Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 611

Although the game is not over yet, he knows very well that according to the current situation, as long as there are no surprises, Chen Feng will definitely win the game!
And once Chen Feng wins the game, he and Park Changjun will both honor their bet … a bet!
… At the same time.
On the track, in the white Bugatti Veyron, Park Changjun’s face could not find the slightest bit of invincibility, no disdain, some panic.
That’s right… it
‘s panic!
Although he did not witness Chen Feng’s performance personally, and did not know that Chen Feng used four consecutive perfect drifts to pass the death curve ahead, but he knew the fact that the distance between him and Chen Feng was getting farther and farther!
After the third corner, he regained his composure, played at a normal level, and even played some extraordinary! what does this mean?
This means that even if he performs supernormally, he is not Chen Feng’s opponent!
All this caused great waves in his heart, and at the same time made him have to accept a cruel fact, even if he continued to perform supernormally, he would not be able to overtake Chen Feng to win the game!
He was defeated in this game!
“He… how could he be so strong?”
At the same time, Park Changjun couldn’t help but ask himself inwardly. next moment.
Without waiting for him to come up with a reason, the white Bugatti Veyron came to the death corner of the Kunshan Underground Circuit and rushed straight to the railing outside the first U-turn.
“not good!”
Park Changjun woke up like a dream, and quickly took emergency measures, slowed down, hurriedly made a drift, and passed the first U-turn in a thrilling manner.
“Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~” Park Changjun was startled again in a cold sweat, then panting heavily, concentrating, and passing the death curve with surprise, but the gap with Chen Feng was even greater.
“Hey, I’m still known as the King of Cars of Korea. This performance is not as good as me!”
“He probably was scared by Chen Shao’s performance and can’t perform at a normal level!” “Haha, please ask Park Changjun’s psychological shadow area at this moment! ”
… At the same time, Park Changjun’s embarrassing performance was unreservedly presented in the eyes of everyone on the scene through surveillance video. Among them, the Chinese riders began to tease, and there was a feeling of a farmer turning over to become the owner, and they laughed With.
That’s it!
At the same time, everyone, including Li Dongqing, knew that there would be no suspense that Park Changjun would lose in this game!
Moreover, if Park Changjun is unable to adjust his mentality in time and devote himself fully to the game, it is very likely that an accident will happen during the game and his life will be taken in.
Is it over?
“Om!” Ten minutes later, accompanied by a roar resounding across the sky, the black Bugatti Veyron was like a black whirlwind, galloping towards the end of the track from far to near.
“Twenty-four minutes, Chen Feng set the record of Kunshan Circuit and shortened the record by nearly five minutes!”
At this moment, the ace commentator of the underground circuit spoke, and her excitement voice passed through the audio system. It spread to every corner of the scene and filled everyone’s ears, “Below, let us greet the arrival of Che Wang Chen Feng with our heartfelt shouts!”
“Che Wang Chen Feng!”
In an instant, the Chinese drivers and the audience followed the host and shouted these four words.
Thousands of people’s voices were superimposed on each other, and the sound was so powerful that it drowned the roar of the Bugatti Veyron, as if to shake the dark clouds in the sky.
Soon, amidst the shouts of everyone, Chen Feng drove a black Bugatti Veyron across the end of the track, then slowed down and parked the sports car beside the track.
“Che Wang Chen Feng! Che Wang Chen Feng! Che Wang Chen Feng!!”
Seeing this scene, everyone on the scene shouted louder.
Some crazy young girls took off their bras excitedly, revealing the magnificence of their chests, waving their bras and roaring.
There are also some crazy young people, shouting, shaking champagne, cheering.
They are celebrating the victory of China’s underground racing circle in this way, and at the same time welcoming Chen Feng to get off the car.
In the cheers of the sky, Chen Feng pushed the car door and got out of the car slowly.
Under the night, there was no excitement on his face, his expression was like a dry well, calm.
It felt as if to him, what he had just done was not something to be proud of, but a trivial thing.
Huh! In the next moment, without waiting for Chen Feng to move forward, Yu Wenbo brought the Chinese underground racing drivers headed by Ji Hong, like a tide, rushing to Chen Feng frantically.
“Brother Feng, you are so awesome !” Soon, Yu Wenbo rushed to Chen Feng’s side and shouted excitedly.
“Yeah, Shao Chen, you let me know the true meaning of the saying that there are days outside the world and there are people outside the world.” Ji Hong also sighed with a wry smile.
Although the other drivers did not speak, they all looked at Chen Feng with admiration and admiration!
At this moment, Chen Feng is the king of cars in their hearts and the pride of China’s underground racing industry!
Because Chen Feng defeated Park Changjun in a crushing way to win this race, not only washed away the shame of China’s underground racing industry, but also allowed the status of China’s underground racing world to rise sharply!
The words of Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong sounded in his ears. Looking at the worship and admiration in the eyes of those Chinese riders, Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.
Ok? The next moment, he looked through the crowd and saw Li Dongqing walking out of the crowd with a mobile phone, one hand covering his ears and the other saying something into the phone microphone.
“Moving backer, want to fall back on the bill?”
Chen Feng smiled secretly when he saw this scene.
Willing to bet.
Tonight, even if Park Changjun and Lee Dongqing invite President Goryeo here, it will not help!
Although Chen Feng could see what Li Dongqing was doing, he did not ask Yu Wenbo to stop him, but instead let Li Dongqing move back.
“Car King!”
“Chen Feng!”
Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo, Ji Hong and other Chinese riders stood in front of the black Bugatti Veyron, waiting for Park Changjun to drive to the end. The audience was still extremely excited, they raised their arms high. They shouted, some of them called the king of the car, and some called Chen Feng.
Deafening cheers sounded in my ears, watching Chen Feng standing among a group of Chinese riders. Except for Li Dongqing who was on the phone, the other Korean riders showed their faces, and it felt like a dead mouse. , To be more depressed and depressed.
“Om~” Eight minutes later, without waiting for the audience’s cheers to stop, the roar of the sports car came from a distance again.
Under the night, the white Bugatti Veyron finally appeared.
I don’t know if it’s because of losing the game and depressed, or because I don’t know how to face this shameful defeat. Park Changjun’s speed is very slow, and the momentum of “defying the world, who will fight for the front” at the start is completely gone. !

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