbo a favor. If Yuwenbo encounters any difficulties in the future, he may have to get it done.
“Okay, I’ll transfer you 100,000 yuan in a while.” Chen Feng finally decided to accept Yuwenbo’s paintings. As the saying goes, if you don’t hit the smiley people with your hands, Yuwenbo has already made this attitude. It’s not justified.
Hearing that Chen Feng only intends to turn a hundred thousand dollars, Yu Wenqian’s beautiful eyes burst into anger, and she even clenched her silver teeth. Chen Feng can be regarded as showing her what shamelessness is. Of you.
The children of the Chen family, are they all with this face?
“Brother Feng, where do you plan to go next? Do you want me to see you off?” Yu Wenbo continued to show his hospitality.
Chen Feng waved his hand and smiled: “No, I will drive by myself.”
“Well, Brother Feng, pay attention to safety on the road.”

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