Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 482

“Sixty percent.” Chen Feng thought for a while, and said, in fact, he took the banquet hall from Wang Defa’s hand, and it was twelve percent. The reason why he was not truthful was because he was afraid that Lin Xiaoxian might think he was arrogant.
“Sixty percent?”
Lin Xiaoxian nodded slightly and looked at Chen Feng with a touch of approval. For the time being, regardless of whether Chen Feng was able to take down the first floor of the banquet hall from Wang Defa, he was very satisfied with Chen Feng’s attitude.
“Then you… try it.”
Lin Xiaoxian paused.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and immediately walked to the two doormen.
“Let Wang De send it down to see me.” Chen Feng glanced at the two doormen blankly.
The two doormen looked surprised, and apparently did not expect Chen Shengeng to speak to them in this tone.
Suddenly, their faces became cold: “Who are you? Is Dong Wang familiar with you?”
“Don’t care who I am, you just need to do as I said.” Chen Feng said lightly. .
“What if we don’t do what you said?!” The two doormen looked cold, and there was a faint anger in their eyes. Although they were just doormen, they were also the doormen of the Golden Horse Hotel.
Even if it is Lin Xuan whose status and status are obviously unusual, he should speak with them politely, but Chen Feng is good, and he uses the tone of command when he comes up. How can this make them bear?
Chen Feng smiled faintly, and did not say much to the two doormen, but directly stretched out two hands, grabbed the two doormen by their collars, and threw the two doormen out.
This simple and rude scene shocked everyone in the Lin family. Everyone thought that Chen Feng would beg the doorman in a low voice and let the doorman let him in, but he didn’t expect that Chen Fengshan would directly do it.
Is he crazy?
Doesn’t he know this is the Golden Horse Hotel?
Didn’t he know that behind the Golden Horse Hotel, there are several big names in the Chinese and overseas business community?
When making trouble here, Chen Feng hangs himself because of the birthday man, so he is impatient!
The two doormen staggered and got up from the ground, and immediately took out the pager. “Captain Liu, bring the brothers to the front door, there is a disturbance.”
The security team at the Golden Horse Hotel responded quickly, less than ten seconds. Seven or eight security guards in black uniforms rushed over with electric batons and surrounded Chen Feng.
Seeing this scene, everyone in the Lin family had mixed reactions.
“Oh, it turns out that my brother-in-law said 60% of the confidence is to break into the Golden Horse Hotel…”
Lin You couldn’t help but sneered. In his opinion, Chen Feng’s behavior was purely brain-dead, and the Golden Horse Hotel is the top five-star hotel in China. , The boss behind the hotel was once the richest man in a certain place, with a net worth of hundreds of billions.
In this scene of Zhonghai, few people dare to make trouble in the Golden Horse Hotel.
Why did Lin Xuan just talk softly to the two door boys? It is not considering the identity of the owner behind the Golden Horse Hotel.
In the end, Chen Feng did well and threw the two doormen away without saying a word.
What is the difference between acting like this and street gangsters?
“What does this idiot think of Golden Horse Hotel? Is it a small hotel in the country? Isn’t he afraid of being beaten to death if he is making trouble here?!” Lin You still sneered, but Xie Yunfang directly cursed.
Hearing this, Lin Lan was a little unhappy: “Xie Yunfang, who are you stupid?!”
” Who else is there besides your son-in-law who has water in his head?!” Lin Lan was suffocated. Xie Yunfang directly opened up.
“My son-in-law has water in his head? It’s just a fart! I think you are the one who has water in his head!” Lin Lan sneered. If someone said that Chen Feng had water in his head, she would definitely not refute it. A couple of sentences with that person, but now, who says Chen Feng’s brain is flooded, she is the first to refuse!
Chen family, how could it be possible that his mind was flooded?
“My brain was flooded” Xie Yunfang was very angry, and immediately said to Lin Xiaoxian: “Dad, what do you hear Lin Lan said? Her trash son-in-law made trouble in the Golden Horse Hotel, she actually said my brain was flooded!”
Lin Xiaoxian Frowning silently, he also felt that Chen Feng’s move was a bit stupid. After all, this is the Golden Horse Hotel, not an ordinary small hotel. If you make trouble here, you will inevitably provoke the hotel’s high-level officials to come forward. At that time, no one can protect Chen Feng.
“Huh, Xie Yunfang, do you think my son-in-law can’t settle the Golden Horse Hotel?” Lin Lan sneered. She could understand why Xie Yunfang’s emotions behaved like this. Xie Yunfang felt that Chen Feng’s actions would involve the Lin family. Feng came with everyone from the Lin family, and if things really happened, the Lin family would definitely be implicated.
“Settling the Golden Horse Hotel?” Xie Yunfang laughed angrily: “Lin Lan, are your brains also flooded? You actually think that your trash son-in-law can set the Golden Horse Hotel?”
“My son-in-law, can you put the Golden Horse Hotel down? You know.” Lin Lan smiled faintly. Xie Yunfang, a short-sighted idiot, didn’t know Chen Feng’s true identity. If she knew Chen Feng’s true identity, she would definitely regret saying this.
Just as Xie Yunfang and Lin Lan scolded, on the other side, the security guard of the Golden Horse Hotel finally took action.
However, the result of the hands-on surprise once again surprised the Lin family in the court.
I thought that seven or eight fully-armed security guards would be able to subdue Chen Feng in ten seconds at most.
But unexpectedly, it didn’t even last five seconds.
Seven or eight fully armed security guards all fell to the ground!
Chen Feng’s movements are too fast!
Even soon, no one could see how he made the move!
“Sister Mengyao, brother-in-law, he used to be a takeaway?!”
Lin You’s mouth was open and his face was incredible. It was seven or eight well-trained and fully armed security guards, not seven or eight handsless. How come the child of strength came to Chen Feng and couldn’t hold it for five seconds, so he was all brought down?
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe this scene.
Xia Mengyao didn’t pay attention to Lin You. The scene before him might be shocking in the eyes of everyone in the Lin family, but in her eyes, it was normal.
In addition to the performance of Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan who were not surprised by Chen Feng, Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue’s mother and daughter were not surprised by Chen Feng’s strength.
The last time they were in Cangzhou, they saw Chen Feng made a shot. That time Chen Feng dealt with more people than now.
Of course, the result is no different from now.
Sometimes, they even suspect that Chen Feng was a native of Sanda.
“How is it, Xie Yunfang? Do you still think that my son-in-law is in the head?” Lin Lan glanced at Xie Yunfang triumphantly and asked. The reason why she has not told the Lin family of Chen Feng’s true identity is that For this scene now.
If everyone in the Lin family knew Chen Feng’s true identity, did they all go to court Chen Feng? Then she couldn’t get out of the bad breath that everyone in the Lin family looked down on before.

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