Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 616

At this moment, he also forgot how arrogant he was when he won the game with Yuwenbo, and he kept urging Yuwenbo to honor the bet!
At this moment, he even forgot, how high he was when facing Chen Feng!
At this moment, his face was full of fear, fear of death!
“Bang” the next moment, in the face of Li Dongqing’s horrified expression, under the gaze of everyone, Park Haisheng stepped forward, squatting, turning his hand into a knife, and slashing Li Dongqing’s neck with a hand knife.
With a crisp sound, Li Dongqing’s neck was cut off in an instant, and he fell completely to the ground. There was a violent convulsion all over, and blood surged in his mouth.
Then, his body stopped twitching, his head tilted, and he died completely.
Seeing this scene, the faces of the Korean riders changed in fright, and they sucked in cold air, their faces completely occupied by horrified expressions.
But Park Changjun was dumbfounded, standing still, looking at Li Dongqing’s body, motionless.
Before coming to China, he had thought about many possibilities, but he never dreamed that Li Dongqing would die, and he would die in the hands of his bodyguards, and even his father gave orders himself!
If it weren’t for the heavy and rapid breathing of the Korean riders beside him because of fear, if it weren’t for seeing Li Dongqing’s tragic death, he even suspected that everything that happened before him was an illusion!
Just when Li Dongqing couldn’t believe it, couldn’t accept all this, and even thought that there was an illusion, Chen Feng spoke again.
He only said two words, his voice was not loud, but like thunder and explosion, shaking everyone’s mind!
Do what you say.
He was never kind to the enemy! carry on.
The two short words, as if with some kind of magical power, instantly refreshed Park Changjun from the dullness, and made the fear on the faces of those Korean riders even stronger, and it also made the Chinese riders and the audience present. I was so excited that I held my breath.
“Mr. Chen, can I not do this later?”
At this moment, in the video, Park Wenji spoke again. He knew the consequences of this incident and tried to make the last effort.
“You still have time to change your mind.” Chen Feng said blankly, giving the answer indirectly.
“” Pu Wenji was speechless, his complexion changed again and again, and he roared in a frustrated voice: “What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you bring anyone to apologize to Mr. Chen?”
Pu Chang Joon looked at Park Moon Ki in the video, his expression almost crying, he was a thousand or ten thousand people who were unwilling to apologize to Chen Feng with the Korean drivers around him.
Besides, according to what Chen Feng said, they still have to kneel on the ground, kowtow and apologize!
“If you still want to live, do what I said!”
Park Moon-ki interrupted Park Chang-jun coldly, “If you want to die, then end the video call now!”
“Master, do as the adult said. Come on!”
Hearing what Park Moon Ki said, Park Changjun was indifferent, and Park Hae on the side opened his mouth.
Chen Feng’s strength made him feel terrified, and at the same time made him believe in one thing: If Park Changjun does not do what Park Wenji said and does what Chen Feng wants, he will definitely not leave China alive!
“Yes, master, don’t make fun of your own life.” At this moment, another bodyguard also got up and came to Park Changjun’s side and tried to persuade him.
In his opinion, if Park Changjun does not kowtow to admit his mistakes, not only Park Changjun will lose his life, but he and his companions may also be implicated.
Because once Chen Feng wants to kill Park Changjun, if they stop him, they will die. If they don’t stop him, they will die when they go back. Piao Changjun will die, and they will die anyway!
Park Changjun nodded humiliatingly, then turned his gaze to Chen Feng, to the young man who had previously been mistaken for a dog next to Yuwenbo, his gaze was full of resentment and unwillingness, as well as deep fear. !
“This matter has nothing to do with me, I don’t apologize!”
At this moment, beside Park Changjun, a Korean driver spoke up. He is a descendant of a certain Korean chaebol director, and he is not willing to kowtow to admit his mistakes and become a shame to the family.
“I don’t apologize either!”
As the Goryeo driver spoke, several Korean drivers spoke now, and they were unwilling to accept the shame.
“It’s a pity that your son may not be able to go back alive.”
Chen Feng was not angry or angry when he heard the words of the Korean drivers, but said to Pu Wenji in the video.
“Hey ~” Park Wenji took a breath of anger, and then said angrily: “Park Haesheng!”
” Yes , chairman!”
Park Haesheng responded immediately.
“Anyone who is unwilling to apologize to Ogawa will break their legs!”
Park Wen-ki is fierce. Although this may offend some people, he can no longer take care of so many things.
“Yes, my lord!”
Park Hae-Sung took the command for the first time, then looked at the few Korean riders who did not want to kowtow and admit their mistakes, and said coldly: “I advise you not to be stupid, otherwise I will break your legs and help as the adults said. Kneel down!”
After hearing the words of Park Moon-ki and Park Hae-Sung one after another, the expressions of those Korean riders who were unwilling to give in all changed, and then they saw panic on each other’s faces.
Because they know very well that Park Moon Ki’s words are imperial to Park Hae-Sung, and Park Hae-Sung will definitely implement it!
In that case, they would eventually kneel and break their legs, and after returning to Goryeo, they would not be able to settle accounts with Park Moon Ki!
Just as the Korean drivers were in fear, another bodyguard of Park Changjun reminded again.
The next moment of “Puffing” , a muffled sound came out.
Park Changjun closed his eyes and knelt on the ground with humiliation, his knees hit the ground, making a muffled noise.
Kneel down.
In the face of death, Park Changjun finally took the so-called dignity to feed the dog and knelt down in front of Chen Feng.
“Ka! Ka! Ka!”
Seeing this scene, many Chinese riders and spectators in the crowd took out their mobile phones and pressed the shutter button to take a picture of Park Changjun kneeling.
Many people are holding their mobile phones, shooting videos, and preparing to record what happened next.
“What are you doing in a daze? Do you have to force us to do it?”
Seeing Park Changjun knelt, Park Haisheng swept down on the Korean riders behind Park Changjun, and shouted murderously.
“Puff! Puff! Puff!” In response to Park Haisheng’s kneeling voice one after another.
One, two, three…
Under the night, under the gaze of everyone, those Korean riders knelt to the ground one after another.
Soon, among the crowd, only two Korean riders hadn’t kneeled, including the descendants of the director of the Korean chaebol who spoke first.

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