Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 524

How did this guy know? After
Wulong and Sakurai stepped down, the third gambling battle began immediately afterwards.
Yang Xianming appeared on the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
Qianshui Chamber of Commerce appeared on the scene of a short young man who was less than 1.6 meters tall.
“Xianming, after coming to power for a while, if you feel lost, just give in and don’t hold on.” Chu Yifei said solemnly. At present, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce does not know much about this short young man. The only thing he knows is that this short young man once suspected that he had visited the Sacred Sword Sect.
In other words, this short young man is likely to be a disciple of the saint.
If he is really a disciple of the saint sword, his strength will be only stronger than that of Sato Sasuke!
“Okay.” Yang Xianming nodded with a heavy heart, and immediately took the stage.
He stood opposite the short young man. Just looking at his head, Yang Xianming was half taller than the short young man and more than half his body. In terms of momentum, the short young man completely crushed Yang Xianming.
“You are not my opponent, give up.” The short young man glanced at Yang Xianming and spoke lightly.
Yang Xianming pursed his mouth and didn’t speak. Although he was probably not the opponent of this short young man, he didn’t even think about making him surrender.
Seeing that Yang Xianming had no plan to admit defeat, the short young man couldn’t help but raise a sneer.
“Start!” The next second, the gambling battle began.
With the order of the middle-aged referee, the short youth moved.
His figure split into three in an instant, and all three figures held swords and slashed towards Yang Xianming!
Yang Xianming panicked.
He couldn’t tell which one of these three figures was the real short youth.
In the audience, Chen Feng frowned.
This short young man is undoubtedly a disciple of the saint.
At this moment, the shadow killing technique used by this short young man is exactly the same as the shadow killing technique used by the assassin who assassinated him that day!
The real short youth is not any of these three figures.
Yang Xianming is about to lose…
Chen Feng sighed. As soon as his thought fell, he saw a broken arm flying out of the ring.
Along with this broken arm, there was scarlet blood all over the sky.
“I admit defeat!” After a scream, Yang Xianming hissed to admit defeat.
At this time, the short young man’s long knife was no more than a foot away from Yang Xianming’s neck.
Whenever Yang Xianming admits defeat and shouts later, he will be separated at this moment.
As the referee announced the result, the faces of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce became gloomy for a while.
Yang Xianming was completely abolished, and he was directly cut off an arm.
Since the start of gambling, no one on China Shipping Chamber has suffered such a serious injury.
“That Japanese, what kind of technique did she just use?” Yu Wenqian’s pretty face was pale with fright, she had never seen such a bloody picture.
“I don’t know.” Everyone in the China Shipping Chamber shook their heads. Huaxia didn’t know much about the Sword Sage, so they didn’t know the characteristics of the Sword Sage technique. Just like the talent, they didn’t even lose Yang Xianming. know.
All they knew was that the three shadows arrived in front of Yang Xianming instantly, and when Yang Xianming threw a fist to block it, his arm broke.
“It’s Shadow Kill.”
At this moment, Chen Feng, who had been silent, said.
Speaking of it, this incident was considered his negligence. In fact, he should tell Yang Xianming in advance about the weakness of Shadow Kill. Then, Yang Xianming would not have no defense at all.
“Shadow Kill?”
Everyone looked at Chen Feng in shock. How did Chen Feng know?
“Yes, Shadow Killer.”
“I’ve encountered it before.”
Chen Feng explained the characteristics of Shadow Killer, but he didn’t mention the encounter with Japanese assassins.
This is the case, everyone looked strange after listening. No one thought that Chen Feng, the most inconspicuous person in the court, would have fought against the disciple of the saint saint and even survived.
“So, the real body of the person using Shadow Killer is not among the three shadows?” Yu Wenqian said.
Chen Feng shook his head: “Not necessarily, I think the real shadow killer, the real body should change at any time, it may be in the three shadows, or it may be outside the three shadows.”
After all, the shadow kill is a saint. The unique method created, this method can never be as simple as it seems now.
It must have its uniqueness.
“Then how to distinguish the real body?” Yu Wenqian frowned. If there is no way to distinguish the real body, then there is no way to crack the shadow kill. It is impossible for every shadow to guard it.
Wang Gan, who had been silent, frowned at this moment, and next, he should be on the court.
At that time, he will definitely be able to beat the short youth. If he can’t find the weakness of Shadow Kill, then he will probably have to work hard to defeat the short youth.
“Murderish.” Chen Feng said solemnly, “If you want to distinguish the true form of Shadow Killer, you have to start with murderousness.”
“What do you mean?” Yu Wenqian was shocked.
“A murderous aura, only humans have it. Shadows cannot have a murderous aura. If you want to defeat the Sword Saint disciple, you must sense the source of the murderous aura.” Chen Feng said lightly.
He defeated that day’s assassin that day, purely relying on his realm of energization. Later, he thought about a question, if he encounters a warrior of the same realm using shadow kill, how should he respond?
The answer is murderous.
Only humans can produce murderous aura, and even if the shadow becomes more realistic, it is only a shadow.
It cannot be as murderous as a human.
Therefore, as long as the source of the murderous aura can be sensed, the real body of the Shadow Killer can be found.
“That said, as long as Senior Brother Wang can sense the source of the murderous aura, then he can defeat that little dwarf?” Yu Wenqian said with excitement.
“That’s the reason.” Chen Feng smiled. In fact, with Wang Gan’s strength, even if he doesn’t sense the source of murderous intent, he can defeat the short youth, but that way, Wang Gan might consume a lot of energy, which is not good for him. His next battle.
In the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce’s presupposition, Wang Qian would have to win at least four Japanese warriors.
Wang Gan glanced at Chen Feng a little unexpectedly. Originally, he thought that there were no masters at the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. Now it seems that Chen Feng might be interesting.
As for Zhang Tianyu… he didn’t see it from beginning to end.
Just thinking about it, the third gambling battle began.
Wang Gan came to power without saying a word, his opponent was still the short young man.
Compared with the previous one, the look of the short youth in this one was obviously more serious.
He knows Wang Gan.
The biggest killer of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce!
Defeating Wang Gan is equivalent to winning this gambling battle.
“Start.” The referee didn’t say much and announced the start.
As the referee’s voice fell, the short young man slammed on his feet, and then rose into the sky, blasting Wang Gan like a cannon.
Wang Qian stood holding a sword, his face calm.

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