Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 591

Since the creation of Shenbang, there has never been a martial artist under the age of 70.
The vast majority of those on the list of gods are martial artists in their 70s or 80s, or even a hundred years old.
The God List is a list of global powerhouses, and its only mandatory requirement for those on the list is strength.
You know, there are nearly a thousand powerful warriors in various countries around the world, but there are only 50 people who can be on the list of gods!
These fifty people are all top powerhouses in various countries.
Even the one at the bottom of the ranking now has the strength in the late stage of Huajin.
One can imagine how much gold this list has.
This time, Chen Feng was able to bring such a big shock to the world. A large part of the reason was that he caused one death and one serious injury to the two peerless powerhouses on the list of gods.
Miyamoto Hanzo, ranked 38th, was directly killed by Chen Feng.
Amaterasu Takeno, ranked 18th, was directly destroyed by Chen Feng. Although he was not dead, his fate was a hundred times more miserable than death.
The reason why people on the martial arts forum propose to let Chen Feng on the list is because of Chen Feng’s record.
Generally speaking, as long as a warrior defeats or kills the strong on the list, he can take the place of the strong on the list.
Now that Chen Feng has done it, he should be on the list.
The reason for the controversy is that he killed the two gods with explosives instead of force.
………… At 3:50 in the afternoon, a passenger plane flying from Goryeo Busan to Yanjing was preparing to descend. The stewardess was repeatedly reminding passengers to fasten their seat belts and put away the small table.
In the first-class cabin, Chen Feng put away the magazine, then turned his head and looked out the window, only to receive a vicious look.
The owner of the gaze is a well-dressed and extraordinary young man, and sitting beside the young man is a young woman with a standard melon-seeded face, delicate features, and a tall figure.
“Boy, what do you look at?!”
“I know you are amazed by the beauty of Miss Jin, but I still want to remind you that China has a saying that toads should not fantasize about eating swan meat, Miss Jin is not something you can climb.”
After the young man gave Chen Feng a vicious look, he said in bad Chinese: “In addition, I remind you that it is a very unreasonable behavior to look at a beautiful girl in this way, although you Chinese people have always been rude.”
“You want more. No, I’m not interested in face-lifting.”
The words of the youth rang in his ears, feeling the youth’s strong sense of superiority, Chen Feng said lightly: “In addition, I also remind you that this is China, you’d better pay attention to the way you speak, otherwise There may be bad things happening.”
Huh! Chen Feng’s words caused the young woman’s face to change, and she gave Chen Feng a very annoyed look.
At the same time, the youth’s face was a bit ugly. He wanted to say something cruel, but remembering Chen Feng’s reminder, and seeing Chen Feng as burly as a calf, he had to swallow the words that came to his mouth. belly.
After Chen Feng said that, he looked away and completely ignored the young couple.
He was only planning to turn his head and look out the window, but the movement of turning his head fell in the eyes of the young man, and it turned him into a peeping at the tall beauty.
But the reason why the young man thinks too much is also related to the identity of the tall beauty.
Through the conversation between the two, Chen Feng learned that the tall beauty named Jin Xiyan is a well-known female celebrity in Korea. Before that, she had endorsed the products of a certain Chinese pharmaceutical group, but this year, because of the above policy For this reason, Huaxia Pharmaceutical Group changed its spokesperson and activated Huaxia Star.
Therefore, the young man from Lee’s house in Korea planned to come to China to ask for an explanation for Jin Xiyeon.
Ten minutes later, the passenger plane landed at Yanjing International Airport on time.
After the plane taxied to the designated parking space and stopped, the stewardess ordered the passengers to disembark and said goodbye to the passengers in an orderly manner.
Chen Feng took the lead to get off the plane. From getting up to leaving the cabin, he did not look at the young men and women again. He completely regarded the matter as an episode and the two as air.
“Rude Chinese!”
Then, the young Korean Li family led Jin Xiyan and his agent out of the cabin, looked at Chen Feng’s back, and couldn’t help cursing.
“Hua Xia people are not only rude, but also hypocritical. He obviously looked at me impolitely and showed a wretched smile, but hypocritically said that a person like him is destined to be a single dog!” Jin Xiyan is also low. The voice said, his words were full of irritation and sarcasm.
Chen Feng heard what they said, but ignored them, and just walked outside the airport.
At the exit of the airport, Lin Wanqiu stood in the crowd, looking expectantly and eagerly at the passengers walking outside, looking for Chen Feng’s figure in the crowd, looking eager to see through.
At the same time, the eyes of the men at the airport exit almost all stayed on Lin Wanqiu’s body, and more than once.
All this is because Lin Wanqiu is so charming.
She untied her long flowing hair, had delicate makeup on her face, and wore a red v-neck dress.
The design concept of the dress is to show the chest, tuck in the abdomen, waist and wrap the hips. It is almost tailor-made for Lin Wanqiu, perfectly showing her devilish figure.
The front of the chest looks like a ridge and the peaks, the lower abdomen is a Ma Pingchuan, the beautiful buttocks are round and straight, and the pair of straight beautiful legs without any fat, so that the man can see the adrenaline soaring instantly.
It is no exaggeration to say that today she can be put into any place in any age, if there is no legal and moral restraint, a man can instantly become a beast!
Facing the eyes with stunning and desire, Lin Wanqiu didn’t care, she just stared ahead, looking for Chen Feng’s figure.
Finally, she saw Chen Feng in the crowd.
At that moment, everything around seemed to be gone, her face was full of excitement, and only Chen Feng in her eyes, as if the whole world seemed to have become better.
Thirty meters, twenty meters, ten meters…
She resisted the urge to rush in and waited for Chen Feng to walk out.
“Brother Chen Feng!”
Immediately, when Chen Feng walked out of the airport exit, she finally couldn’t help calling out.
This call was loud, as if she vented her bitterly depressed mood.
This call made her, who had been regarded as the focus, instantly attracted everyone’s attention. next moment.
Under all eyes, she stepped forward and threw directly into Chen Feng’s arms and hugged Chen Feng.
This hug, very suddenly, made Chen Feng a little surprised.
However, Chen Feng can also understand Lin Wanqiu’s mood.
After all, before these few days, she was an ordinary female college student.
But a sudden transnational kidnapping case made her the focus of the world.
The top underground forces, descendants of the grandmaster… and a series of things have caused a lot of impact on her mind.

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