Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 501

Ten minutes later, Chen Zewen and Huang Laosan rushed over.
“Breakthrough?” Chen Feng glanced at Chen Zewen in surprise. Compared with half a month ago, Chen Zewen’s breath at this time was obviously more condensed.
“Back to Uncle Chen, I made a breakthrough, and broke through to the late stage of Anjin.” Chen Zewen smiled. He was stranded in the middle stage of the Anjin for a full eight years, and now he has finally passed this hurdle.
“Not bad.” Chen Feng nodded in satisfaction . Chen Zewen’s strength is still very strong. In the early years, there were many gangs in Malaysia. When the situation was chaotic, Chen Zewen had to fight with people almost every day. He tied his head to his waistband. The most lack of people is practical experience.
Now that he breaks through to the late stage of Anjin, even if he is just a beginner, his strength will never be worse than that of some veteran Anjin.
“I’ve left for the past few days, Mengyao will leave it to you.” Chen Feng said, in the late stage of Anjin, it is enough to protect Xia Mengyao. A warrior of this level can completely assassinate the team with general tactics, even if it can’t do it with bare hands Block the bullets, but it will never get worse.
“Uncle Chen, don’t worry, I will protect my mother and mother well. If anyone wants to move her, unless they step over my body.” Chen Zewen solemnly assured that Xia Mengyao’s meaning to Chen Feng has almost reached the point where it is self-evident. , Chen Feng was able to entrust such an important thing to him, obviously out of trust in him, so he would never disappoint Chen Feng.
“Little boy, just put your heart in your stomach, Zewen this boy, don’t say anything else, he is still very good at protecting people, and when you come back from the fight, he will definitely return you a complete wife. “Laosan Huang said lazily.
Chen Feng smiled: “Then I won’t be long-winded, let’s go to Chu Mansion.”
Half an hour later, Chen Feng came to Chu Mansion again.
This time, the Chu residence was much deserted compared to the Chu residence three days ago.
Except for a few luxury cars, there are almost no people in front of them.
“Brother Chen.” It was Chu Celadon who stood at the door to greet Chen Feng.
After a few days, Chu celadon has become more beautiful.
After arriving in front of Chen Feng with a flowery smile, Chu Celadon shifted his gaze to Huang Laosan: “Brother Chen, this old man is…”
Hearing the three words for the old man , Huang Laosan suddenly became full of black lines.
“You just call him Huang Lao San.” Chen Feng smiled and said, he did not intend to reveal Huang Lao San’s true identity to Chu Celadon, Huang Lao San was his trump card at the critical moment.
“Lao Huang…” Chu Celadon looked at Huang Lao-san with a smile, and then said: “I’ll call him Grandpa Huang.”
“Hello, Grandpa Huang.” “Hello.” Huang Lao-san black Faced with a sentence.
“Brother Chen, is Grandpa Huang going with you too?” Chu Celadon asked with a smile. She is smart enough to guess Chen Feng’s true intentions to bring Huang Laosan over. Huang Laosan is definitely not what it looks like on the surface. It is so simple, he is very likely to be a warrior.
“Well, he said he wants to see the level of Japanese martial arts, you can arrange an identity for him.” Chen Feng laughed, since he wants to use Huang Lao San as his hole card, then naturally he can’t let Huang Lao San pass openly. , Huang Laosan must be disguised.
“That’s okay.” Chu Celadon smiled sweetly, and immediately looked at Huang Lao San, and said: “Grandpa Huang, if someone asks about you later, you will say you are the steward of the Chu family.”
“Okay.” Huang The third child nodded. The identity of a housekeeper was indeed very convincing, and most people would never doubt it.
“Then Grandpa Huang, Brother Chen, let’s go quickly, the cruise ship is estimated to be leaving soon.” Chu Celadon raised his wrist, glanced at the time, and said.
Although Melai Island is on the high seas, it is not far from the waters of China.
A few years ago, Huaxia officials conveniently opened a sea route between Huaxia and Melai Road.
This time going to sea, it is natural to follow this sea route.
After Hechu Celadon arrived at the seaside ferry, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.
Although the sky is dark, the ferry on the coast is brightly lit.
Chen Feng glanced at the pier where he boarded the ship and found that there were hundreds of people standing on the pier. Most of them were wearing large sun-shading mirrors, carrying travel bags, and dressed as tourists.
At the moment, these tourists dressed pedestrians are queuing up at the pier to check tickets, waiting to board the cruise ship.
“These people are all warriors?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking. Although these people looked like tourists, it was hard to guarantee that they didn’t deliberately dress up like this.
“No.” Chu Celadon shook his head and said with a smile: “Brother Chen, these people are all tourists. They all travel to Melai Island. They have the same destination as ours, so we took the same cruise ship.”
“So…” Chen Feng nodded, but he had forgotten that Melai Island was originally a small island specially used for tourism. Now it is the peak tourist season. It is not surprising that so many people travel to sea.
“Brother Chen, let’s go from here. We don’t need to check the tickets .” Chu Celadon smiled. With the financial resources and connections of the Chu family, VIP tickets for cruise ships have been booked a long time ago. VIP tickets for cruise ships are not needed. queue.
After arriving at the other side of the pier, Chen Feng saw the whole picture of the cruise ship he was taking this time.
This is a large cruise ship with a length of more than 180 meters and a width of more than 40 meters.
The cruise ship has five floors from top to bottom, each of which is about three meters high.
At this moment, the lower three decks of the cruise ship are full of bustling figures.
The lights are bright and lively.
“Miss Chu, please here.”
Soon, a staff member in uniform came over and brought Chu Celadon into the exclusive passage for VIPs.
After boarding the cruise ship, Chu Celadon went straight to the top of the cruise ship.
Compared to the lower floors, the top layer is obviously more luxurious.
There are only a dozen cabin rooms here, but each cabin room is decorated extremely exquisitely, which is exactly the standard of a five-star hotel presidential suite.
In addition to the luxurious cabins, the top level of sight is also excellent. Standing here, you can overlook the sea in the distance and the flow of people on the deck below.
Invisible, a sense of superiority emerged spontaneously.
“Brother Chen, you and Grandpa Huang will wait here for a few minutes, I will go down to pick up my eldest brother and them.” Chu Celadon smiled.
“Well, go ahead.”
Chen Feng nodded.
After Chu Celadon left, Huang Laosan narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Feng: “This little girl is interesting to you?”
“You think too much.” Chen Feng looked at the sea in the distance blankly.
“Hehe.” Huang Laosan smiled and stopped speaking.
At this time, more than a dozen figures appeared in the VIP passage where Chen Feng and Chu Celadon entered.
The head is a man in his thirties with a firm face.

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