Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 565

In addition, Shinobu has also borrowed from the military’s management model. There is strict internal discipline. The subordinates must unconditionally obey the orders of the superiors, otherwise they will be miserable if they help the rules and deal with them!
In such a situation, although the remaining six groups of Ninja elites were terrified by Chen Feng’s killing, they still bite the bullet and executed Sakuragi Zon’s orders, got up again, and gathered towards the Ferris wheel.
Under the night, they bent over, squatted and ran forward one by one, and it felt like they could not wait to use all their strength for feeding.
In the cockpit on the top of the Ferris wheel, although Lin Wanqiu did not see the scene of Chen Feng’s slaughter of the Quartet, he basically judged the current situation through the periodic gunfire and the order of Zuozaki and the right.
She knew that Chen Feng Lei Ting took the shot, caught the enemy by surprise, and killed the enemy with fear, but her heart was still hanging in her throat, and her eyes were full of worry.
Because in her sight, there are still countless enemies.
“Brother Chen Feng, you must live.”
Lin Wanqiu bit her lip and thought with tears in her beautiful eyes.
At the same time, in the grass two hundred meters away from the Ferris wheel, Chen Feng replaced two MP5A1 submachine guns, but did not continue to intercept those soul-ninja elites who flee to the Ferris wheel in fear.
Because, he knew that he was going to kill Saito Yekuma and Chiba Yoshimasa by killing them. Most of them couldn’t sit still and wanted to do it themselves.
In this way, he could no longer waste time on those soul-bearing elites.
He wants to complete the third step of the rescue operation tonight.
Capture the thief first, capture the king, kill the enemy first, kill the leader.
Next. He wants to kill Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa!
The night was getting darker, the evening breeze passed, and the grass swayed with the wind, making a rustle.
Under the night, Chen Feng lay in the grass and looked at the road leading to the Ferris wheel from the three-story building with a telescope.
By the light of the street lamp, he clearly saw that Saito Nokuma and Chiba Yoshimasa were walking in tandem, fast as lightning, and behind them, there was a dark figure returning again. After three floors, the figure appeared on the top of the three-story building soon.
In this regard, his heart was like a mirror, knowing that he was the last killer of the Soul Ninth Organization, and the purpose of climbing the building was to set up a gun.
The next moment, Chen Feng retracted his gaze, put down his binoculars, and watched Saito Yekuma and Chiba Yoshimasa walking like wind, quietly holding up the submachine gun, ready to aim and shoot, and silently calculated the distance between the opponent and himself.
Although for him, it would be a nightmare to let Saito Yekuma and Chiba Yoshimasa get close, but he must take risks and wait until they are within 50 or even 30 meters of him before firing.
On the one hand, the master of Huajin martial arts is sensitive to danger, and can often make dodge actions in advance through the induction of danger to avoid bullets, at least to avoid bullets in key parts.
This is also the reason why the master of Huajin martial arts is difficult to kill!
On the other hand, martial arts practice to the extreme, although they can’t do the legendary physical body carrying bullets, but shooting at long distances, if the power of the gun is insufficient, even if the bullet hits them, they can resist most of the power through their internal strength, and then Control the muscles so that bullets can’t hit key parts, causing fatal damage to them.
Although Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa are not peerless powerhouses with Huajin, according to Chen Feng’s judgment, the two are also on the mission of Huajin for more than ten years. If he shoots from a long distance, the possibility of hitting Not big.
Taking a step back, even if a bullet hits them, the power of MP5A1 may not be able to kill them.
One hundred meters, eighty meters, sixty meters…
Chen Feng put his thumb on the trigger.
Forty meters, thirty meters!
At this moment … Chen Feng decisively pulled the trigger!
“Da da da da da da…” The trigger was pulled, and the gunshot sounded loudly. The bullets roared out of the barrel, igniting sparks and connecting them together to form a flame.
The bullet popped out of the chamber, piercing the resistance of the air, and madly swept towards the area where Saito Nokuma and Chiba Yoshimasa were like raindrops, forming a dense firepower net covering an area of ​​nearly ten meters.
Under the night, Saito Nokuma and Chiba Yoshimasa felt the crisis at the moment the gunfire rang, and made dodge actions one after another.
Although Saito Wild Bear reacted fast enough, he was less than 30 meters away from Chen Feng, which was too close. Moreover, Chen Feng suddenly shot him and caught him by surprise. He used his speed to the extreme. , Was still hit by a bullet in the thigh, and the blood soared out instantly, causing his body to stop.
In comparison, Chiba Yoshimasa’s reaction and speed are better than Saito Wild Bear, he seemed to teleport in the blink of an eye, avoiding the dense bullet net.
Danger! next moment.
Just when Chen Feng was about to make up for the Saito Wild Bear who had been shot in the thigh, he warned in his heart and rolled away like a lazy donkey.
Whoosh whoosh…
At the same time, three shurikens whizzed past the place where Chen Feng was just now in the shape of a product. Wherever they passed, all the weeds were cut off and fluttered in the wind.
After that, the three shurikens cast their momentum unabated, hitting the trees behind them one after another, directly piercing the trees.
Chen Feng suddenly let out a cold sweat. What is certain is that if he had not given up shooting Saito Wild Bear in the first time, then he would be pierced with three shurikens and killed instantly.
This also confirmed the strength of Chiba Yoshizhang from the side. Not only did he avoid the bullets that were shot at him, but also used hidden weapons to suppress Chen Feng in the first place, so that Chen Feng could not continue to shoot.
“Stupid pig, have you ever heard that a strong ninja was shot to death?” Besides, after throwing a concealed weapon, Chiba Yoshimasa sneered, and at the same time kicked his feet, his figure swayed like a ghost Chen Feng is as fast as lightning.
He would strike while the iron was hot, suppress Chen Feng close to his body, and not give Chen Feng a chance to shoot, so as to kill Chen Feng!
In the face of Chiba Yoshimasa, who was slaughtered aggressively, Chen Feng immediately raised his gun and pulled the trigger.
“Da da da…” The gunfire sounded again, and the bullet whistled out, sweeping towards Chiba Yoshizhang.
Chiba Jizheng seemed to have expected it. At the moment Chen Feng fired his shot, his body suddenly jumped forty-five degrees, easily avoiding the bullet, and stepped on the big tree on the left.
With a crisp sound, the tree couldn’t bear the terrifying force of Chiba Yoshizhang’s foot. The trunk broke directly and the whole tree collapsed.
On the other hand, Chiba Jizheng used the force of rebound, like an arrow from the string, to shoot at Chen Feng quickly.
At the same time, Chen Feng’s internal energy surged crazily to the bottom of his feet, and he suddenly stepped on it, and his whole body burst out!

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