Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 508

Seeing Chu’s celadon face dim, Chen Feng couldn’t help but say: “Actually, if you really want to learn swords, you don’t have to worship me as a teacher.”
Chu celadon’s pretty face regained its luster: “Brother Chen, you mean …”
“I can teach you some entry-level swordsmanship first. If you are really interested in kendo, I can show you my master in the future, and let you formally worship us under the witness of my master. “Chen Feng said, Xiao Guozhong has accepted three disciples in his life, and he is the youngest one and also a closed disciple.
The big brother Jing Yi has been around Xiao Guozhong all year round, and like Xiao Guozhong, he is not in the world.
The second brother Huang Qianzhong wandered around the world, fighting with people all year round, honing his own cultivation skills, and it was harder to see his figure than to climb to the sky.
In Xiao Guozhong’s line, only his closed disciple was relatively stable, at least he could still see a figure.
Therefore, the task of inheriting the teacher’s door should be completed by the closed disciple of himself.
“Really? The celadon thanked Brother Chen here first.” Chu Celadon’s pretty face was first happy, and then solemnly thanked him.
“Don’t thank me, sword, but it’s not as easy to learn as you think. This is a very hard work. If you give up halfway or fail to meet my requirements, I will not be able to take you to see my master. “Chen Feng laughed, Chu Celadon’s talent is actually quite good. She has been developing in the entertainment industry for these years and has little time to practice, but her current state has also reached the middle of Ming Jin, and it seems that, There is a high probability that she will break through to the late Ming Jin immediately.
In the late Ming Jin period, he was no longer inferior to the geniuses of some sects.
However, in practice, talent is not the most important thing.
The most important thing is actually hard work.
Those who are talented but don’t work hard will eventually become mediocre.
“Hehe, Brother Chen, don’t worry, I will definitely work hard.” Chu Celadon chuckled. In fact, she didn’t pay much attention to cultivation matters. The reason why she was able to cultivate to the middle of Ming Jin these years is also To cope with the family.
But after experiencing the last assassination, she changed her original thoughts.
The last assassination made her realize a truth, strength is the foundation of her life.
People without strength, like duckweed without roots, don’t even have the right to determine their own destiny.
In addition to this truth, there is another reason, which is also the driving force for her to practice. This reason is the beauty of the martial arts world.
Later, a series of things made her understand that the true appearance of this world is actually far from being as simple as she saw.
There are also a series of incredible things in this world, such as flying flowers and picking leaves, and even receiving bullets with bare hands…
She wants to see what this world really looks like.
After the cruise ship arrived ashore, many tourists began to line up in an orderly manner, waiting to land at the pier.
However, Chen Feng and others used their feet as VIPs, so naturally they don’t need to line up with ordinary tourists, they can go directly through the privileges, take the VIP channel, and land on the dock.
After Chen Feng boarded the pier, on the third deck, a middle-aged woman in a loose dress with big red wavy hair was suddenly stunned. Her eyes were filled with surprise: “Isn’t this that waste? He? Why are you here?”
“Auntie, what are you talking about? Who is here?” At this moment, Li Shiping came over.
“Shiping, my aunt’s eyes are not good, please help my aunt to see if that person is Chen Feng’s trash?” The middle-aged woman with big red wavy hair pointed in Chen Feng’s direction, and said in surprise.
“Chen Feng?!”
Hearing these two words, Li Shiping was startled at first, and then hurriedly glanced in the direction Peng Yanfang pointed. With just one glance, Li Shiping’s pupils suddenly tightened.
“It’s him!” Li Shiping was a little ugly and affirmed. If Peng Yanfang pointed at others, he might have read it wrong, but Chen Feng, he would never have read it wrong. He could recognize Chen Feng by turning Chen Feng into ashes at this moment.
“Why is he here?” Peng Yanfang frowned, “Did Hony tell him about our trip?”
“I don’t know. ” Li Shiping shook his head distractedly, and immediately, he said again: ” From his appearance, it seems that he bought the VIP tickets on the top floor. Otherwise, it would not be the first batch to land.”
“VIP tickets?” Peng Yanfang frowned deeper: “Don’t you want 30,000 VIP tickets? How can you afford it?”
“Mom, what are you talking about?” As soon as Peng Yanfang finished speaking, Wang Shiyuan came over.
Seeing Wang Shiyuan, Li Shiping suddenly panicked in his heart, subconsciously trying to stop Peng Yanfang from speaking, but Peng Yanfang had already opened her mouth: “Shiyuan, guess who mom saw?”
“Chen Feng.”
” Who?!” Wang Shiyuan was stunned suddenly.
“Chen Feng.” Peng Yanfang said casually.
“Chen Feng?!” Wang Shiyuan’s silver teeth clenched instantly, “Where is he?”
“Over there.” Peng Yanfang pointed to Chen Feng’s direction. At this moment, she was a little confused, “Daughter, what’s wrong with you? Isn’t it just Chen Feng? You haven’t seen him before, so why did you react so much.”
Wang Shiyuan’s face changed, but she didn’t say anything. Peng Yanfang still doesn’t know what happened to Chen Feng when she slept, of course. She did not intend to tell Peng Yanfang.
“Auntie, it’s nothing, Shiyuan just hates Chen Feng too much, that’s why she has such a big reaction.” At this time, Li Shiping stood up in cold sweat and made a round of battle. Of course he knew why Wang Shiyuan was so big. reaction.
After Wang Shiyuan was slept by Songdao Feng and Li Yi last time, he told Wang Shiyuan that it was Chen Feng who slept with her.
Now that I saw Chen Feng again, it was strange that Wang Shiyuan didn’t react so much.
After pulling Wang Shiyuan aside, Li Shiping was about to speak, but didn’t want to. Wang Shiyuan had already bit her silver teeth and spoke: “Shiping, I’m going to find that beast!”
Hearing Wang Shiyuan’s words, Li Shiping panicked, he He said hurriedly: “Shiyuan, don’t be impulsive. That beast is with Miss Chu Family now. If you go to him now, Miss Chu Family will not let you go.”
“Shiyuan, you Why are you looking for that trash?” At this moment, Peng Yanfang emerged from behind the two and asked with a puzzled face.
Seeing Peng Yanfang coming out quietly, Li Shiping was startled in a cold sweat, but he hurriedly agreed: “Yes, my aunt is right. What are you looking for that rubbish? We are traveling, why bother looking for that. Waste, contaminated with bad luck?”
“Moreover, that waste is now holding Miss Chu’s thigh. If we go to look for him, maybe we will be ridiculed by him.”

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