Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 498

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen…” After a respectful thank you, Li Yi took Li Hong out of the ward with a few younger brothers.
As soon as he left the ward, Li Yi’s eyes flashed an unprecedented haze and deep hatred.
Li Hong, who was lying on the stretcher, couldn’t help speaking, but was interrupted by Li Yi with a cold look: “Go out and talk.” A few minutes later, the group left the hospital.
“Brother, what is the status of that bastard?” Li Hong couldn’t help but ask when he just got out of the hospital. In her eyes, Li Yi is an omnipotent existence, even her husband Zhang Zhihao is a big bastard, Li Yi They can support them at will, but today, in front of Chen Feng, Li Yi is as humble as a pug.
“He is from the Chen family.” Li Yi gritted his teeth, his face gloomy as if dripping water came out.
“The Chen family?” Li Hong glanced at Li Yi suspiciously: “Is the Chen family very powerful? Is there a family of Master Matsushima ?” “Master Matsushima’s family…” Li Yi’s eyes flashed: “Master Matsushima’s The family is not much worse than the Chen family. The foundation of the young Master Ke Songdao family is in Japan. This is China…” The whip is beyond reach.
This is why Li Yi did not request Matsushima Feng to take action today.
Of course, in addition to being beyond the reach, there is another reason, that is, Matsushima Feng will not necessarily offend Chen Feng for him.
He is just a dog of Matsushima Maple, it is impossible for Matsushima Maple to offend the Chen family for a dog.
After taking a deep breath, Li Yi took out his cell phone and dialed Songdao Feng’s number.
“Master Songdao, the identity of Chen Feng has been investigated.”
“Chen Fengjun? What is his identity?” Matsushima Feng came to be interested.
“He is from the Chen family of Yanjing.”
“The Chen family of Yanjing?!” Songdao Feng’s tone was obviously startled. After a long while, he heard him a little surprised and said, “You said he was from the Chen family of Yanjing. ?!”
“Not bad.”
“Are you sure?” Matsushima Feng still couldn’t believe it.
“I’m sure, I just met him in the hospital…” Li Yi told the story all the time without concealing it.
“You said he abandoned more than 20 thugs in less than ten seconds?”
Matsushima Feng asked.
“Well, he is very likely to be a warrior.” Li Yi said in a deep voice. The one he borrowed from Matsushima today is a Japanese warrior, but because of Chen Feng’s identity, the warrior never made any moves. Opportunity.
“I see.” Matsushima Feng nodded, his eyes a little uncertain, and he could defeat more than 20 thugs in less than ten seconds. This is not only a martial artist, but also not an ordinary warrior!
The least strength is also the early stage of Anjin!
However, if Chen Feng is a child of the Chen family, it is not surprising in the early days of Anjin.
“Don’t let others know about this news for the time being.” Feng Matsushima exhorted. He wanted to tell the person in charge of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce immediately. If Chen Feng is really from the Chen family, he will be in the Chu family a few days ago. , I’m afraid it’s probably because of the gambling fight between Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and China Shipping Chamber of Commerce…
“That guy should pay for some medical expenses.” After Li Yi went out, Lin Lan said a little annoyed, she patronized Li just now. Yi was out of anger, but forgot to blackmail Li Yi. Looking at Li Yi’s clothes, it is obvious that she is a good master. If she proposes to compensate for medical expenses, I am afraid that at least she can get more than one hundred from Li Yi. Million.
“Dad, are you okay?” Chen Feng ignored Lin Lan, but turned his gaze to Xia Weiguo. In just half a day, Xia Weiguo was bitten by a dog and then torn from the bed by Li Yi’s people. It can be said that both body and mind have been tortured.
“I’m okay.” Xia Weiguo shook his head and said, “Xiaofeng, what is your relationship with the person just now?”
“We have nothing to do, we just met once a few days ago.” Chen Feng said.
“Have you only seen it once? Why do I feel that he is afraid of you?” Xia Weiguo was still a little puzzled. After Li Yi saw Chen Feng, his pupils tightened, and he didn’t even ask whether Chen Feng was the Chen family. , As if there is a natural fear of Chen Feng.
“Lao Xia, things are over, what are you talking about.” Just as Chen Feng was thinking about how to explain to Xia Weiguo, Lin Lan smiled and stood up, after rolling her eyes, Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng: “Chen Feng, can you find a job for mom?”
Looking for a job?
Chen Feng looked at Lin Lan in surprise. Why did Lin Lan suddenly have the idea of ​​looking for a job?
“Mom’s requirements are not high, so you can find a job as the president of the company for Mom.” Lin Lan said casually.
Chen Feng smiled slightly, the job of the company president? Still not demanding?
“Lan Lan!” Xia Weiguo was full of black lines, “What are you talking about? How can there be so many company presidents for you?”
“Why are there no more?” Lin Lan glanced at Xia Wei State Road dissatisfiedly: “Chen Family There are so many companies under it. Just ask Chen Feng to find me a company and arrange me in.”
Lin Lan’s idea is simple, it is to take advantage of Chen Feng.
Before getting rid of the relationship with Chen Feng, she must get enough benefits from her to make up for her losses in the past three years.
“How about, Chen Feng?”
“Not very good.” Chen Feng said lightly. Lin Lan knew exactly what Lin Lan thought, but the Chen family’s company was not something Lin Lan could enter if he wanted to. Of course, even if he had the ability to arrange, he would not tell Lin Lan. People like Lan arranged to join Chen’s company.
“Stingy.” Lin Lan curled her lips. Chen Feng’s refusal so swiftly and neatly was somewhat beyond her expectation, but it was impossible for her to give up.
In the evening, Chen Feng left the hospital and planned to return to Royal Villa No. 1, but received a call from Shi Pojun.
“Xiaofeng, where are you now?” Shi Pojun’s rough voice came through the phone.
“In the City People’s Hospital.”
“The City People’s Hospital? Where are you doing?” Shi Pojun asked in surprise.
“Something happened to my father-in-law and mother-in-law…” Chen Feng explained with a wry smile.
“Li Yi? Is it Songdao Feng that dog-legged?” Shi Pojun frowned and asked, as if he had heard Li Yi’s name in the Supervisor of the Zhan League.
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded. Shi Pojun knew that Li Yi’s information was normal. For foreign warriors like Songdao Feng, the Zhanmeng should have checked it long ago. When Songdao Feng was checked, Li Yi was found in a muddled manner. It is normal.
“Huh, I don’t know anything that is high and thick. After this gambling fight, I must make him look good!” Shi Pojun’s eyes flashed a sharp look. What he hates most is Li Yi, a running dog who is fond of foreign and foreigners. China, Li Yi secretly did a lot of things for Songdao Feng.
After the gambling battle, the Zhanmeng must find Li Yi to liquidate!
It’s okay to fawn on foreigners, but it’s definitely not to betray the interests of China!

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