Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 48

At the same time, Chen Feng also received a call from Chen Zhong.
“Master, do you know about the Cangzhou Daily?” Chen Zhong asked tentatively on the phone.
“Cangzhou Daily?” Chen Feng frowned. He had been cultivating at Xu Feirong’s house for the past two days, and he had never gone out.
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t seem to know, Chen Zhong recounted the external affairs exactly.
After listening, Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and Lin Lan caused a storm in the city in order to drive herself out of the Xia family.
“Master, the old slave has a great responsibility in this matter. The failure to stop the Cangzhou Daily’s people from writing and sending indiscriminately has caused a great impact on the young master’s reputation. Please also ask the young master to punish him.” Chen Zhongcheng pleaded, although the outside world is extremely big. Most people don’t know the identity of Chen Feng, but Chen Feng is after all the heir of the Chen family, China’s top wealthy. Now a small local media has devalued Chen Feng for nothing. This is simply slapping the Chen family in the face.
“This matter has nothing to do with you. It was my mother-in-law who acted as a demon there.” Chen Feng did not blame Chen Zhong. He has always ignored reputation. He has been in the Xia family for three years and his reputation has long been stinking. It’s just a little smellier now.
“Master, I have found someone to buy the Cangzhou Daily. In addition, the editor-in-chief who discredited the young master, I also found someone to control it. Master, do you want to…” A murderous intent flashed in Chen Zhong’s eyes, and he didn’t dare to be right. How about Lin Lan, but there is a Cangzhou Daily, as long as he wants, he can knead it at will, especially the editor-in-chief who discredited Chen Feng, Chen Zhong can completely make her disappear silently.
“No need.” Chen Feng frowned. “Don’t interfere with Cangzhou Daily. Let them go.”
Chen Feng’s mind was not so small that he would kill if he didn’t agree with him, and he really wanted to buy Cangzhou Daily, I’m afraid his identity is not far from being exposed.
“Yes, master.”
“How is the resort now being built?” Chen Feng asked, this is the top priority.
“Master, the construction of the resort has encountered some technical problems, which need to be solved by several international scientific research experts. Shen Hongchang has already taken people to Europe, and it is estimated that there will be results in a few days.” Chen Zhong respectfully said.
“Well, if you have any report to me in advance before making a decision, don’t make any claims.” Chen Feng said solemnly. After all, Chen Zhong is from Chen Zhennan, so it is impossible to stand on his side in everything. Guard against.
“Yes, master.”
At the same time, Qingquan Winery, in the luxurious office on the top floor of the Group Building.
Shen Junwen sat on the sofa with a look of enjoyment.
In front of him, there was a woman kneeling. The woman was his newly recruited secretary named Lin Zhi. She was an art school student and looked a bit similar to Xu Feirong.
After the end, Lin Zhi was also pushed to the ground by him.
“Shen Shao, people haven’t had enough…”
Shen Junwen glanced at Lin Zhi in disgust, and his eyes instantly became icy. How could Lin Zhi think about it carefully, he couldn’t see it.
At the thought of Xu Feirong, Shen Junwen’s face turned savage again. The woman he dreamed of would even unite a notorious wimp and give him a cuckold! Shen Junwen has the heart to kill the two!
“President Shen, someone downstairs sent you an invitation.” At this moment, another secretary in a short skirt with a hips knocked on the door.
“Come here.” Shen Junwen said coldly.
After receiving the invitation, Shen Junwen glanced.
“Xia Family Auction…”
“Auction item, Xia Mengyao Early Night!”
Shen Junwen’s pupils suddenly tightened, and his complexion became extremely strange.
“This Xia Mengyao, is that wasteful wife?! She is still a virgin?!” Shen Junwen was stunned, and then ecstatic.
He had sneered at the rumor in Cangzhou Daily that Xia Mengyao was still a virgin after three years of marriage. He felt that it was purely a rumor made by the Xia family for disgusting Chen Feng. How could someone still be a virgin after three years of marriage?
But now, this invitation allows Shen Junwen to understand that Xia Mengyao is really a virgin!
If not, the Xia family would not make such a move.
At the same time, Shen Junwen was also more curious, what kind of strange work Xia Mengyao’s mother was, she could even come up with such a bad idea to auction off her daughter’s first night? If this kind of thing were to spread, I’m afraid the Xia family’s face would be lost.
But these have nothing to do with him!
He didn’t care about Xia’s shamelessness, what he cared about was Chen Feng’s shamelessness!
“Hahaha, Chen Feng, you are a trash, I am afraid that you would never think that you would be killed. Your own wife’s first night will be auctioned outside by your own mother-in-law.” Shen Junwen laughed wildly.
“Linzhi, go and get Lao Tzu a hundred million!” Shen Junwen said coldly.
“Yes, Shao Shen.” Lin Zhi didn’t dare to ask more, and she didn’t know what the content of the invitation was that made Shen Junwen so excited.
“Chen Feng, I am looking forward to it, you are a trash, what will I look like when I see your wife in the first night!” Shen Junwen clenched his fists, his mouth raised a happy smile.
Lin Lan booked the auction venue in Junsheng Hotel.
Before seven o’clock in the evening, dozens of luxury cars, Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, and even a few Rolls-Royce appeared at the entrance of Grand Grand Hotel.
Naturally, these car owners were all fascinating figures in Cangzhou City. Before Chen Feng was driven out of Xia’s house, someone vaguely expressed to Lin Lan that Xia Mengyao would become Qin Jin’s good idea.
This time Chen Feng was kicked out of the Xia family, and these people would not miss this opportunity.
Some people, such as Shen Junwen and others, did not intend to marry Xia Mengyao before, but because they are now of marriageable age and have a rich family background, they are well-known young Junyan in Cangzhou, so Lin Dajun held the attitude of giving it a try. Auction invitations were also sent to these people.
After all, even if Xia Mengyao’s honorable status as the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project is eliminated, Xia Mengyao herself is also a rare beauty, and she can even call it the number one beauty in Cangzhou.
This name alone is enough to make these young talents move.

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