Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 612

One thousand meters, five hundred meters, three hundred meters…
Finally, while everyone was waiting, Park Changjun drove close to the end.
Through the lights, he clearly saw the gloomy expressions of those Korean riders who regarded him as the king. He also saw the scene of the Chinese driver encircling Chen Feng in the middle. He returned to the strange faces on both sides of the track. , I just feel that those faces are full of mockery!
“Korean car Wang Pu Changjun, who ranked second on the black car list, completed the race in 32 minutes, eight minutes slower than Huaxia Chenfeng, and three minutes slower than the original Chinese car Wang Jihong’s record at the Kunshan Underground Circuit! ”
Later, just as Park Changjun drove the white Bugatti Veyron across the finish line, the ace commentator of the underground racing track announced Park Changjun’s results in time, and then shouted: “Let us be the warmest. Cheers, congratulations to Huaxia Chen Feng for winning the race!”
“Oh~” “Car King Chen Feng!”
As the voice of the female ace narrator of the underground racing track fell, the scene again rang out with earth -shattering cheers. Shout.
The sound of thunder blasted in the sky and remained for a long time.
The voice responded forcefully to those Korean drivers.
The sound was like a magical sound from hell, passing through the sealed car body into the car, impacting Park Changjun’s mind.
In the white Bugatti Veyron, Park Changjun’s face turned pale, and his whole body was trembling so much that he parked the car behind the edge of the track and did not open the door to get off, but leaned weakly on the car seat.
“Hey, the so-called Korean car king dare not face failure, even the car is afraid to get off!”
“Didn’t he yell that we are cowards? In my opinion, he is a coward!”
“The clamor before the race is like a mad dog, and the defeat after the race is like a dead dog!”
Seeing that Park Changjun was afraid to get out of the car, both the Chinese driver and the audience sneered.
Hula At the same time, Li Dongqing took the Korean rider and walked quickly towards the white Bugatti Veyron.
“Huh ~” Seeing Li Dongqing leading the people, Park Changjun took a deep breath, and then tried his best to adjust his emotions, pushed the car door, and slowly got out of the car while a group of Korean riders watched complicatedly.
“Koryo stick, aren’t you really awesome? Why don’t you even dare to get off the car?”
“That’s it, it’s really shameful to say that it swept the China underground racing world! I am so embarrassed for you!”
With Pu When Changjun got out of the car, the audience shouted sarcastically.
Although Park Changjun could not understand what the audience was shouting, he could still think with his toes when he saw the faces full of ridicule, the audience shouted nothing good.
All this caused him to adjust his emotions with great fluctuations again, and he wanted to leave this place immediately.
“Master, don’t care about them, just treat them as a bunch of mad dogs barking!” Li Dongqing quickly comforted him when he noticed the change in Park Changjun’s expression.
Without answering, Pu Changjun’s pupils suddenly dilated, and he looked forward with some horror. Swish
… At the same time, one after another glances at the front of Park Changjun.
In the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng brought Yu Wenbo and a group of Chinese riders towards Park Changjun and other Korean riders.
“Master, I have already contacted the country, let them send someone to escort us out of here as soon as possible!”
Li Dongqing saw Chen Feng leading people, knowing what Park Changjun was worried about, and said again: “In your capacity, plus domestic pressure, that Chinese person absolutely dare not do anything to us!”
“The game is over. It’s time to honor the bet!”
As if in response to Li Dongqing, Chen Feng took Yu Wenbo and the others before they approached, and said.
As Chen Feng spoke, the noisy scene quieted down. Everyone unanimously moved their eyes from Chen Feng and turned to Park Changjun, waiting for Park Changjun’s response.
Behind Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo took his mobile phone specially and pointed the camera at Park Changjun and others, preparing to shoot the video.
All this is because he clearly remembers that after he lost to Li Dongqing, a Korean driver planned to humiliate him in this way!
At this moment, he is ruling his body in his own way!
Under the gaze of everyone, a trace of anxiety flashed in Park Changjun’s eyes, but after thinking of Li Dongqing’s words, he quickly calmed down.
He did not respond, but winked at Li Dongqing and motioned for the latter to come forward.
“At the end of the game, the third-party organization will naturally transfer the bet to your account, and a penny will not be less!” Li Dongqing said without embarrassment, never mentioning the gambling.
“The bet is not just a billion-dollar bet, it also includes the lives of both of you.”
Chen Feng stopped and said calmly, standing less than two meters away from Park Changjun and Li Dongqing.
“The fate of the two of us? Hey, sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about.” Li Dongqing sneered, choosing to play stupid, not admitting that there was a gambling.
“I’m grass, Korean stick, you can’t be too shameless to be a man!”
“You guys clamored for life before the game. Why don’t you dare to admit that you have lost the game now?”
Li Dongqing’s words rang in his ears, please speak up, the Chinese riders behind him were anxious, jumping and cursing one by one.
“It seems that you are trying to pretend to be stupid and reckless ?” Chen Feng raised his hand to stop the Chinese riders from scolding, but frowned and looked at Pu Changjun and Li Dongqing.
Ok? Perceiving the flickering chill in Chen Feng’s eyes, Park Changjun and Li Dongqing were a little scared for no reason. Although they didn’t know anything about Chen Feng, at this moment, they also understood that Chen Feng was definitely not easy to provoke.
“What do you want to do?” Li Dongqing hid his inner tension well, did not let the nervous emotion appear on his face, but deliberately pretended to be annoyed, and shouted: “I remind you, my master Pu Changjun is the core member of the Goryeo Pu family, and the Pu family is one of the most powerful families in Goryeo…”
“What then?”
Chen Feng smiled, and he interrupted Li Dongqing.
Li Dongqing paused for a while, and then pretended to be calm: “I tell you this, just to warn you, you’d better not mess around, otherwise you can’t afford the consequences!”
“Pop” in response to Li Dongqing It was a loud slap in the face.
He was slapped to the ground by Chen Feng! Under the eyes of everyone, Li Dongqing slapped out a slap, fast as lightning, and Li Dongqing had no time to react.
In this slap, although Chen Feng didn’t use his internal strength and deliberately controlled his strength, it was not something Li Dongqing could bear. Not only was he knocked over to the ground, the cheekbones on his left cheek instantly shattered and bloody, which was really scary.
In addition, his eyes were black and his ears were buzzing, and his whole person was beaten up, lying on the ground straight, like an electric shock, convulsing.

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