Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 57

In the blink of an eye, time came to the next night.
The wealthy Shen Junwen directly contracted the western restaurant on the top floor of the Queen’s Building, and invited a professional band to perform, which was extremely powerful.
At the same time, several well-known outdoor anchors in Cangzhou City also appeared on the scene, placing live broadcast equipment in every corner of the restaurant.
Undoubtedly, these outdoor anchors were invited by Shen Junwen. His purpose was simple, he wanted to make this incident a storm that everyone knew.
He wants to make his 100 million worth of money!
Chen Feng wore a green hat on him, so he must return Chen Feng a green hat!
And in front of all the people in the city, blatantly return back!
Shen Junwen is such a flaw that must be reported. If he can’t express his breath, he will not feel comfortable in his life.
On the long table in the middle of the restaurant, there were several bottles of valuable red wine. Shen Junwen sat on the chair, took a sip of the red wine, and gently put the wine glass on the table, his eyes thoughtful.
The red candlelight flickered. Tonight, he was wearing a black tuxedo. His upright figure and handsome appearance did look a bit aristocratic.
After this scene was uploaded to the live broadcast room, many nymphomaniac girls had little stars in their eyes and began to frantically brush their husbands on the barrage.
The enthusiasm in the live broadcast room was very high, and the host Xia Mengyao had already reached hundreds of thousands of viewers before he was there.
This is inseparable from the status of Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao, neither of whom are ordinary people.
Shen Junwen is the nephew of Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, and the future heir of the Shen family. On weekdays, the Shenlong never sees the end. Many people in Cangzhou just know that there is such a super rich second generation in Cangzhou. Know.
And Xia Mengyao, although her status is not as good as Shen Junwen’s status, but her own topicality is not inferior to Shen Junwen, and even worse!
Just the title of Cangzhou’s No. 1 Beauty will bring many people who want to see Xia Mengyao’s true face into the live broadcast room.
Coupled with the Cangzhou Daily’s report on Xia Mengyao a few days ago, many ordinary people are even more curious about what Xia Mengyao is.
It is conceivable what kind of stormy seas will be set off when dating two people with their own topicality.
Before the date has started, the barrage in the live broadcast room has already rolled dizzyingly.
“Shen Shao is a superb. The western restaurant on the top floor of the Queen’s Building, I usually can’t even book a seat. Shao Shen actually covers the first floor directly, and the charter fee alone costs more than one million.”
“Cut, soil buns, what is the charter fee? Look at the layout of the restaurant, the lights, the fresh flowers shipped from outside, none of these things are cheaper than the charter fee.”
“There is also a band in Paradise, their appearance fee is not low, at least it starts at 1.5 million.”
“Fuck, if you count it like this, Shen Shaoguang spent close to five million for this date!”
“Five million is enough for me to buy two or three houses. Sure enough, poor people like us will never imagine the rich world.”
Many viewers are lamenting Shen Junwen’s wealth and wealth. After seeing the bullet screen, Shen Junwen smiled contemptuously. A bunch of poor dicks, five million is so much? If they knew that they had spent 100 million to auction off Xia Mengyao’s first night, they would probably be shocked that their eyes would fall.
“Suddenly I was a little curious about what Xia Mengyao looked like, and I don’t know whether she is worthy of Young Master Shen.”
“I heard that it’s very beautiful, not inferior to some female stars, but it’s a pity that I married a waste husband.”
“Yes, her husband is a takeaway. The two have been married for three years and have been sleeping in separate rooms. Xia Mengyao is still a virgin.”
“How can there be such a useless man in the world, what a rubbish!”
“You may not know that this rubbish has no money to buy a car, so he cheated his wife’s money to buy a car.”
“Fuck, what else is there?”
Seeing that the audience in the live broadcast room began to scold Chen Feng frantically, Shen Junwen’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness. This is exactly what he was looking forward to seeing. Not only did he want to cuckold Chen Feng, but he also wanted to discredit Chen Feng’s reputation and let Chen After the peak, walking on the streets of Cangzhou, completely unable to look up!
Shen Junwen raised his wrist again and glanced at his watch. It was only fifteen minutes before the agreed time. He was very curious that Chen Summit would not come with Xia Mengyao?
“I heard that Xia Mengyao hasn’t divorced her trash husband yet.”
“It must be that waste. Seeing that Xia Mengyao is now famous, he doesn’t want to leave!
“Hmph, he doesn’t want to leave, so what can he do, but now Shao Shen is interested in Xia Mengyao, does he dare to say nothing to Shao Shen?”
“That is, Young Master Shen wants to give him a cuckold, he must accept it obediently, maybe I also want to thank Young Master Shen.”
“You said, dare that trash come over tonight, after all, Xia Mengyao is still his wife in name. Can he bear his wife dating other men?”
“It’s definitely unbearable to change to another man, but this wastefulness must be endured! He must not dare to come over tonight.”
“I also bet that he dare not come over, if he dare to come, I will use ten supercars and remember my ID.”
“The same bet, dare to come over that waste, I will live upside down and eat shit!”
Shen Junwen smiled very happily, but there was a bit of regret in his heart. If Chen Feng was really a tortoise, it would be meaningless. He had planned to slap Chen Feng in the face of hundreds of thousands of audience , Asked Chen Feng to kneel down and beg for mercy, and then take Xia Mengyao to the hotel to open a room, slap on the night, and put a green hat on Chen Feng.
This kind of process is perfect. If Chen Feng can’t come, he can only cuckold.
Ten minutes later, the elevator door on the top floor of the Queen’s Building opened.
Xia Mengyao took Chen Feng’s arm and appeared in the sight of everyone.
Today’s Xia Mengyao, without makeup, with pure plain makeup, came out wearing light yellow casual clothes at home, but this was the case, as soon as she appeared, the whole live broadcast room was exploded.
So beautiful!
Those so-called Internet celebrities with heavy makeup and beauty are not on the same level as Xia Mengyao.
Both her appearance and temperament were completely crushed by Xia Mengyao.
The hibiscus comes out of the water, and it is naturally carved.
Xia Mengyao is such a beauty!
Elegant and clean!
“Why didn’t you know before, we still have such a beauty in Cangzhou.”
“I thought that the so-called No. 1 beauty in Cangzhou was probably a gimmick, but after seeing the real person, I felt that the title of No. 1 beauty in Cangzhou was not worthy of the Xia goddess.”
“Envy Shao Shen, I also want to be a rich second generation.”
“Goddess Xia don’t marry, wait for me to buy a two-color ball!

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