Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 571

“Let’s go!” After getting a response, Matsushita Tomohisa stopped staying, and immediately said to Zuozaki and Rightji.
“Yes, Master Matsushita!”
Zuozaki Yuji quickly took the order, and then used the Nindo dedicated communication channel to notify the remaining ninjas to retreat.
All of a sudden, the elites of those battle halls gathered together, lying in the grass, looking in all directions, looking for Chen Feng’s figure.
The nine Ninja ninjas headed by Zuozaki Yuji were protecting Matsushita Tomohisa, using trees and grass as cover, and quickly fled.
However, until Matsushita Tomohisa and others fled to the edge of the playground, no gunshots were heard again, which made the nine ninjas including Matsushita Tomohisa and Zuozaki right feel very strange.
“Master Matsushita, I feel a bit wrong. Since Chen Feng came back from the killing, he made it clear to kill all of us, but he hasn’t shot for so long, would he guess that we are going to escape?” Stopped and said in a low voice.
“Front… someone in front!” Before
Matsushita Tomohisa could reply, a ninja beside him suddenly exclaimed.
As the voice of the ninja rang out, the eight ninjas including Tomohisa Matsushita and Zuozakiyou second graded their gazes at the same time, and saw Chen Feng standing proudly with a gun in one hand. As if waiting for them specially.
This discovery made the hearts of Matsushita Tomohisa and others feel chilly!
The next moment, without waiting for them to recover from the shock, Chen Feng moved.
Under the night, his figure flashed, like a ghost, and rushed towards Matsushita Tomohisa and other ten people, fast to the extreme, not to mention Matsushita Tomohisa, even the strongest Zuozaki right second could not see Chen clearly. The figure of the peak.
“Escape separately!”
Zuo Qi and Youji immediately reminded him loudly, then grabbed Matsushita Tomohisa, and picked him up.
“Don’t imagine running away!” The voice fell, and the figure appeared.
As if using magic, Chen Feng appeared in front of a ninja out of thin air, turned his palm into his right hand, and took pictures.
“Bang!” There was a muffled noise, and the ninja did not respond, and Chen Feng slapped his head with a palm. His head split like a bursting watermelon and crashed to the ground.
“Bang bang bang…”
Chen Feng did not stop after a successful blow, flashing like a human-shaped tyrannosaurus, madly attacking the frightened ninja. After every muffled sound, a ninja must fall in a pool of blood in.
As Nindo ninjas, in front of Chen Feng, they were all killed in seconds as if they had no power to bind a chicken.
In less than a minute, all the remaining eight ninjas were killed, except for Zuozaki Youji and Matsushita Tomohisa, and none were spared.
That’s it!
Zuozaki and the second right took hold of Matsushita Tomohisa and galloped. When he looked back and saw all the tragic deaths of his men, these two words came out in his heart.
Chen Feng’s speed is far better than him, he can’t take Matsushita Tomohisa away alive!
As if to confirm Zuozaki’s judgment, when he turned his head and prepared to use the energy of feeding to continue running wildly, he suddenly saw Chen Feng standing in front of them, blocking their way.
“Hi!” Seeing this scene, Zuo Qi and Er Er gave up to escape. He put down Matsushita Tomohisa, roared, and took the initiative to rush towards Chen Feng.
With a bang
, he rushed in front of Chen Feng and hit Chen Feng with a punch. Instead of hurting Chen Feng a bit, he was shattered by his right fist. The right fist almost exploded, making him bloody.
Immediately, Chen Feng refused to give Zuo Qi You Er a second chance, and slap Zuo Qi You Er to death with a slap like a fly.
“Call …… call ……”
Seeing left Chen Feng Qi from the right is easily shot dead, Panasonic Tomohisa not continue in vain to escape, but directly limp on the ground, big mouth breathing.
The only trace of reason told him that he was dead today!
In addition, a voice in his heart told him: This may be just the beginning. The entire Japanese underground world and the martial arts world will have to pay a heavy price for seriously underestimating Chen Feng’s combat power!
“Sakuragi Zoe once said that when you ambush Master Chiba and Master Saito, Master Chiba escaped the bullet and launched a counterattack. How did you kill him?”
Soon, Tomohisa Matsushita saw After Chen Feng stepped forward, he knew that his time of death had come. He didn’t beg for mercy and struggle in vain, but asked the biggest doubt in his heart.
Again, this is the most critical place tonight!
If it weren’t for Chen Feng to kill Chiba Yoshimasa, nothing else would happen!
Tomohisa Matsushita responded with a muffled noise.
Without saying anything, Chen Feng smashed his kick and directly kicked Matsushita Tomohisa’s head, killing him instantly.
Under the night, Tomohisa Matsushita’s body fell in a pool of blood. Doubts and unwillingness still remained on the face that had begun to deform, and his face remained stubborn until he died. He wanted to know the answer!
After slaying Matsushita Tomohiro, Chen Feng did not stop and immediately swept towards the Ferris wheel.
In the bushes not far below the Ferris wheel, those elites in the battle hall are still carrying out the orders of Yamashita Chihisa, waiting for Chen Feng to appear.
However, when Chen Feng appeared, they were all killed without causing any substantial damage to Chen Feng.
This is a unilateral massacre!
The remaining Soul Ninja elites were all headed by Chen Feng, and none of them were spared.
… In a bush near the playground, Lin Wanqiu hid in the bush according to Chen Feng’s instructions, waiting for Chen Feng to return.
Although knowing that Chen Feng has passed the greatest danger, Lin Wanqiu still looked forward through the gap in the bushes, hoping that Chen Feng could return sooner.
Finally, while she was waiting, Chen Feng appeared.
Through the moonlight, she clearly saw that Chen Feng’s body was flushed red, and the blood was shocking, returning like Shura from hell.
“Brother Chen Feng, what’s the matter with you?”
Lin Wanqiu was surprised by this discovery. She rushed out of the bushes and rushed towards Chen Feng, and asked while running.
“I’m fine, these are the blood of the enemy.” Chen Feng knew what Lin Wanqiu was worried about, and shook his head.
“Huh~” Lin Wanqiu breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s okay.”
“What about you, what did they do to you?” Chen Feng asked again. Although Lin Wanqiu did not suffer any harm, it is difficult to protect the Japanese martial artists. Will do things on Lin Wanqiu.
“I’m fine, they didn’t dare to do anything to me.” Lin Wanqiu shook her head. She also woke up to find that she had arrived in Japan. Although the soul-bearing elites tied her up, they did not dare to do anything to her, as if Someone above told them the same.
“By the way, Brother Chen Feng, what is going on? Why did they kidnap me?” Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help but ask. The organization that kidnapped her was obviously not an ordinary organization, even submachine guns were so mass destruction. We have all weapons.

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