Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 598

Originally, the opening ceremony was to exaggerate the atmosphere, but also to enhance the compelling of tonight’s event, but now that they have torn apart with Park Changjun and others, it doesn’t matter whether Park Changjun and others are there or not.
“Okay, Bo Shao!” The staff immediately took the order, and then slightly bent over and smiled at Chen Feng and Ji Hong.
After doing all this, he turned around and walked quickly to the temporary stage ahead.
“Brother Feng, shall we go there too?” Yu Wenbo asked.
Chen Feng nodded, then walked forward with Yu Wenbo, Ji Hong and a group of Chinese underground racers.
As the opening ceremony was about to begin, drivers from all over the world and guests who came to watch tonight flocked to the makeshift stage. There were more than a thousand people. Looking at it, it was dark and crowded with heads everywhere.
Directly opposite the stage, there is a row of tables and chairs, and mineral water is placed on each table.
According to the plan, some important person awards tonight sit in their seats and watch the opening ceremony. At the same time, they cut the ribbon for tonight’s game and announce the start of the game.
However, because Park Changjun took the Korean drivers into the VIP room, the ribbon-cutting session could only be cancelled.
Yuwenbo originally wanted to invite Chen Feng to sit in his seat to watch the opening ceremony, but Chen Feng refused. For this reason, neither Yuwenbo nor Ji Hong were seated. There were only a few prominent business leaders in the Yangtze River Delta. Sit there.
Compared with the opening ceremonies of some evening parties, this opening ceremony performance is much more passionate.
Four songs, two are from the flow of small fresh meat, one is from the popular star, and they are all passionate songs, and the last one is a new song from a powerful singer of “China Hip Hop”, with a strong sense of rhythm, accompanied by Brilliant lights and fireworks instantly ignite the atmosphere of the scene.
Compared to songs, dance is not inferior at all. There are modern dances performed by a group of long-legged beauties, there are also pole shows of sexy goddesses, mechanical dances and street dances.
, it was the finale show that made the audience hooked the most.
Four beauties in sexy racing suits used high-watt racing motorcycles to perform a series of difficult moves, which perfectly fit the theme of tonight.
When the opening ceremony ended, people went to the starting point of the track.
Several bonfires were lit on both sides of the track, and two huge speakers were placed. The world’s best heavy metal music came from the speakers, cutting through the night sky.
A striking white line was drawn at the starting point of the track, clearly illuminated by the dazzling lights on both sides.
At this moment, six motorcyclists are riding their respective cars, standing in a row at the starting point, waiting for the start of the race.
“Om~ Om~”
Some of them blasted the accelerator on the spot, the sound almost suppressed the explosive heavy metal music, black smoke billowed and passed away with the wind.
Huh! At this moment, a light swept from high to the starting point of the track, locking a figure.
That is a woman.
A woman with a devil’s figure.
She is a high-paying professional model hired by the underground racing track, where she acts as a sexy girl.
She is 1.76 meters tall, with long flowing hair, draped over her fragrant shoulders, her beautiful face is covered with delicate makeup, her scented lips are painted bright red, her chest is quite spectacular, and her waist is slender. , Two long, white, straight legs, supported by a pair of black high heels, dazzled people’s eyes.
Under the light, she followed the music and took sexy catwalks, with her right hand raised above her head, her index finger stretched out, and a sexy thong on it, turning rhythmically.
“Oh~” “Take it off!”
“Take it off!!”
…… With the appearance of the sexy girl, the atmosphere on the scene completely exploded. Whether it is the drivers from all over the world or the drivers who came to watch the race, they waved their arms and shouted. With.
As if to respond to the crowd, the sexy girl walked to the front of the starting point of the track with sexy steps, threw the thong in her hand to the crowd, causing a rush.
A few seconds later, a rider from the northwest grabbed the thong, raised it excitedly, and waved it.
The sexy girl stretched her right hand to the back and unbuttoned the bra with one hand, causing the bra to slip slowly. When it fell to the forearm and exposed the second layer of bra, she speeded up and took off the bra. Then he waved his bra, looked around 360 degrees, and threw it out again, causing everyone to scramble.
After doing all this, she took off her high heels, boarded a platform in front of the starting point of the track, then bent down to reveal the trench on her chest, and slowly took off the first pair of underwear.
Next, she followed the same pattern and took off her bra and panties three times in a row, almost making the audience’s patience to the limit.
“Dear drivers, next, I will take off the last layer of bra, please be prepared.”
At this moment , the sexy girl said while holding the wheat.
“Om~” “Oh!” What responded to her was the sound of the racing driver’s throttle and the howling of the audience.
The sexy girl smiled seductively and handed the wheat in her hand to the staff.
Immediately, under everyone’s gaze, she put one arm on her chest, and then again with one hand behind her back, uncovering the buttons of the bra.
The bra slipped off again.
This time, it is the last layer.
Under the light, the white snow flickered, and then was blocked by the sexy girl with both hands.
The bra slipped from the sexy girl and fell to the ground.
“Om!!!” The next moment.
When the bra fell to the ground, a deafening roar sounded, and six motorcycles rushed out, dashed across the starting line, and rushed into the dark night ahead… the race… officially started!
According to the plan of the race tonight, one motorcycle race, five sports car races, and motorcycle races are serious appetizers. The guests are not interested in betting, and they all came outside to watch the opening ceremony and the start of the race.
When the game officially started, the guests dispersed and returned to the three-story building.
“Brother Feng, a game takes at least half an hour, shall we also go to the box on the third floor?” Yu Wenbo asked as the guests dispersed.
Chen Feng nodded, and then, accompanied by Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong, walked to the third floor.
After entering the hall on the first floor of the three-story building, Chen Feng saw a beautiful narrator at a glance, standing on the steps, explaining the game with a laser pointer.
“This is our first monitoring point, five kilometers away from the starting point. The first one to pass by is the Korean driver No. 2…” While the beauty commentator explained, a large rectangular screen at the top displayed the latest The winning odds, among them, the Korean No. 2 driver who surpassed the first monitoring has the lowest odds and is the most promising to win the championship.
The second-lowest and third-lowest odds were also the Korean riders. They drove a motorcycle and rushed past the first monitoring point following the Korean No. 2 rider.
This result caused Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong to frown quietly.

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