Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 51

Shen Junwen frowned and was also a little angry, Zhang Dongchen, this stupid B, actually did it against him.
“70 million!” Shen Junwen gritted his teeth.
The other people in the venue held their breath at this moment, and didn’t even dare to let out the atmosphere. They all understand that when the auction has reached such a point, what is sold is no longer the item itself, what is sold is bloody, and what is sold is face!
Two super rich second generations, no one accepts each other! At this time, there must be a victory and defeat, there must be a party, and a bloodshed!
“80 million! Shen Junwen, you have to dare to add more, don’t blame Lao Tzu for being rude to you!” Zhang Dongchen roared sharply, his expression a little hysterical.
“Grass your mother! Are you threatening Laozi?”
Shen Junwen was very angry. He came over today. Although he brought 100 million, he did not intend to cross it all off. In his expectation, the auction would be successful at most 10 to 20 million, but he did not expect to encounter Zhang Dongchen. Silly B, for a woman, put out seventy to eighty million to go shopping with him.
Shen Junwen was suddenly struggling to ride a tiger.
“Yeah, Lao Tzu is threatening you. Didn’t you mean that it doesn’t work if I am the king of heaven? Haha, you continue to pretend to be forced!” Zhang Dongchen laughed wildly, his eyes covered with bloodshot eyes.
“Zhang Shao, Shen Shao, you two are calm and calm, don’t get angry…” At this moment, Sun Guifang smiled and wanted to persuade him. Obviously, Zhang Dongchen and Shen Junwen are on the top. If she loses, she will eventually anger her, neither the Zhang family nor the Shen family can offend her.
Sun Guifang realized that she had never played a big game. Even if she actually sold a sky-high number at the auction, it was still a question of whether she would receive her life.
“To shut up!”
It’s okay for Sun Guifang not to persuade him. This persuasion made Shen Junwen feel that he was insulted, thinking that Lao Tzu could not afford it? !
“I paid ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine million! Zhang Dongchen, come here.” Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said with blood red eyes.
Completely crazy!
Only this time, the crazy man became Shen Junwen.
No one thought that Shen Junwen would directly call ninety-nine thousand ninety-nine million!
This is a hundred million!
For a woman, spend 100 million!
Everyone feels a little dizzy in their minds. If you have money, you don’t bring such a prodigal.
Zhang Dongchen’s expression suddenly calmed down: “Shen Junwen, you are awesome!”
‘Shen Junwen, you are awesome! ‘
Is this over? Don’t you continue to add it? !
Everyone immediately petrified.
Shen Junwen was also stunned. Seeing Zhang Dongchen’s calm and playful look, he felt his heart trembled.
He suddenly thought of a possibility. He seemed to be tricked? !
From the very beginning, Zhang Dongchen has been playing the radical technique!
Shen Junwen’s face suddenly distorted: “Zhang Dongchen, are you playing with me?!”
“What does Shao Shen mean?” Zhang Dongchen frowned, “Nineteen ninety-nine million, you called it yourself, I didn’t force you.”
“I care about your mother!”
It’s okay for Zhang Dongchen not to say this. When he said this, Shen Junwen immediately realized that he was really being tricked. Zhang Dongchen’s angry look at the beginning was a pretense! Including the later hysterical look, too!
In order to stimulate yourself, let yourself be on top!
Shen Junwen was frustrated and wanted to die. Didn’t it mean that Zhang Dongchen was a lustful trash? How could he be so insidious.
Shen Junwen had an urge to vomit blood at this moment. He felt that his heart was dripping blood. This was a hundred million. Although he had money, he didn’t spend it like this.
What made Shen Junwen more uncomfortable was not the loss of money, but the IQ. His IQ was suppressed by a dude who only played with women!
“Shen Shao, if you can’t afford 99.9 million, you can withdraw what you just said. I will continue to spend 80 million to buy Miss Xia.” Zhang Dongchen said lightly.
“Grass, your mother! Who said I can’t afford it!” Now, even if he knows he has been tricked, Shen Junwen can’t withdraw what he said just now. That would only be even more embarrassing.
“Yes, this is a hundred million!” Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and took out a black gold bank card from his pocket and handed it to Sun Guifang.
“Shen Shao, this…too much.” Sun Guifang sneered. She didn’t dare to take this card if she killed her. Although there was 100 million in the card, she had her life to take it, and she would never spend it.
Shen Junwen slapped Sun Guifang’s face fiercely, and roared: “I told you to hold it, and you can hold it, do you look down on Laozi!”
“Shen Shao, I don’t have it, I don’t! How dare I look down on you.” Sun Guifang shook her head hurriedly and yelled in panic. She had never thought that she, who regards wealth as fate, will one day watch as a hundred million in her own eyes. In front of him, I dare not take it.
“Mrs. Sun, you can accept it. Shao Shen is not short of this money.” Zhang Dongchen smiled. He knew what Sun Guifang was thinking. He was afraid that if he took the 100 million, Shen Junwen would retaliate against her. I have to say, Sun Guifang. Very clever, Shen Junwen will definitely retaliate against her with his flawless character.
Shen Junwen slapped Sun Guifang’s face again.
“Smelly bitch, if you don’t accept this card, I will kill you today!”
Shen Junwen threatened fiercely that Zhang Dongchen had already embarrassed him enough, and now that Sun Guifang, a mere mere Sun Guifang, would dare not give him face, this is not what it means to seek death.
“I accept, I accept, Shen Shao, don’t hit me.” Shen Junwen said so, and Sun Guifang didn’t dare to say one more thing. As for Shen Junwen’s revenge, he could only take one step.
Seeing Sun Guifang accepted the bank card, everyone’s complexion became very weird. No one expected that such a farce would happen. One hundred million yuan would become a hot potato, one forcibly gave it to the other but did not dare to accept it.
It can only be said that Zhang Dongchen is too thief this time. He actually concealed it from everyone, and slammed Shen Junwen together, making Shen Junwen dumb to eat Coptis, and he couldn’t tell the suffering.
“You collect the money. I will get Xia Mengyao to Lao Tzu to the Queen’s Building tomorrow night. If I can’t see anyone, you three will jump off the top floor of the Queen’s Building for Lao Tzu!”
Shen Junwen looked at Sun Guifang’s mother and son and Lin Landao with a gloomy expression. Although he has achieved the purpose of this auction, he is not happy at all.
On the contrary, he was very painful, because the price paid was too great, and he spent a whole 100 million yuan, just to give Chen Feng a green hat, and his heart was bleeding.
“And you, Zhang Dongchen, if you dare to offend Lao Tzu, you must be prepared to pay the price!” Before leaving, Shen Junwen threatened again viciously, unlike Sun Guifang, who has no money and no background, Zhang Dongchen is behind Zhang Dongchen. Home, so he can’t treat Zhang Dongchen here, but after going out, it’s okay to use small tricks to make Zhang Dongchen feel sick.
“Okay, I’ll wait.” Zhang Dongchen raised the corner of his mouth and said.

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