Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 617

Ok? Pu Haisheng raised his brows, stopped talking nonsense, and strode towards the two of them.
Seeing Pu Haisheng walked over, the two of them looked aggrieved, and finally knelt down in unison.
“Ka Ka Ka…”
The sound of the phone taking pictures sounded again, and this scene was filmed by many Chinese drivers and spectators at the scene.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Chen!”
With a sound of taking pictures, Park Changjun closed his eyes, opened his eyes, looked up at Chen Feng in front of him, holding back while many people were recording videos with their mobile phones. Apologize curtly.
“Bang!” The voice fell, and he fell to the ground, and his forehead came into close contact with the ground. kowtow.
For the first time in his life, he kowtowed to someone other than his family ancestors, and it was to a Chinese!
“Boom …” Park Changjun took the lead, and the other Korean drivers had to abandon their so-called dignity and kowtow to admit their mistakes.
“I didn’t ask you to apologize to me, but apologize to Huaxia and the people of Huaxia for the previous words!”
Chen Feng spoke up after seeing this scene. Although his tone was calm, everyone could detect his strong and powerful Pu Changjun and others. His apology failed to satisfy him!
“Uh…” The next moment, including Park Changjun, all the Korean riders were dumbfounded.
They did not expect that they had lost their dignity and accepted this humiliation, and Chen Feng was still not satisfied!
“I apologize to China and the people of China for the inappropriate remarks I made before!”
After a while, while everyone was waiting, Park Changjun spoke. He apologized again according to Chen Feng’s intention.
“We apologize to China and the people of China.”
Park Changjun said this, the herd effect became prominent, and the other Korean drivers also apologized and admitted their mistakes.
“Bang bang bang…” The voice fell, and they kowtow again to admit their mistakes without waiting for Chen Feng to say anything.
This scene, which was taken into photos and recorded as videos, is stored in many people’s mobile phones.
Hearing what Park Changjun and others said, Park Wenji was dumbfounded. He suddenly felt that he had made a wrong decision today, but he could no longer regret it.
“Acknowledge your mistake!”
“Repent!” As Chen Feng’s voice fell, whether it was the Chinese drivers, the audience, or the staff of the underground racing track, everyone felt that there was a fire burning in their hearts, and the blood rushed straight. His head and scalp were numb, they all waved their arms in unison, shouting with all their strength.
Under the night, they shouted so loudly, and the uniform shouts cut across the sky, like magic sounds from hell, constantly impacting the minds of the Korean riders including Park Changjun.
At this moment, Park Changjun and others raised their heads, but each one seemed to have eaten dead mice, and their expressions were extremely ugly.
Especially when they see someone picking up a mobile phone to take pictures and record small videos, they can’t wait to find a mouse hole to get in immediately.
Because they all know that this night is not only their shame, but also the shame of their respective families, and even the shame of the entire Goryeo!
And they will become Goryeo sinners, nailed to the pillar of shame forever, even if they will not be washed away until the day they die, but will be recorded forever in the annals of history!
Not only them, but Park Wen-ki, who was far away in Goryeo, had a very ugly face. He didn’t say anything, but hung up the video.
This is the end of the matter. If he provokes Chen Feng again, if Chen Feng repents and kills Park Changjun, then he will really lose his wife and break the army, and it will be too late to cry.
“Mr. Chen, Master Matsui has done what you asked for, can we leave?”
At this moment, Park Haisheng turned his gaze to Chen Feng and asked with hatred and fear.
“Get out!”
Chen Feng said lightly, as if driving away annoying flies.
However, this extremely insulting word made Park Changjun and the others relieved, they secretly relieved, stood up one after another, and left without looking back.
“Koryo Bangzi, Huaxia welcomes you!”
“Koryo Bangzi, next time you have snacks, don’t be so arrogant.”
“Koryo Bangzi , today is different, Huaxia is not a place where you can do whatever you want!” Seeing Pu Changjun and others leave, Many people spoke up, shouting and teasing joyfully.
Although Park Changjun and others couldn’t understand the shouts, they could perceive the ridicule in their tone and speed up their pace one by one, wishing to flee here immediately.
Because, for them, staying here for an extra minute is suffering!
And another bodyguard of Park Haisheng and Park Changjun, carrying Li Dongqing’s body, followed behind Park Changjun and others.
At the same time, many people at the scene sent photos and small videos they just took to Moments.
“Chen Feng’s drag racing crushed the Korean car king, and caused a group of Korean riders to kneel and kowtow to admit their mistakes!”
“Let us give Chen Feng a thumbs up, tonight, he is our Chinese national hero!”
Almost everyone will enter a paragraph of text when posting photos and videos in Moments, or explain the situation tonight, or express their opinions.
One, two, three…
One circle of friends was sent from the Kunshan Underground Circuit, and then forwarded and commented.
A few minutes later, the name Chen Feng appeared again in the circle of friends of the entire Chinese upper class!
And was screened by what Chen Feng did tonight!
Ten minutes later, the entire China Moments of Friends are brushing this Moments!
For a time, Chen Feng became completely famous!
For ordinary people, they don’t know Chen Feng’s true identity or Chen Feng’s awesome deeds. After watching tonight’s deeds, they all praised and gave Chen Feng a title: National Hero !
However, many top families such as the Chu Family knew Chen Feng’s true identity.
However, what they didn’t expect, Chen Feng is not only amazing in martial arts, even in racing, it is also the best in the world!
At the same time that China’s circle of friends was swiped, the global underground racing forum exploded again!
The previous posts by the Korean driver and Yu Wenbo have been removed from the top and are not among the hottest posts. Instead, these two posts have been replaced.
“China’s driver Chen Feng drifted perfectly throughout the entire journey. He completed the race at the Huaxia Kunshan Underground Circuit in 24 minutes, setting a record for the circuit, shortening the time by a full 5 minutes, and surpassing the performance of the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun (32 minutes). ) In 8 minutes, completely crush the Goryeo car king Park Changjun!”
“Koryo car king Park Changjun made a bet with China’s driver Chen Feng before the race, two lives plus 1 billion US dollars, but Park Changjun cheated after the race and did not honor the bet They were forced to kneel down and admit their mistakes and beg for mercy. The Korean driver lost both the race and the face!”

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