Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 583

“Could it be that Chen Feng arrived and sneaked into the base while using a high-power signal jammer?” Another ninja took the lead to recover and make this judgment.
“For whatever reason, report to Lord Aoki first.” The third ninja said, he is the head of the monitoring team.
When the voice fell, he immediately took out the walkie-talkie and called: “Master Aoki, the monitoring team has reported an emergency.”
Aoki quickly responded. In special times, he not only carried the walkie-talkie with him, but also always They are all open and can receive reports from their subordinates at any time.
“The monitoring screen disappeared. We judged that there was a problem with the signal, and it is very likely that Chen Feng sneaked into the base with a high-power signal jammer!” The person in charge of the monitoring team quickly reported.
“I’ll come here right away!”
Qing Mu’s face changed when he heard the words, he immediately walked out of the room, and quickly walked towards the room where the monitoring team was located.
Half a minute later, when Aoki went downstairs to the room where the monitoring team was located, the four ninjas were surprised to find that the monitoring screen had returned to normal.
“Ao…Master Aoki, the picture has just returned to normal.” Seeing Aoki enter the room, the person in charge of the monitoring team reported.
“Have you noticed anything unusual?” Aoki asked with a frown.
“No.” The four ninjas almost spoke in unison.
“How long has the monitoring screen been interrupted in total?” Aoki asked again.
“Less than a minute.” The person in charge of the monitoring team immediately made a report, and then said his judgment, “It should be possible to rule out the possibility of Chen Feng sneaking into the base.”
“The purpose of his sneaking into the base is to kill us, or to describe it more accurately with bloodbath.”
The person in charge of the monitoring team said his analysis, “What he needs to do is to find us first, and then Shot. The base is so big, even if he has the strength of the late Shangnin period, it is impossible to search the entire base in less than a minute, and even our accommodation building can not be searched. So, I think this is a The accident was not because Chen Feng sneaked into the base.”
“Is it possible that after he entered the base, he didn’t see anyone and then evacuated immediately?” Aoki frowned. Some were uneasy. How could the signal be interrupted for no reason?
“Master Aoki, our monitoring range is one hundred meters outside. Except for the room where we rest, there is no blind spot monitoring. At his speed, even if he doesn’t search the entire base, he just walks from the east to the west of the base, or It is impossible to walk from the west to the east of the base.” Another ninja said.
“Master Aoki, Master Ten and President Miyamoto are here!”
This time, without waiting to say anything, the voice of a ninja once again sounded on the intercom.
“All of them, go downstairs to meet Amaterasu-sama and President Miyamoto!”
Aoki immediately gave the order, then glanced at the normal monitoring screen, stopped thinking about it, and turned and walked out of the room.
On the one hand, he recognized the analysis and judgment of his subordinates. On the other hand, Amaterasu Takeno, as the top powerhouse ranked 18th in the gods list, and the master of the Shenyin Dark Hall, belonged to the object of Aoki’s worship. The slightest mistake.
It has to be said that Nindo can become the foundation of Ninja soul, and it is not unreasonable to form a military deterrent against underground forces in Japan and the world.
Following Aoki’s order, thirty ninjas acted immediately, and it took less than a minute to arrive downstairs in the hotel.
Under the night, they stood upright there, motionless, lined up in two groups, welcoming the arrival of Amaterasu Takeno and Miyamoto Hanzo.
Soon, an armed helicopter hovered like a falcon from a distance, and the sound of the propeller turning was deafening in the dark.
Then, under the gaze of Aoki and twenty ninjas, the gunship came over the hotel parking lot.
The next moment, before the gunship landed, a figure appeared from the cabin.
It’s Amaterasu Takeno!
He first arrived at a military airport in Hokkaido by fighter jet, and then arrived here by armed helicopter. It took only one hour before and after, which was a full hour faster than a civilian plane.
Miyamoto Hanzo behind Amaterasu Takeno.
“Master Amaterasu, President Miyamoto!”
Seeing Amaterasu Takeno landing steadily after jumping off the plane, whether it was the twenty ninjas or Aoki who was already in the late Shangnin period, their pupils were slightly enlarged, and then they turned to Amaterasu Takeno. Bowing and saluting, the admiration and awe in his eyes make no secret of it.
“Before I arrived here, did the Chinese warrior enter the Nindo headquarters?” Amaterasu Takeno asked the most critical question. He knew very well that this will determine whether the plan to kill Chen Feng can be implemented smoothly. .
“Master Amaterasu, since we left the base, we have been monitoring the base without interruption, and we have not found Huaxia Chen Feng sneaking into the base.”
Aoki made a report. He has approved his judgement and did not mention the interruption of the monitoring screen Things in less than a minute.
After all, in his opinion, Amaterasu Takeno has been practicing martial arts all his life, and he may not know about this kind of technology and equipment, and Amaterasu Takeno definitely only needs the results, without any analysis or judgment.
“Okay, go to the Shindo headquarters immediately!” After hearing the words, Amaterasu Takeno stopped talking nonsense, gave instructions at the first time, and then waved to the pilot who piloted the gunship in the air.
When the pilot saw this, he drove a helicopter gunship and left, while Amaterasu Takeno and others went to the Shindo headquarters in a car already prepared. at the same time.
On a hillside behind the Shintang headquarters, Chen Feng crouched beside a big tree, waiting patiently like a hunter.
Amaterasu Takeno and others regarded him as prey, and wanted to wait for him to come and die.
He will do everything, ready to use his own way to treat his body!
It was late at night, and the evening breeze blew off the snowflakes on the trees, and the snowflakes fluttered with the wind and scattered in the woods.
Chen Feng crouched next to a big tree, staring at the entrance of Shindo headquarters, waiting quietly.
I don’t know how long it took. Under Chen Feng’s gaze, several cars appeared and drove towards the entrance of the Nintang headquarters. The lights were bright, reflecting the road.
“It’s finally here!”
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he was right.
Before he bloodbathed the Ninja Soul Organization headquarters, he thought that the Ninja Soul Organization would spread the matter, and it would definitely spread to Miyamoto Hanzo.
In this way, the people of Nindo will definitely not sit and wait for death, but will leave the Nindo headquarters as soon as possible, and Miyamoto Hanzo is likely to rush to Hokkaido to kill him as soon as possible.
After making such a judgment, he took advantage of the time difference between Ninja’s ninjas leaving the headquarters and waiting for the people of Shenyin, and made enough preparations to cast the net, and only waited for the people of Miyamoto Hanzo to enter the net.
Today, everything is proceeding as he envisioned.

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