Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 535

You know, there used to be a wealthy man with a wealth of hundreds of billions. They wanted to spend a billion to buy Jiedu Pill with Guan Nantian, but Guan Nantian refused. But today, Guan Nantian gave the Jiedu Pill to Chen Feng.
“Thank you, Elder Guan.”
Chen Feng didn’t hesitate too much . After thanking him, he directly took the Poison Pill from Guan Nantian.
He didn’t think that Nan Tian would harm him in front of so many people, and besides, he had also heard the name of this detoxification pill.
This is a special medicinal pill provided in the Wumeng. Its effect is extremely powerful, and it can almost solve all the poisons in the world.
At the critical moment, this detoxification pill is equivalent to a life.
This kind of pill, even if it is within the Wu League, only those few leaders at the leader level are eligible to have it.
After receiving the Detox Pill, Chen Feng swallowed it in one go.
In less than a minute, there was a refreshing sensation all over the body, and even more miraculously, a tingling sensation came from the wound pierced by Wang Hongyi’s dagger.
This detoxification pill not only has the effect of removing toxins, but also has the effect of repairing wounds.
“Tomorrow’s gambling, can you still play?” Guan Nantian asked suddenly.
“Able to play.” Chen Feng nodded confidently. Before swallowing the detoxification pills, he had no confidence to say these things, because he was indeed seriously injured.
But after swallowing the poison elixir, he was full of confidence.
Even if he couldn’t return to his heyday tomorrow, he was confident that he would beat the remaining members of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce to the ground.
“That’s fine.” Guan Nantian nodded slightly, and immediately said: “I look forward to your performance tomorrow. Don’t let me down.”
After finishing speaking, Guan Nantian left without looking back.
Many officers of the Wu League gave Chen Feng a jealous look. Guan Nantian had always treated anyone with scorn, but today Guan Nantian gave Chen Feng a high-level look, giving Chen Feng no value. Not to mention Fei’s detoxification pills , he also said in public that he expected Chen Feng’s performance… “Xiaofeng, how are you?” After Guan Nantian left, Chu Yifei couldn’t help but speak. Chen Feng is the only hope for China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. , If he has a problem now, then the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce can directly renounce the gambling battle tomorrow.
“Brother Chu, don’t worry, I’m much better.” Chen Feng smiled. Regardless of Nantian’s attitude, he was a little bit unexpected. Although Nantian said that the assassination was because of his inadequate protection, Chen Feng felt that Clearly, this matter has a lot to do with him.
As a player participating in a gambling fight, at this point, he really shouldn’t run out of the villa area to eat out.
In the villa area, people from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce could not find the opportunity to do it.
“Go back first. They were very anxious when they heard that you had an accident, but I didn’t take them out.” Chu Yifei said solemnly. In order to prevent the wind from being leaked, he only took a few bodyguards from the Chu family when he went out. , Yu Wenqian, Chu Celadon and Hu Qixing also followed, but they were blocked by him.
If these people were to see the scene of Chen Feng being assassinated, there would be no guarantee that the military’s spirit would not be shaken.
After half an hour, Chen Feng returned to the villa area.
Unlike the cleanliness before leaving, Chen Feng, who came back, was almost covered in blood, quite embarrassed.
“Brother Chen, are you okay?”
Chu Celadon walked over with a worried face.
Yu Wenqian also followed, but she didn’t open her mouth.
“I’m okay.” Chen Feng shook his head, glanced at the people who were waiting, and apologized: “I’m sorry to disturb everyone.”
“Huh, sorry? Is this useful at this time?!”
Hu Qixing glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and said, “Did I tell you before, don’t go out and stay in the villa to practice?”
Chen Feng frowned and did not speak. Hu Qixing did say this before, but At that time, he never thought that Wang Hongyi would harm him, and to be on the safe side, before eating, he sent a message to Huang Laosan and asked Huang Laosan to rush over.
“Hu Qixing, is it useful for you to say these cold words at this time? Why don’t you care about who was assassinated by Brother Chen?” Chu Celadon coldly
“cared about him?” Hu Qixing sneered.
“Do you care about what he does? He is not obedient, and he deserves to die!”
“You are too much! How could you…” Chu Celadon was so angry, no matter what, everyone is in the same camp now, but Hu Qixing said Chen Feng deserves it.
“Okay, don’t say it. I really blamed this incident. I shouldn’t go out without permission.” At this time, Chen Feng interrupted Chu Celadon with a faint smile. Hu Qixing kept looking at him upset and wanted to trouble him. Out.
But he didn’t bother to care about little people like Hu Qixing.
“Junior Brother Chen, did you catch all the assassins who assassinated you?” At this moment, Zhang Tianyu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said, his face was a little pale. Since he was seriously injured by Sato Sasuke, he The past few days have not been relieved.
“They are all caught.”
“Who sent them?”
“I don’t know, people died before they had time to ask you.”
“They are all martial artists?” Zhang Tianyu asked, able to get Chen Feng. It should be impossible for ordinary people to be so embarrassed.
“It’s a warrior.”
“A warrior of any realm, was it sent by someone from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?” Zhang Tianyu asked very carefully.
“Ming Jin’s mid-term, as to whether it was from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, I don’t know.” Chen Feng glanced at Zhang Tianyu, casually said, in front of so many people, he naturally couldn’t tell the truth, who I know if there are any spies from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“Ming Jin mid-term? How many mid Ming Jin mid-terms made you like this?” Hu Qixing glanced at Chen Feng disdainfully.
In the world of warriors, there is a big gap between Ming Jin and Dark Jin.
Generally speaking, an early stage of dark power can deal with at least five late stages of bright power, but Chen Feng is good, as an early stage of dark power, he was almost killed by several mid stages of bright power.
Facing Hu Qixing’s disdain, Chen Feng just shook his head in his heart, but said nothing.
Because even if he tells the truth that he defeated the mid-six dark powers, Hu Qixing would not believe it, but would think he was bragging.
“It shouldn’t be from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. The people from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce don’t have to take the risk of killing you.” Zhang Tianyu thoughtfully said. In his opinion, Chen Feng is not worth the cost of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. Feng is a genius like Wang Qian who can influence the outcome of gambling battles. Maybe the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will be murderous, but Chen Feng, a mid-stage warrior in the dark, is not worth the risk of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“Senior Brother Zhang is right.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. At this moment, he was a little looking forward to tomorrow’s gambling fight, and I don’t know what Zhang Tianyu and others would look like when they see him show off on the court tomorrow?

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