Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 610

“Dear gentlemen and ladies, this race is about to be halfway through, and the most difficult and exciting serial curve of the Kunshan circuit will follow. The curve consists of two U-turns and one S-turn. The road is composed, known as the death curve!” Then, when the Chinese drivers replied, the voice of the ace commentator of the underground racing track sounded again, preparing to push the atmosphere of the game to a new climax.
“Chen Feng in all the corners before are using the perfect drift through, much to the King Pu Changjun Korea car behind. Then, by the time he died in the corners, but also perfect to use drift it?”
No Reply.
As the voice of the ace female host fell, whether it was the Chinese driver, the Korean driver, or the audience on the scene, they stopped discussing and talking, and turned their eyes to the three-story building.
The electronic light shines directly on the three-story building, turning the entire floor toward the side of the highway into a curtain, presenting a scene of a death curve.
The picture is very clear, so that everyone can see clearly, but also let Yu Wenbo use the video to make it clear.
In the picture, there is an S-bend sandwiched between two U-shaped bends. There are almost no straight lines between the three bends. They are completely connected. At first glance, it looks like an electrocardiogram, with undulating waves.
“The Bugatti Veyron driven by the Chinese driver has appeared!”
About ten seconds later, the voice of the ace female commentator sounded again.
Everyone clearly saw that Chen Feng was driving a black Bugatti Veyron about to pass the first U-shaped curve of the death curve.
Slow down, drift!
Soon, in the eyes of everyone, the black Bugatti Veyron once again made a chic drifting movement in the picture, like a flexible steel monster, gliding past the inner edge of the curve.
“Chen Feng used a perfect drift to pass the first U-turn!”
Seeing this scene, the ace female commentator began to explain, her tone was very excited, her voice was loud, and her expression was looking forward to it, “God…Chen Feng When passing through the S-turn connecting the U-turn, there are still two perfect drifts! Who can tell me how he did it?”
No answer, everyone in the audience stared at the picture intently. next moment.
Chen Feng answered with practical actions!
In the picture, under his control, the black Bugatti Veyron made the fourth perfect drift like a part of his body, and then the body shook suddenly, accelerated suddenly, and disappeared into the picture…
“Uh …” The audience was silent, everyone rounded their eyes and watched the picture disappear in amazement.
“Oh my God! Four consecutive perfect drifts through the death passage of the Kunshan Underground Raceway. This… is simply unbelievable! Chen Feng accomplished an impossible feat and created a legend in the field of underground racing!” The silence on the scene was broken by the voice of the female ace female commentator again. She was trembling all over and she was very emotional. The shouting was stronger than when she was in high tide, her voice was trembling, “No…no matter tonight the game What is the result of the game, he will be recorded in China, no, it is the history of the global underground racing field!”
“Oh~” “God of the drop…”
“It’s so awesome!” The next moment, there was cheering from the sky. It sounded, as if to shake the dark sky through.
Amidst the cheers, Yu Wenbo was shaking all over, operating his mobile phone with shaking hands, edited the previously posted post, and uploaded the small video just taken.
Then… he clicked refresh with excitement on his face, trying to see how the underground racing fans of various countries reacted after seeing this video.
“Sorry, this page cannot be displayed…” The next moment, he saw such a sentence appeared on the phone screen.
Ok? Yuwenbo was taken aback, and then continued to click refresh frantically.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds… After a minute, Yuwenbo could not refresh the page of the Global Underground Racing Forum. because.
After he uploaded the video, the entire forum exploded, and countless underground racing enthusiasts from all over the world wanted to reply to the posts. As a result, the forum server went down!
Half of the game, a video.
The global underground racing world has exploded!
His name is Chen Feng.
He is from China!
After a full two minutes, the global underground racing community forum returned to normal. The posts posted by Yuwenbo were topped and became hot posts. There were hundreds of replies, and the number of replies per second was astonishing.
“God, this is incredible!”
“Four consecutive perfect drifts through two U-turns and one S-turn. How did he do it?”
“Everything in the video, even if it is Kasem, who is the number one on the black car list, can’t do it, too?”
“When did China come up with such a powerful driver?”
“Judging from the video of the poster and the replies of other people on the scene, the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun was crushed. Undoubtedly!”
“I think the strength of this Chinese driver is not weaker than the black car list No. 1 Gesen, even stronger than Gesen!”
… Yu Wenbo casually read a few replies, and all the replies are incredible. At the same time, it is agreed that Chen Feng has the strength to match Ge Sen, or even stronger.
This result caused Yuwen Bole to bloom, and his mouth couldn’t close with a smile. It felt as if he was the one who did all this!
“Crushing the Korean stick!”
At the same time, both the Chinese riders and the spectators who watched the game were shouting with excitement.
Previously, China’s underground racing team lost four consecutive games, and the Korean drivers were unbeatable, making them very frustrated and upset!
Later, Chen Feng replaced Ji Hong to play. Although they guessed that Chen Feng was going to take a shot against Park Changjun, they never thought that Chen Feng could use his car skills to defeat Park Changjun and humiliate all Korean drivers including Park Changjun!
And now, Chen Feng has done all this!
Moreover, Chen Feng’s actions shocked the global underground racing world!
All this made their hearts violent, and they used yelling methods to vent their emotions!
As if in response to the previous clamor of the Korean riders, while yelling, they not only faced the Korean riders headed by Li Dongqing, but also waved their fists at them and counterattacked in this way: Korean sticks, why are you not awesome? Up? no answer.
Including Li Dongqing, all the Korean riders clamped their mouths and stood motionless, their faces filled with disbelief!
They couldn’t believe that an unknown Chinese man could actually crush Park Changjun in the field of underground racing, and did everything that even the black car leader Gesen could not do!
In addition to shock, Li Dongqing began to become panicked.

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