Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 5

“You kid, what are you doing?” The tall black-faced security headed by the security guard stared at Chen Feng with a bad look.
“Find someone.” Chen Feng answered truthfully.
“Looking for someone?” The black-faced security guard sneered and asked, “Do you kid know where this is?”
“Yuquan Mountain.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Damn, knowing that this is Yuquan Mountain, would you dare to come and find someone, can anyone you know here?” Wang Dahai sneered. Chen Feng’s clothes all over his body did not exceed one hundred yuan, and he rode to give it away. How can this kind of take-out battery car be related to the people in the villa area?
Chen Feng frowned. He patronized and kept a low profile, but he didn’t expect that he would run into a security guard here with a dog’s eyes.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Wang Dahai became even more arrogant and felt that he had seen through Chen Feng’s true face.
“Boy, tell me, who are you looking for, Secretary Li or Boss Shen?” Wang Dahai sarcastically asked. Li Juncheng and Shen Hongchang are the two most famous people in Cangzhou City. One is the top leader of Cangzhou City and the other is Cangzhou City. Richest man. In the past, many people fished in troubled waters and went up the mountain, saying that they knew two people, but in the end they were both exposed by Wang Dahai, and then they had a good repair.
“I asked Shen Hongchang. I bought a villa from him. I came to see the villa.” Chen Feng sighed and said. He knew that he would tell the truth that Wang Dahai would most likely not believe it, but he was willing to give Wang Dahai another chance. If Wang Dahai let him in, he could act as if nothing happened. After all, he would live here in the future.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s response was unbridled ridicule.
Wang Dahai bent down with a smile, tears came out.
“Hahaha, did you hear that? This silly B said that he bought a villa from Boss Shen, and I’m going to laugh.”
“This silly B is silly to deliver takeout, doesn’t he know that the villa here, even if it is a square meter, can’t be bought by selling him.”
“He wants to be able to buy a villa here. I ate his electric car.”
The security guards all laughed and joined together. They had seen a lot of bragging people, but they had never seen something like Chen Feng. When they came up, they said that they had bought a villa in Yuquan Mountain.
This is no longer bragging, this TM is dreaming!
Chen Feng shook his head, the reaction of the security guards in front of him made him dumbfounded.
Why is it that no one believes the truth these days.
“Okay, boy, for the sake of making your grandfather laugh, grandpa won’t clean up you today. Get out, roll down the mountain by yourself. This is not a place for you to come.” Wang Dahai waved his hand after laughing. , And said to Chen Feng like a fly.
Originally, according to his temperament, he had to beat Chen Feng violently today at least so that Chen Feng would know what the sky is high and the earth is thick.
But Chen Feng brought joy to them, and Wang Dahai felt that he could be kind and let Chen Feng go.
At the same time, in a luxurious living room in the villa area, Chen Zhong walked back and forth in front of the window. Behind him, stood a rugged man.
The man was dark-skinned and his whole body revealed an unspeakable gangsterism. Just looking at his appearance, he might not be able to connect him with the richest man in Cangzhou.
The man is the richest man in Cangzhou, Shen Hongchang.
“Mr. Chen, Shao Chen… when will he come?” At this moment, Shen Hongchang was also a little nervous. Yesterday, after hearing Chen Zhong said that the heir of the Chen family would come to Cangzhou, he did not sleep all night.
He didn’t know how the Chen family had a temperament and whether he was in touch.
Although others say that he is the richest man in Cangzhou City, Shen Hongchang knows very well that he is only on the three-square-acre land in Cangzhou. It’s not.
“Master, he…” Chen Zhong was also a little uneasy. It has been more than an hour since the phone call was completed. It stands to reason that Chen Feng should have been here long ago, but he hasn’t been alone yet.
Chen Zhong wanted to call and ask where Chen Feng was, but he was afraid that Chen Feng would be upset.
At this moment, his phone rang first.
“I’m at the door.” Chen Feng hung up after only two words.
Chen Zhong’s face changed, at the door? Why not come in.
“I said you kid, I let you go, are you deaf?” Seeing that Chen Feng not only refused to listen to himself, but also dared to call in his own face, Wang Dahai was immediately very upset.
Chen Feng smiled but didn’t smile, and said: “You want to let me go?”
“Why, I still want Lao Tzu to roll for you?” Wang Dahai sneered again and again, his fingers creaked, and he kicked Chen Feng’s battery car.
Chen Feng rode a battery car for three years and was kicked to pieces.
Chen Feng frowned, with a cold color across his face. He rode this electric bike, and sent it out for three years in the wind and rain. It can be said that he has long been riding out of affection, but now he is caught by a security guard. Foot kick.
Chen Feng was immediately upset.
Wang Dahai didn’t care about that much, he greeted several security guards and surrounded Chen Feng.
“Boy, since you don’t roll yourself, then Lao Tzu will help you roll, come over, obediently stretch out your face, let Lao Tzu slap you twice, and Lao Tzu will let you down the mountain.” Wang Dahai looked arrogant and felt that Chen Feng was already a cutting board. You can kill the fish on your own.
“Are you sure you want to slap me twice?” Chen Feng smiled and walked towards Wang Dahai.
“Why, I slapped you, what can you do if I fail?” Wang Dahai laughed, and he felt that the kid in front of him was a bit horrible.
Although he was just a security captain, he belonged to the Shen family, and the name of the Shen family alone was enough to keep the food delivery guy from living.
In this area, even some high-ranking officials and nobles must be polite. Without the Shen family’s order, if he said that he would not let in, then no one would dare to make trouble!
When he said that, Wang Dahai’s slap was raised and slapped towards Chen Feng’s face.
But this slap was not slapped, but his hand was tightly grasped, and then a slap fell on his face.
Then, a gloomy face appeared in front of him.
“Shen… Boss Shen?” Wang Dahai’s mind exploded, but his tongue was a little knotted. Because the person who suddenly appeared before him was the famous Cangzhou richest man, Shen Hongchang!
“Boss Shen, you… why are you here?” Wang Dahai’s voice was trembling, but he knew the horror of the richest man in Cangzhou.
“Do you want to fight with me?”
Shen Hongchang asked gloomily. He was thinking about how to fawn on Chen Feng, but in a blink of an eye, his own bodyguard stopped Chen Feng from the door and was almost beaten.
At this time, Shen Hongchang had the heart to kill Wang Dahai.

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