Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 497

Lin Lan panicked when Li Hong asked Li Yi to interrupt his leg.
“My son-in-law is very powerful. If you dare to interrupt me and Lao Xia’s legs, he will definitely kill you.”
“Kill us? What did he kill with?” Li Yi sneered again and again, Lin Lan had already fallen. At this level, he even dared to threaten him. I really don’t know how to write dead words.
“He is from the Chen family!” Lin Lan blurted out in a hurry.
Xia Weiguo’s expression on the side changed drastically: “Lan Lan! Don’t talk nonsense!”
“What nonsense? That’s all! What else can I say nonsense?!” Lin Lan glared at Xia Weiguo, and then she looked back again. Li Yi: “I’m not talking nonsense, my son-in-law is indeed from the Chen family.”
“The Chen family ?” Li Yi frowned, “Which Chen family ?” “Which Chen family could it be?” Lin Lan snorted. , Proudly said: “Of course it is the Chen family of Yanjing.”
“The Chen family of Yanjing?!”
Li Yi took a breath: “This is impossible!”
“Why is it impossible?” Lin Lan Sneered and asked.
“How can someone from the Yanjing Chen family be the door-to-door son-in-law?” Li Yi looked suspicious, telling him instinctively that Lin Lan did not lie, but how could someone from the Yanjing Chen family be door-to-door. son in law?
“I know you don’t believe it, but you only have to wait ten minutes. After ten minutes, my son-in-law will come over. At that time, you can personally verify his identity.” Lin Lan’s face was calm, and Li Yi was obviously caught by Chen. The name of the family was frightened, and the more calm she was at this time, the more jealous Li Yi would be.
“Okay, I’ll wait for you for ten minutes.” Li Yi glanced at Lin Lan coldly: “After ten minutes, if your son-in-law does not show up, or if he is not from the Chen family, then I will definitely make you unable to survive, please I can’t die!”
Li Yi had a brutal look in his eyes. For ten minutes, he could still afford it.
If ten minutes later, he finds that Lin Lan is lying to him, then he will definitely make Lin Lan look good!
In less than ten minutes, strictly speaking, in eight minutes, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao appeared at the door of the ward.
When seeing the blood-red slap marks on Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan’s faces in the ward, Chen Feng’s face suddenly became cold.
At this time, a sharp voice rang in his ears:
“Brother, this bastard is here!”
Chen Feng glanced at the source of the sound, but saw Li Hongzheng looking at himself with a bitter face.
“It seems that the lesson I just taught you is not enough!” A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. He thought that interrupting Li Hong’s leg would make Li Hong a long memory. Who knows, Li Hong came again.
“Brother, kill this bastard for me! This bastard interrupted one of my legs!” Li Hong looked at Chen Feng grimly. She didn’t know what the Chen family was. All she knew was that Chen Feng interrupted me. Her one leg turned her into a useless person.
“Brother, do it now.”
Seeing that Li Yi hadn’t moved, Li Hong couldn’t help but urged again.
This urge finally made Li Yi relieved from the shock.
“Shut up!” After slowing down, the first thing Li Yi did was to scold Li Hong and make Li Hong shut up.
He couldn’t think of killing him. It was Chen Feng who interrupted Li Hong’s leg, who had just met at Chu Mansion a few days ago!
“Brother…” Li Hong looked puzzled, Li Yi, why did he shut himself up?
“Mr. Chen, why are you here?” After taking a deep breath, Li Yi took a step forward and put on a flattering smile.
At this moment, he can be 100% sure that Chen Feng is a member of the Chen family!
Lin Lan didn’t lie!
Only the fact that Chen Feng is the Chen family can explain a series of unreasonable points in the information he investigated before.
“The wound on my dad and mom’s face, you hit it?!”
Chen Feng’s expression was cold. He didn’t expect that the helper Li Hong invited was Li Yi, who he had met the other day.
Seeing Chen Feng’s first thing to do was to ask his guilt, Li Yi’s expression instantly stiffened, and even jumped up with his eyelids.
“Mr. Chen, there may be some misunderstandings between my uncle and aunt…”
“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?” Lin Lan sneered and came to Li Yi, looking at Li Yi playfully: “Some people just planned to interrupt. I and Lao Xia’s legs, and then killed me and Lao Xia, why do you say you misunderstood now?”
“Aunt Lin, listen to me…”
Li Yi smiled and wanted to explain, but Lin Lan was merciless. Interrupted: “I don’t want to hear your explanation. I just want to ask you, how do you count the thing that you just let me take my mouth?”
“Aunt Lin, how do you want to count?” Li Yi smiled, Lin Lan obviously She is a grudge woman. If he can’t satisfy Lin Lan today, then Chen Feng will definitely not spare him lightly.
“Palm mouth.”
Lin Lan glanced at Li Yi, and the corners of her mouth raised: “Palm her mouth.” “Palm mouth
?” Li Yi was stunned, obviously he did not expect Lin Lan to make such a request.
“Why, not willing?” Lin Lan frowned.
Li Yi hurriedly shook his head: ”
Yes, yes .” After saying that, Li Yi raised his hand and slapped his face severely.
It can be seen that Li Yi did not keep his hand. He used a lot of strength and slapped it down. The entire left half of his face was red.
But Lin Lan didn’t let Li Yi mean, she smiled: “One slap is not enough.”
One slap is not enough?
There was an invisible gloom in Li Yi’s eyes, and he gritted his teeth and raised his hand again.
Within a minute, Li Yi slapped dozens of slaps on his face, and his entire face swelled at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Li Hong was completely frightened. She never thought that one day, Li Yi would whisper in front of others, in order to protect himself, even to fan himself such a shameful thing.
After another minute, Li Yi stopped his movements. He looked at Lin Lan, and forced a smile from the corner of his mouth: “Aunt Lin, is this all right?”
“Huh, it’s all right.” Lin Lan snorted coldly. With a cry, Li Yi’s knowledge was somewhat beyond her expectations. She had planned to take a layer of skin off Li Yi, but Li Yi had already put on such a humble attitude. Some are beyond reason.
“Mr. Chen…” Li Yi smiled and looked at Chen Feng. Although Lin Lan passed this level, everything in the end depends on Chen Feng. Chen Feng didn’t say anything, he just smashed his face. It’s no use.
“Get off.”
Chen Feng said lightly. Li Yi is a typical dog that bites people and doesn’t bark. Don’t look at him now showing respect to Lin Lan. One day, once he has enough power to avenge Lin Lan, he He will inevitably return the humiliation he suffered today to Lin Lan a hundredfold.

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