Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 577

“Huo Wu!”
Seeing this scene, Miyamoto’s master shouted.
However, before he could do anything, Chen Feng came like the wind and came directly in front of him, doing the same, slapped him on the head.
With a muffled noise, the head of Miyamoto Fire Take’s master instantly exploded.
Before, he clamored for revenge on Chen Feng just like his apprentice Miyamoto Fire Takeshi.
At this moment, he was just like his brother’s uterus, his head was slapped by Chen Feng!
At this moment, Miyamoto yelled, holding a samurai sword, and hurriedly culled towards Chen Feng.
Huh! When the voice fell, Yuichi Miyamoto came to Chen Feng, holding a knife in both hands, and slashing at Chen Feng!
Chen Feng’s footsteps were pinched, his body turned like a spiral, and he avoided the sharp samurai sword sideways, causing Miyamoto to slash away. call!
After avoiding Miyamoto’s sharp edge, Chen Feng ejected with his right foot, the back of his instep was tense and surging with strength, kicking Miyamoto’s wrist.
Tan legs.
With this blow, Chen Feng used the famous Tan legs in the Chinese martial arts world. boom!
With a muffled sound, Miyamoto was too late to dodge. He was kicked by Chen Feng, his wrist was shocked by terrible force, and he released the hilt of the knife immediately, dripping with blood.
Chen Feng retracted his foot and hooked, hooked the samurai sword in front of him, grabbed it, and slashed it towards Miyamoto Yuichi’s neck.
Miyamoto’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly withdrew and retreated. A sharp blade swept across his neck under his eyelids. The sharp wind cut off a thin scar on his neck, oozing blood.
In this scene, his heart almost jumped out of his throat, and then he blasted back several meters, avoiding Chen Feng.
Chen Feng did not pursue Miyamoto Yuichi, but carried a samurai sword, like a wolf into a flock, and slaughtered other core members of the Miyamoto family.
That’s right… It’s a massacre!
With every knife he swiped, a human head fell to the ground.
In front of Chen Feng, these other core members of the Miyamoto family looked like sheep without the power of a chicken. Not only were they unable to resist, they could not even dodge, and within a few seconds, several people were killed. Head off!
Seeing this scene, Miyamoto’s eyes suddenly cracked. He was so angry that he roared, his wrist shook, and three shurikens shot at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s figure flashed and escaped easily.
At the same time, the sound of splashing blood sounded, and three shurikens hit the three members of the Miyamoto family beside Chen Feng, instantly piercing through their bodies, causing They fell into a pool of blood.
They were killed by Miyamoto himself!
“Ah” This result made Miyamoto mad with hatred, his facial muscles were completely twisted together, and with a roar, he pounced on Chen Feng again.
This time, Chen Feng did not evade, but took the katana and took the initiative to meet him.
“Puff” after ten moves, Chen Feng cut off Miyamoto Yuichi’s head with a single knife!
In this scene, the members of the Miyamoto family who survived the scare collapsed to the ground.
“Devil! You demon!!”
Under the night, the members of the Miyamoto family looked at Chen Feng with fear and hatred, and cried out.
“When you want to kill me and my relatives and friends, you must have the consciousness to be killed!”
Chen Feng said indifferently, holding the blood-stained samurai sword again, plundering the crowd and harvesting lives.
Ten minutes later, Chen Feng left a pile of corpses, abandoned his knife and left.
The Miyamoto family, don’t keep the chickens and dogs!
The ancestral land of the Miyamoto family is located on the outskirts of Chiba Prefecture. It is a small farm manor. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the environment is elegant and clean. Few people bother to disturb it. It has almost become the family’s private domain.
Early in the morning, when the red gradually rose from the horizon, the martial arts field of the Miyamoto family’s ancestors could not be seen in the martial arts field. The martial arts field was empty, the huge manor was quiet, and the air was pungent. The smell of blood.
It has been several hours since Chen Feng’s blood washed the Miyamoto family, but because the Miyamoto family’s ancestral land is very remote, in addition to prohibiting foreigners from entering, they even set up a warning sign on the road leading to the manor until 9 a.m. At o’clock, no one had discovered the tragedy of the Miyamoto family.
At nine o’clock, a Toyota Alpha commercial vehicle was driving on the road leading to the ancestral land of the Miyamoto family.
In the car, Hanzo Miyamoto, the patriarch of the Miyamoto family, lay on the seat with her eyes closed and rested, while a woman in a white samurai uniform was constantly on the phone.
The woman’s name is Aishima Sora, who is Miyamoto Hanzo’s assistant.
“Is there no one answering the phone?”
Suddenly, Miyamoto Hanzo opened his eyes and asked with a slight frown.
“Yes, President.” Ai Dakong nodded.
“It’s almost here, no need to fight.” Miyamoto Hanzo said like this, frowning even tighter.
He had been outside last night, coordinating the mangosteen team and the soul to trace the whereabouts of Chen Feng, but unfortunately, after searching for one night, he did not trace any of Chen Feng’s footprints. Chen Feng seemed to have completely evaporated from Japan and disappeared. .
In the early hours of this morning, his assistant Aishima Sora suddenly proposed an idea that the most dangerous place is the safest place. Chen Summit will not kill people and hide in the Miyamoto family because the playground is far from the Miyamoto family. It’s not far.
Miyamoto Hanzo thinks this idea is absurd, and he doesn’t think Chen Summit has such courage.
Although he said so, Miyamoto Hanzo was still a little uneasy.
So, after getting on the bus in Tokyo, he asked his assistant Iijima Sora to contact Yuichi Miyamoto, preparing to inquire about the Yuichi Miyamoto family, but the call was never connected.
Under such a situation, a bad premonition emerged in his heart, faintly feeling that something might happen to the family.
With this anxiety, Miyamoto Hanzo arrived at the door of the Miyamoto family’s ancestral land with his assistant Iijima 20 minutes later, and found that the door was locked tightly. Looking around, the martial arts field in the front yard was empty. Less than one person.
The driver pressed the horn several times, but there was no response.
“My lord, something is wrong.”
A middle-aged man in a black warrior uniform looked at the locked gate and the empty martial arts arena, and couldn’t help but speak.
He is both the driver and bodyguard of Miyamoto Hanzo, a ninja in the late mid-ninja period.
“President, there seems to be a smell of blood in the air.”
As the black man’s voice fell, Ai Iijima said while sniffing her nose.
“Press the horn again, if there is still no response, open the door and let’s go in and take a look.”
Miyamoto Hanzo also noticed the abnormality, his anxiety rose straight, and his brows were completely twisted together.
“Yes, President!” The black-clothed man immediately took the order, and then rang the car horn again in accordance with Miyamoto Hanzo’s order, but there was still no response.
For this reason, the man in black pushed the car door, walked to the door, and kicked towards the door.
With a crisp sound, the door of the manor opened.
The man in black returned to the car, drove the car, and drove Miyamoto Hanzo and Iijima Sora into the manor.

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