Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 607

Hearing the cheers of the sky, the Korean riders including Li Dongqing seemed to be watching a joke, chatting sarcastically, and after Li Dongqing said something, they all burst into laughter.
“Now, let’s pour dozens of sounds to welcome the start of the race!”
At this moment, the voice of the underground racing staff rang again.
…The next moment, those Chinese drivers and spectators followed the staff to count, and the sexy girl who was responsible for announcing the start of the race had already ascended the starting steps of the track and waved Wearing a pair of black pants.
When the crowd reached three, the sexy girl threw out her panties.
“Zero!” When the crowd reached zero, the panties thrown by the sexy girl happened to fall on the ground.
“Om!” Two deafening rumblings resounded across the sky, drowning out the exclamation of the scene.
Under the night, two Bugatti Veyrons known as the king of sports cars, like a black and white whirlwind, rushed out of the starting point of the track, whizzing past the eyes of the spectators on both sides of the track, the speed is as fast as lightning, almost making the spectators unable to See the body clearly.
All this is only because the Bugatti Veyron starts too fast!
As the king of sports cars, the 0~100km/h acceleration time of the Bugatti Veyron is 2.9 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the f1 record!
“Look, the black Bugatti Veyron is ahead!”
Immediately, when the two Bugatti Veyrons were about to disappear from the sight of everyone, the staff of the underground racing track spoke again to explain the game.
“Oh~” This result surprised the Chinese drivers and spectators at the scene and exclaimed immediately.
“A bunch of idiots!”
“Hey, the car is mainly compared with cornering technology. What can you cheer about leading straight?”
On the other side, the Korean drivers said with disdain.
, in addition to their disdain, there was a hint of surprise in their eyes.
That’s right…
As the Korean driver just said, racing competitions are more competitive than the skills of the drivers. The skills are mainly manifested in the cornering technology, but the straight section of the start is also a test for the drivers!
At the beginning, the test is the reaction speed of the driver!
Park Changjun is the king of cars in Korea, and he ranks second in the black car list!
It is no exaggeration to say that in the global underground racing world, in terms of reaction speed, people who can be faster than Park Changjun are definitely not more than a slap!
Now, the black Bugatti Veyron driven by Chen Feng is leading, proving that his reaction speed is faster than that of Park Changjun!
This… how can we not surprise them?
Even the Korean riders who watched the race were surprised, let alone Park Changjun himself?
“Damn, how could his reaction speed be so fast?” In front of the track, in the white Bugatti Veyron, Park Changjun cursed in shock and stomped on the accelerator, wishing to use all his energy. on.
However, one step is slow, and each step is slow.
Because of the slow start, the speed of his sports car was also slower than that of Chen Feng’s black Bugatti Veyron.
The performance of the two cars was exactly the same. He couldn’t overtake Chen Feng at all. Instead, Chen Feng pulled him away by a body distance!
“Huh, it’s nothing to lead at the start, the next corner is the real game!”
Seeing that he couldn’t catch up with Chen Feng, Park Changjun had to give up, comforting himself with the spirit of Ah Q, and then prepared to wait until the corner. Using outstanding drifting technology, overtake Chen Feng.
Ok? Moments later, when he was approaching the first right-angle turn, Park Changjun started to slow down and was ready to drift. At the same time, he found that the black Bugatti Veyron driven by Chen Feng had once again pulled away from him.
“Hey, it’s just looking for death!” Seeing this scene, Park Changjun couldn’t help but sneer.
As the Korean car king, he knows very well that if the speed is too fast when passing a corner, not only will it not be able to make a perfect drift, but it is also very likely that it will not be able to control the sports car, causing the sports car to rush off the track.
This is a mistake often made by rookies!
In Park Changjun’s view, Chen Feng is undoubtedly a novice, even a layman, otherwise it is impossible not to slow down at this time.
, when Park Changjun’s voice fell, the Bugatti Veyron in front suddenly slowed down.
“Here~” At the next moment, the sound of fierce friction between car tires and the ground sounded, and the black Bugatti Veyron made an impeccable drift, then accelerated suddenly and disappeared into Park Changjun’s sight.
Seeing this scene, Park Changjun’s eyes widened in surprise, as if he couldn’t believe that all of this was true, and the whole person appeared briefly in a trance. unbelievable?
Immediately, Park Changjun woke up like a dream, and hurriedly slammed the front of the car in the opposite direction of entering the corner and stepped on the brakes.
This is the first move of drifting!
However, because he was shocked by Chen Feng’s perfect drift just now, he was in a trance, and his reaction was slow for a while. As a result, after the body was thrown out, he rushed directly to the railing.
“Om~” Immediately after, Park Changjun returned to the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator. The white Bugatti Veyron almost wiped the railing on the outside of the track and whizzed past, scaring him into a cold sweat.
Because of his trance, he almost died in a car crash!
It was just a little bit… for a moment of trance, almost causing Park Changjun’s car to crash, and it also widened the gap between him and Chen Feng again!
At the beginning of the start, Chen Feng was only half of his body ahead of him. The back became one body and two bodies. At this moment, after passing the first right-angle turn, Chen Feng threw him nearly a hundred meters away!
At a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, it is about 80 meters per second!
Generally speaking, in the competition between top car kings, the two sides will bite very tightly in the initial stage of the competition. Like today, the situation of leading more than one second just after the first corner has hardly happened.
“Damn bastard, although you are a bit out of my expectations, the game has just begun. I want to see. The U-turns and S-turns at the back, how do you pass?” After the shock, Park Changjun’s face appeared again. sneer.
Although Chen Feng’s performance shocked him just now and almost caused him an accident, in his opinion, right-angle corners are the simplest corners, not much. The U-turns and S-turns behind are the real ones for the driver. test. at the same time.
The footage of Chen Feng and Park Changjun driving the sports car through the first right-angle turn was captured by surveillance and displayed on the three-story building through image transmission, which made it clear to the Chinese drivers, Korean drivers and spectators at the scene. .
In an instant, the audience was silent!
Everyone is staring at the screen, for fear of missing a detail.
“In the first right-angle corner, Chen Feng made a perfect drift and established the lead! But the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun didn’t know why, but he made a low-level error and almost hit the railing of the track!”
Immediately, the underground racing track The voice of the staff rang out first, through the sound, resounding over the starting point of the track.

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