Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 593

“There is nothing to ask.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
Hearing Chen Feng’s answer, Zhou Pokong was startled at first, and then he gave a wry smile: “It seems that you have a deep complaint against your father.”
Chen Feng was noncommittal. He did complain about Chen Haotian.
Because as a father, Chen Haotian did not fulfill his father’s responsibilities.
He did not protect his mother, nor did he protect himself.
“Your father actually has difficulties.” Zhou Pokong sighed, “He disappeared to save the Qing Emperor.”
Save the Qing Emperor?
Chen Feng was stunned, what do you mean? The Qing Emperor Zhou Pokong said was…Lin Qing Emperor? !
“Well, the Qingdi I’m talking about is her father Lin Qingdi.” Zhou Pokong shifted his gaze to Lin Wanqiu who was aside.
Now Lin Wanqiu was also stunned. Listening to Zhou Pokong’s meaning, Chen Feng’s father actually knew his father, but Chen Feng’s father disappeared to save her father.
“Lao Zhou meant that eighteen years ago, my father disappeared with Grandmaster Lin?” Chen Feng said in a deep voice. Before today, he had never contacted Chen Haotian and Emperor Lin Qing, because Emperor Lin Qing is one of the nine great martial arts masters in China.
And his father, Chen Haotian, although he also had a cultivation base, he was still far behind Lin Qingdi.
But now, Zhou Pokong’s statement has completely subverted his previous speculation!
Chen Haotian disappeared to save Emperor Lin Qing!
This shows that Chen Haotian’s strength is only stronger than Lin Qingdihui!
“Yes, Haotian and Qingdi did disappear together back then.” Zhou Pokong nodded, his tone a bit complicated.
He is the same generation as Chen Haotian and Emperor Lin Qing. Strictly speaking, he is still regarded as the senior brother of Emperor Chen Haotian and Emperor Lin Qing, but his talent is not as good as that of Emperor Chen Haotian and Emperor Lin Qing.
Chen Haotian and Lin Qingdi both became martial arts masters, but he was stuck on the threshold of the half-step master.
“My father is a martial arts master?” Although he had guesses in his heart, Chen Feng couldn’t help but ask. He couldn’t believe that the father who had only met a few times turned out to be a martial arts master.
“Yes, Haotian is indeed the master of martial arts.” Zhou Pokong affirmed Chen Feng’s guess.
At this moment, Chen Feng was shocked.
Chen Haotian is really a martial arts master!
That said, the Chen family has two masters!
“How did they disappear?” After the shock, Chen Feng asked this question. At this moment, he was even more curious about the danger that Lin Qingdi encountered in the past. This danger could make two martial arts masters disappear at the same time.
“I can’t tell you about their disappearance yet.”
“This is our highest secret in China.” Zhou Pokong shook his head and rejected Chen Feng.
Before Chen Feng could speak, Zhou Pokong said again: “But I can tell you that they are all alive now.”
Are all alive?
Hearing this, Chen Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It’s good to be alive. As long as he is still alive, it proves that there is hope.
“The disappearance of Haotian and Qingdi is not something you should think about right now. What you should think about now is how to become stronger quickly, because soon someone will come to trouble you.” After a while, Zhou Pokong sank. The voice spoke up.
“Lao Zhou is talking about Japan?” Chen Feng said.
Zhou piercing shook his head: “No country day, day of the country people not so much courage, so long as you one day, Japan country who will never not dared to touch you in China.”
“I said you look for trouble People from China are from China. ”
From China?
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Could it be the Chen family?
“Do you know the Global Martial Arts Competition?” At this time, Zhou Pokong suddenly changed the subject.
Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then shook his head. He didn’t know any global martial arts competition.
“The Global Martial Arts Competition is a martial arts event organized by the International Wushu Federation.”
“This is also the world’s highest martial arts event, held every five years.”
“Every time it is held, almost all martial arts families, schools, and The forces will send their own descendants to participate in the competition.”
“Our China is no exception, this year’s Global Martial Arts Competition, the Wulian gave us four places.” At this point, Zhou Pokong’s tone paused.
Chen Feng quickly understood what Zhou Pokong meant: “Old Zhou wants me to compete?”
“Yes.” Zhou Pokong nodded and said: “I want you to represent China in this global martial arts competition. ”
Because of the previous global martial arts competitions, Huaxia’s results were not very satisfactory.”
“In the last global martial arts competition, Huaxia did not even make it into the quarterfinals.”
“We boast of the birthplace of martial arts, a powerful country in the world. In this kind of global competition, we can’t even make the quarterfinals, which is very shameless.”
“Old Zhou, I understand what you mean. It’s just that, in the Global Budo Contest, I’m afraid there will be peerless strong players. My current realm is only in the early stage of turning strength. Among the younger generation, I can still be considered the first step, but with those I’m afraid I’m nothing compared to a famous expert.” Chen Feng said his thoughts. Just by hearing the name, you will know that this is the world’s largest martial arts event.
Those attending such events are bound to be the top powerhouses of various countries.
Except for the grandmaster who won’t play, the other warriors will probably go to the court for a fight. He is nothing at all in the early stage of his small energization.
“I know what you are thinking.”
“But don’t worry, the Global Budo Contest is divided into the strong group and the genius group.”
“The four places I mentioned are the quotas for the genius group and the strong group. , It was booked a long time ago.” Zhou Pokong said with a smile.
“I won’t say much about the strong team. You just need to know that the strong team is set up specifically for those who have long been famous.”
“Next, I will focus on the genius team. ”
The genius group, as the name suggests, only geniuses from various countries can participate.”
“Unlike the gambling fight you participated last time, the Global Budo Contest has a wider age limit for geniuses, 35 years old.”
“As long as it is Anyone under the age of thirty-five and those with advanced realm can be called genius fighters and can compete.”
“That said, wouldn’t there be many martial artists?” Chen Feng asked.
Before him, the youngest Huajin warrior in China was Zhou Potian, the suzerain of Kunlun Sect, who was the early stage of Huajin breakthrough at the age of thirty-two.
However, the age limit for the Global Budo Contest is anyone under 35.
In this way, countries around the world will inevitably have a lot of warriors in the early stage of Huajin, and there are even individual enchantments, which may break through to the middle stage of Huajin before the age of thirty-five.
“Yes, there will indeed be a lot of martial artists.” Zhou Pokong nodded, and said: “This is also the reason for our poor performance in the previous few sessions of China.”

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