Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 600

The next moment, cheers sounded.
The Korean driver opened the champagne to celebrate and shouted to his heart.
Regardless of the surrounding Chinese drivers or the audience, all were silent.
Up to now, China’s underground racing industry has completely lost!
The cheers of the Korean riders headed by Park Changjun came in the ears. Whether it was the Chinese riders from all over the world or the spectators who came to watch the race tonight, they all looked like swallowing a fly while eating. One is uglier than the other!
Not only them, but Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong’s faces are also ugly.
“Hey, I didn’t expect that you still have the courage to show up? I thought you were hiding in the house and dare not come out!” The next moment, Li Dongqing saw Chen Feng and the three of them, and immediately walked over, looking sarcastically. Looking at Yu Wenbo, “My master said that he would take people to sweep the China underground racing world. You didn’t believe it at first, do you believe it now?”
“The race is not over yet!” Looking at Li Dongqing’s ambition, listening to Li Dongqing Yu Wenbo gritted his teeth with sarcasm.
“Is there a difference? Do you think you can beat me, or your master can beat my master?” Li Dongqing sneered.
“Facts will tell you the answer!” Yu Wenbo said coldly.
“Hey, since you are so confident, then let’s bet a bit more exciting. In addition to the previous bet, if you lose, commit suicide on the spot, if I lose, let you handle it, how about?”
Li Dongqing said with a grim look. , The killing intent in the eyes did not hide.
When Yuwenbo refused to give Piao Changjun face at the airport, Li Dongqing decided to teach Yuwenbo a lesson. But when Yuwenbo sent someone to interrupt the leg of the Korean rider just now and let Park Changjun lose face, he thought The killing intent is stronger, and I have to gamble with Yuwenbo.
“Uh…” I was shocked to hear Li Dongqing’s cold words, whether it was the Chinese riders from all over the world or some of the surrounding audience was shocked.
None of them thought that Li Dongqing would bet against Yuwenbo!
Because no matter what kind of gambling method, gambling life is the most exciting and the most dangerous. Unless there is a deep hatred, no gambler is willing to do it.
Not only them, but Ji Hong and Yu Wenbo themselves did not expect that they were on the spot, but Chen Feng’s expression was calm. He had already noticed Li Dongqing’s hidden killing intent more than once!
“Aren’t you very kind? Didn’t you tell me that you would never be a coward or a prankster in the game? How dare you not agree? If you are scared, then you just surrender and I can give you a way out!” Li The reason why Dongqing took the initiative to stimulate and provoke Yuwenbo was to anger Yuwenbo, get Yuwenbo to agree to bet his life, then win the game, kill Yuwenbo, and vent his anger to Park Changjun.
For this reason, when he saw Yu Wenbo stunned for a while and did not respond, he immediately added fire. “Gamble…” As expected, Yu Wenbo was stimulated by Li Dongqing one after another.
However, before he could say the following words, Chen Feng interrupted him: “Wenbo, don’t be impulsive.”
“Brother Feng, I…” Yu Wenbo wanted to explain something. He thought Li Dongqing was too irritating, and He is not afraid of death.
“Listen to me.”
Chen Feng shook his head slightly, his voice was not loud, but his tone was beyond doubt. He had long noticed the killing intent in Li Dongqing’s eyes, and he also saw that what Li Dongqing had done just now was entirely to provoke Yu Wenbo.
In this way, he believed that Li Dongqing must have full confidence in the next game, otherwise he would not make fun of his life!
What’s more, through the previous four races, Chen Feng has already seen that the Korean driver knows himself and his opponent, and has made it clear that he wants to pit the Chinese underground racing world?
“Hey, I guessed it. You are a coward. You Chinese are all cowards, so you don’t even compare, so you just surrendered!” Seeing Yu Wenbo was going to fight and was stopped by Chen Feng, Li Dongqing gave a vicious look. Chen Feng, then continued to stimulate Yuwenbo, “In addition, it is really disappointing that you would change your decision because of a word from your subordinates…” “What the hell did you say?” “Drafting, you Say it again?”
… This time, before Yu Wenbo could reply, the surrounding Chinese drivers and spectators were anxious. They roared and charged towards Li Dongqing.
The sudden scene caused Li Dongqing’s face to change slightly, but he did not shrink back, but stared at Yu Wenbo with a sneer: “Can’t you afford to lose in the China Underground Racing World? If you lose the game, it depends on you. You’re not afraid of being a joke from colleagues in other countries when this incident spreads out?”
“Don’t move!” I have to say, Li Dongqing is a very cunning person, and he immediately found Yu Wenbo’s Achilles heel, when his voice fell, Yu Wenbo opened his mouth to stop the Chinese riders and spectators from doing anything.
Yu Wenbo’s words sounded in his ears, and the Chinese riders and spectators stopped, but still pointed at Li Dongqing and cursed. It felt like Li Dongqing dared to speak up, they would have to do it.
“You’d better manage your mouth and don’t use your ass to talk, otherwise I can’t guarantee that you will leave here alive!” Yu Wenbo could feel the anger of everyone, and he opened his mouth to warn Li Dongqing.
Li Dongqing sneered disdainfully, but didn’t dare to continue yelling, just stared at Yu Wenbo, “Coward, tell me, do you dare to bet your life? If you don’t dare to bet, then we bet on a leg! You! If you lose, I will break your leg. If you win, I will break my leg!”
This time, Yu Wenbo did not blurt out his answer. He resisted the urge to agree, looked at Chen Feng, and saw Chen Feng again. Shook his head.
“Holly, you said he was a coward, how could he agree?”
“Holly, he will be scared to pee, you still don’t scare him! Haha.”
Those Korean riders knew Li Dongqing’s intentions. After hearing Li Dongqing retreat and bet on a leg, they sneered.
“That’s right, he has been completely frightened. This kind of bet is definitely not dare to take.” Li Dongqing said sarcastically, but he knew in his heart that the reason why Yu Wenbo refused to agree was entirely because Chen Feng stopped him. I was quite upset with Chen Feng, but instead of directed at Chen Feng, he continued to say to Yu Wenbo:
“Well, coward, since you dare not bet on your life or your legs, then change to a simpler way of playing. If you lose , Kneeling in front of us, slapped and apologized. If you win, you won’t even dare to bet even if I do the same thing?”
“Okay!” Faced with Li Dongqing’s repeated provocations Yu Wenbo finally couldn’t help but agree, and then said apologetically to Chen Feng: “I’m sorry, Brother Feng, I really can’t swallow this breath! If I finally dare not agree to anything today, the word coward will accompany me. In my whole life, I can’t raise my head to be a human being!”

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