Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 479

“Auntie, I’m not kidding, Sister Mengyao…how did you become the president of Kangmei Group?” Lin You looked incredible, even his emotions were slightly out of control.
This news of Lin Yue had an enormous impact on him!
That is Kangmei Group, a pharmaceutical company with a market value of 100 billion yuan.
How did Xia Mengyao become the president of such a company? Depending on her age, she will be at most twenty-five years old this year.
Twenty-five years old, let alone the president of Kangmei Group, even the management post of Kangmei Group, she can’t climb up.
“Sister Yue, are you joking with Lin You.” At this moment, Xie Yunfang was a little restless. “When did Mengyao become the president of Kangmei Group? A few days ago, she was in Cangzhou. Are you going to work?”
Lin Yue shook her head and said, “Lin You, Yunfang, I didn’t make a joke to you. Mengyao is indeed the president of Kangmei Group now, half a month. Just took office before.”
Half a month ago… hearing these words, many people couldn’t help taking a breath. If they took office half a month ago, they didn’t know the news. It’s normal.
They usually inquire about the Xia family’s news only once every two or three months, and they don’t have the habit of inquiring once every half month.
Xie Yunfang stopped talking, and Lin You also shut up obediently.
They all know, Lin Yue, it is impossible to tell lies.
If these words came from Lin Lan’s mouth, they would definitely not believe it, but when they came from Lin Yue’s mouth, it was almost 100% true.
Xia Mengyao is indeed the president of Kangmei Group.
Although they do not want to admit it, they must accept this fact.
At this moment, Xie Yunfang’s expression was very complicated. She hadn’t understood before, but now Lin Lan has such a tough attitude. She now understands.
There is a daughter who is the president of the Hundred Billion Group. It is strange that Lin Lan’s attitude is not tough.
“President of Kangmei Group?” At this moment, the enchanting woman next to Xie Yunfang suddenly spoke. She looked at Xie Yunfang and said with joy: “Mom, so I can go to Kangmei Group for work.”
Xie Yunfang smiled awkwardly. When she was about to speak, but didn’t want to, Lin Lan had already spoken before her: “Are you Xiaoya?”
Lin Lan asked this enchanting woman. The enchanting woman is Xie Yunfang’s daughter, whose full name is Lin Ya. Before finishing high school, he dropped out of school and went to work in a bar, and spent five years in the bar.
Now that I am getting married, I naturally look for a decent job.
“Well, I am, are you the third aunt?” Lin Ya showed a smile on her face. In fact, as soon as she walked in, she recognized Lin Lan, but at the time, she disdain to say hello to Lin Lan, because Xie Yunfang had earlier As I said, Lin Lan was the worst among the four siblings of the Lin family, and was a standard poor relative. Xie Yunfang would not let her take care of Lin Lan.
But now, Lin Lan is the mother of the female president. If she wants to enter the Kangmei Group, she must have a good relationship with Lin Lan.
“Well, I’m your third aunt. I haven’t seen you in a few years. You’ve grown up like this.” Lin Lan snorted softly and made an elder gesture.
Xie Yunfang, who was watching this scene, was quite upset, but when he thought of Lin Ya’s work problem, Xie Yunfang again forcibly endured the upset.
“I haven’t seen the third aunt for several years, and the third aunt is more beautiful than before.” Lin Ya smiled sweetly and slapped Lin Lan’s flattery.
But Lin Lan is not very useful, she said lightly: “Lin Ya, just heard you say, you want to go to work in Kangmei Group?”
“I have this idea…”
“What’s your educational background?” Before Lin Ya finished speaking, Lin Ya interrupted Lin Ya unceremoniously. She knew that Lin Ya hadn’t graduated from high school. The reason for asking this was that she wanted to give Lin Ya publicly. Ya and Xie Yunfang were embarrassed.
Lin Ya’s face was stiff, obviously she didn’t expect Lin Lan to ask like this, “I…I haven’t graduated from high school…”
” I haven’t graduated from high school yet?” Lin Lan’s mouth raised a sneer, “I thought before graduation from high school. Go to the Kangmei Group? You started the Kangmei Group?”
Naked mockery!
There is no doubt that Lin Lan’s words are mocking Lin Ya nakedly.
Lin Ya was confused and embarrassed, but at the same time she felt very wronged. She had no idea where she had offended Lin Lan. Why did Lin Lan target her like this?
Xie Yunfang’s expression on the side was also a little embarrassed. Lin Ya didn’t understand why Lin Lan wanted to say such a thing. She still understood that Lin Lan was revenge against her for her ridicule.
At this time, Xie Yunfang regretted it a bit. She had known this before, and she shouldn’t have ridiculed Lin Lan when she entered the door.
“Cough cough.”
At this moment , there was a weak cough from the upper floor.
Immediately, a middle-aged man with white temples took a gray-haired old man and walked down the stairs.
Seeing this old man, everyone in the field got up: “Dad (grandfather).”
Chen Feng also stood up. The old man in front of him was Xia Mengyao’s grandfather, Lin Xiaoxian. This was the first time he saw Lin Xiaoxian in three years. Before, when he and Xia Weiguo came to visit Lin Xiaoxian, they were driven out by the Lin family without even entering the Lin family.
The man who drove him out was the middle-aged man who is now supporting Lin Xiaoxian. This middle-aged man is named Lin Xuan, and he is Lin Xiaoxian’s eldest son.
“Are you all here?”
Lin Xiaoxian glanced at the audience with a turbid gaze. When he saw Xia Mengyao, his gaze obviously stagnated for a moment, but immediately, he moved his gaze away again.
“Dad, everyone who should be here is here.” Lin Yue stepped forward.
“Well, since they’re all here, let’s go.” Lin Xiaoxian nodded slightly, and immediately walked out the door tremblingly supported by Lin Xuan.
Behind her, Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes were a little red. When she saw Lin Xiaoxian a few years ago, Lin Xiaoxian’s spirit was still very vigorous, but now she sees Lin Xiaoxian again, but Lin Xiaoxian is already very old.
“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng sighed, put his hand on Xia Mengyao’s shoulder and patted it lightly. It can be seen that Xia Mengyao still has a deep feeling for Lin Xiaoxian, but in the past three years, because of him, This relationship has been delayed a lot.
This time Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday banquet, he was bound to make up for Xia Mengyao’s delayed feelings.
The group drove to the Golden Horse Hotel.
Because Lin Xiaoxian was inconvenient to walk, Lin Xuan stopped directly at the door of the hotel, while Chen Feng and others randomly found a parking spot to park the car.
Lin Xuan accompanied Lin Xiaoxian to the door of the hotel and was about to enter, but was stopped by two doormen reaching out: “Hello, please show your invitation card.”
“Invitation card? What invitation card?” Lin Xuan frowned.
“Wang Dong’s invitation, today’s Golden Horse Hotel is reserved by Wang Dong. Only guests invited by Wang Dong can enter.” The doorman said.

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