Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 574

Chen Feng… actually killed two Shangren!
Although not relying on one’s own strength to kill hard, but with the help of guns, but that is also killing!
Two Shinobu!
In Huaxia, they are two martial arts masters!
As a result, they were killed by Chen Feng like this? !
“Elder Zhou, the identities of these two people have been found out.” Soon, an officer of the war alliance found out the identities of Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa.
“Are they sure they are Shangren?” Zhou Po hurriedly asked. Although Chen Feng gave the message that both of them were Shangren, he still couldn’t believe what Chen Feng said.
” One of the two people is named Saito Wild Bear, and the other is called Chiba Yoshimasa.” “Saito Wild Bear is a ninja who exercises together. He broke through to the realm of Shangnin more than ten years ago, but At that time, he fell into a state of ignorance because of practicing a technique. Later, the Miyamoto family declared to the outside world that Saito Wild Bear had died violently, but now it seems that Saito Wild Bear was not dead at all. This family lied back then.”
“This time Chen Feng went there, and the Miyamoto family released Saito Wild Bear again. They planned to use Saito Wild Bear to kill Chen Feng, because Saito Wild Bear does not have a clear identity. . ” ”
Similarly, thousands of Ye Jizheng also a forbearance, he breaks into a forbearance period of time, much longer than wild bears Saito years, five years ago, he was sent to assassinate Matsushima family when hostile chaebol heir, He was ambushed and seriously injured.”
“At that time, the Matsushima family claimed that Chiba Yoshimasa was dead, but now it seems that the Matsushima family also lied.” The officer of the war alliance calmly said Saito Wild Bear. The message with Chiba Yoshimasa came out.
In the conference room, many senior leaders of the Zhan League were shocked.
Chen Feng really killed two Shangren!
And it is still a breakthrough to the veteran Shangnin for more than ten years!
“How did he kill?” Someone couldn’t help but ask, Shangren is not Chinese cabbage.
They are peerless powerhouses!
Generally speaking, thermal weapons such as guns cannot threaten the warriors of the upper endurance state at all. They have an extremely keen perception of danger, coupled with their reaction speed, and thermal weapons such as guns cannot hurt them at all. Cents.
However, Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa both died of bullets.
“Chen Feng is not explaining how he killed these two people. He only asked us to post these photos to the martial arts forum.” said the officer of the Zhan League.
“Elder Zhou, this picture… shall we post it?”
“Send it!”
“Why don’t we post it!” Zhou Pokong sneered in a decisive manner: “They are all in the first year of junior high school, so we will naturally do the fifteenth.
” Elder Zhou, if this photo is sent out, the martial arts community over there will probably go crazy. If that time comes, if they find Chen Feng’s trouble…”
” If they don’t post the photo, they won’t trouble Chen Feng?” Zhou Pokong asked in return. In a word, the relationship between the Chinese martial arts world and there was originally a bad relationship. After Chen Feng did this, the hatred between the two parties has deepened to the point where there is no way to alleviate it.
“Yes .” “However, Chen Feng’s current safety is a big problem. If nothing else, the entire martial arts world over there will pursue him.”
“Elder Zhou, should we give Chen? Peak some appropriate assistance.” Someone suggested.
I have to say that Chen Feng now has the posture of a martial arts master.
If you sit back and watch him fall there, it will bring unimaginable huge losses to the Chinese martial arts world.
Zhou Pokong’s brows were tightly furrowed together, obviously thinking about the feasibility of the proposal.
After a long while, he shook his head: “No.”
“We can’t provide assistance to Chen Feng for the time being.”
“Today, only the master-level experts can solve the difficulties that Chen Feng is facing.” There has been an agreement over there. Without permission, the master-level masters of both parties will not be allowed to step into each other’s territory. If they step in forcefully, it will be regarded as the opening of the battle of the grandmaster…”
“You should understand that the six words of opening the battle of the sovereign mean What are you doing?” Zhou Pokong glanced at everyone solemnly.
There is nothing trivial about the master.
The martial arts master is the most cutting-edge combat power in various countries. In recent decades, there has been almost no war at the level of the martial arts master in the world.
The Chinese martial arts world must never set a precedent.
“First post the videos and photos to the Martial Arts Forum.” Zhou Pokong sighed. Up to now, the only thing the Wumeng can do is help Chen Feng in public opinion.
Otherwise, Chen Feng can only ask for more blessings.
Late at night, a piece of news completely detonated the martial arts forum.
“The Qianshui Chamber of Commerce jointly set up an ambush with Shinobu, Saito Nokuma and Chiba Yoshimasa, two top Shinobi, ten middle Shinobi, 100 Shinobu elites, a total of 112 people, all of them were killed by Chen Feng. I was spared.”
The content of the message is very simple, only a short line of words plus a video and a few photos, but it is this short line of words that completely detonated the Budo forum.
That night, countless warriors around the world were awakened from their sleep.
Everyone was shocked when they saw the bloody photos on the forum.
Chen Feng, actually went there to rescue people? !
Moreover, he also killed two Shangren in the martial arts world over there? !
At this moment, all warriors were stunned.
No one thought that Chen Summit would rescue people so quickly.
You know, at this moment, it has just been five hours since the China War League released a live broadcast of Chen Feng’s post about saving lives.
In just five hours, Chen Feng unexpectedly ran from Huaxia there, and broke into Ninja Soul, killing more than 100 Ninja Soul elites.
Among them, there are two Shinnin!
It’s incredible!
“Hua Xia Chen Feng, it’s too terrifying.”
“Hehe, before in the Huaxia martial arts world, someone said that he is a warrior at the peak of the dark energy, it is ridiculous! Can kill two warriors who can kill, will it be the peak of dark energy? It is possible in the mid-term of
Huajin !” “Not necessarily. There is no direct evidence that Chen Feng killed Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa by hard power. Both of them were killed by hot weapons.”
Many warriors have started to discuss Chen Feng’s strength, and some warriors started to discuss the live broadcast of Chen Feng’s rescue post released before the war alliance.
“Isn’t the Zhan Meng saying that Chen Summit will live live to rescue the grandmaster’s descendants? Why doesn’t he live live?”
“Live live to save people? Haha, don’t you understand now? The so-called live broadcast to save people is a cover, from beginning to end. , That Chen Feng didn’t plan to live to save people. Live to save people is the smoke bomb he released to restrain the top powerhouses over there.”
“Haha, those top powerhouses are really stupid, and they believe in Chen Feng. words. ” ” in fact, do not blame the strong side of the top stupid, mainly because they did not react, they did not expect, Chen Feng speed so fast, just use Zhanmeng finished here announced on martial arts forum They had already mixed in there, and Shinobu was also caught off guard. If they were given enough time to react, they would not be so embarrassed.”

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