Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 486

After pushing the cup for a while, the birthday banquet ended perfectly.
Many guests of the Lin family got up and left, Lin Xuan and Lin Wu replaced Lin Xiaoxian and sent many guests out.
Lin Xiaoxian called Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng in front of him.
He glanced at Xia Mengyao first, and then moved his gaze to Chen Feng: “Your name is Chen Feng?”
“Well, grandfather, my name is Chen Feng.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, respecting Lin Xiaoxian.
“You and Yaoyao have been married…three years?” Lin Xiaoxian asked, pondering a little.
“Three years and three months.” Chen Feng said.
“Three years and three months? Long enough.” Lin Xiaoxian sighed.
“You have been married for so long, why do you have no children?” Lin Xiaoxianfu asked again.
Chen Feng’s tone was stagnant, and Lin Xiaoxian asked this question, which caught him off guard.
“I heard that you have been married for three years and haven’t had sex?” Lin Xiaoxian asked with his muddy eyes half-squinted.
Have been married for three years and haven’t had the same room?
As soon as Lin Xiaoxian said this, everyone in the Lin family immediately exploded.
Is it true that the rumor that Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng have a poor relationship?
“Why different rooms?” Lin Xiaoxian looked at Xia Mengyao. Although three years ago, he imposed a foot ban on the Xia family and prevented the Xia family from entering the Lin family. But for the past three years, he has always heard from the Xia family. There is concern.
In the news he received, Chen Feng was completely useless, almost useless.
But the Chen Feng he saw today completely subverted his imagination.
The skill is so good, and the background is not weak.
He didn’t know why Xia Mengyao was dissatisfied with such an excellent man.
“Grandpa, I…”
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was flushed, she didn’t know how to explain to Lin Xiaoxian.
She and Chen Feng have been married for three years, and they have indeed kept a distance. The most intimate contact is limited to kissing, and they have never surpassed Lei Chi.
Lin Xiaoxian sighed: “Yaoyao, grandpa has been alive for a few years. If you don’t have sex with Chen Feng, grandpa won’t be able to hold the great-grandson.”
Lin Xiaoxian turned his gaze to Chen Feng again:
“Also You, Chen Feng, as a man, sometimes you have to take the initiative. Yaoyao is shy and ignorant. Are you also shy and ignorant?”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect Lin Xiaoxian would Putting things on the surface, but as Lin Xiaoxian said, in getting along with Xia Mengyao, his own problems are really big. As a man, he almost never takes the initiative.
“Next time I meet, grandpa hopes to see you bring your children here.” Lin Xiaoxian said earnestly.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded obediently, but her heart was a bit complicated, next time? Is there really another time? Grandpa probably doesn’t know yet, she has divorced Chen Feng.
Lin Lan on the side didn’t think so much. The only thing she cares about today is Lin Xiaoxian’s attitude towards Chen Feng. Now that Lin Xiaoxian said this to Chen Feng, it was obviously because he recognized the identity of Chen Feng’s grandson-in-law. Chen Feng has officially passed the test.
The biggest problem now is how to get Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao to remarry… or let them live together… After sending away many guests, Lin Xiaoxian left the Golden Horse Hotel in Lin Xuan’s car.
Chen Feng and the three also walked out of the Golden Horse Hotel.
“Mom, where’s my dad? Why hasn’t he come?” Xia Mengyao looked at Lin Lan and asked. Xia Weiguo started from Cangzhou yesterday. It stands to reason that he should be able to catch up with Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday today, but now, Lin Xiaoxian’s The birthday banquet was over, but Xia Weiguo was still missing.
“Yes, where’s your dad?” Lin Lan patted his forehead, then remembered that Xia Weiguo hadn’t come yet.
“Let me give him a call.” Xia Mengyao frowned, and then took out the phone.
But before the phone got through, Lin Lan’s cell phone rang first.
“Your dad’s call.” Lin Lan glanced at the caller ID, then pressed to answer.
“Lao Xia…”
Here Lin Lan was just about to speak, but a bitter voice came from the other end of the phone: “Are you Lin Lan?”
The owner who heard the voice turned out to be a woman, and Lin Lan was startled. Immediately he said in a bad tone: “I am Lin Lan, who are you? Why are you holding my husband’s cell phone?”
“Husband? It turns out that this hillbilly is your husband.” The woman on the other end of the phone sneered.
“Since this hillbilly is your husband, then things are easy. Your husband just injured my son, you immediately bring money to Splendid International.”
“What? He injured your son?!” Lin Lan Shocked, what did Xia Weiguo do to hurt someone else’s son?
Lin Lan still wanted to ask more about the specific situation, but the phone had already been hung up over there.
“Mom, what’s the matter?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but asked with a worried expression.
“A woman said that your father hurt her son. Let us take the money.” Lin Lan said worriedly.
“My dad hurt her son?” Xia Mengyao frowned, and Xia Weiguo didn’t seem to be the kind of troublemaker.
“Where? Let’s go first.” Chen Feng said, Xia Weiguo’s mobile phone is no longer in his hand, and people must have been controlled by others, so the top priority is to go there.
“At Splendid International.”
Fifteen minutes later, Chen Feng drove to Splendid International that Lin Lan said.
As soon as he arrived at the gate of Splendid International, Chen Feng saw a group of people gathered together, pointing at a short distance.
Chen Feng glanced in the direction that everyone was pointing, and his expression turned gloomy.
“Lao Xia!”
Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao exclaimed, opened the door directly and ran off the car.
Not far away, Xia Weiguo clasped his calves with his hands tightly, leaning on a locust tree with an expression of pain, his face was covered with blood, and the calf covered with his hands was bleeding, and the whiteness could still be seen vaguely. Stubble.
“Dad, what’s the matter with you?”
Xia Mengyao first Lin Lan came to Xia Weiguo. When she saw the white stubble on Xia Weiguo’s calf, Xia Mengyao’s heart ached and her beautiful eyes immediately turned red.
“Meng Yao, Lan Lan, why are you here?” Xia Weiguo glanced at the two weakly.
“Lao Xia, who did this?!” Lin Lan breathed fire in his eyes and asked angrily. Xia Weiguo’s legs were already unsatisfactory. He had old injuries before. This time he was made like this again. This made him How to walk in the future?
“Are you the wife of this hillbilly ?” Before Xia Weiguo opened his mouth, a sharp voice rang behind Lin Lan.
Immediately, a middle-aged woman with big red wavy curly hair and a loose skirt, covered in fat, walked over.

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