Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 619

As the sun sets, the sky is full of red clouds.
The special plane flying from Eagle Country London stopped steadily at the designated stand. Aircraft cabin, Anne hands holding a mobile phone, full of anticipation, excitement and longing goes on like a delicate porcelain doll general Qiao Lian.
“Your Excellency, the honorable princess, the plane has stopped. Huaxia officials and businessmen are waiting below. Are we going down now?” In the first class, a tall man in a black suit bowed and asked respectfully.
“Well, let’s go down now.” Annie nodded lightly, and then put the phone in the leather bag she carried. Her purse has no brand and is privately made. The material is made of crocodile belly leather, which is hand-stitched by the oldest craftsman in Eagle Country.
After putting away the phone, Annie stood up. The maid walked over with a maroon Nizi coat for the first time, put it on Annie, tidyed up her collar, and repaired her face. Makeup.
After all this, Annie took a hat from the servant.
The hat is inserted with precious feathers, and the back has larger pearls and embroidered borders. It is worn on Annie’s head to make her appear more elegant and noble.
After all this was done, the bodyguard informed the cabin crew to open the door, put down the aircraft
, and Lignica, accompanied by the bodyguard and servants, came to the landing with Hathaway and waved at the Huaxia officials and businessmen who were received below. He waved his hand, and then slowly disembarked.
At the same time, rich people from the Eagle Country Financial Group followed her, three meters away, and all the details showed her nobleness.
“His Royal Highness, Madam Hathaway, welcome to Yenching.”
As soon as Annie and Hathaway got off the plane, many Chinese officials walked over, headed by the head of a certain authority in Yanjing.
“Thank you.”
Annie stretched out her little white hand and shook it with Yan Jing’s first hand, smiling and thanking.
Afterwards, Annie shook hands with the people behind them one by one and smiled, while Yanjing’s top leader shook hands with the members of the Eagle Country Consortium behind Annie.
After shaking hands with many Yanjing officials, a tall and handsome young man appeared in front of Annie.
Seeing Anne, the tall and handsome young man suddenly overflowed with a charming smile: “Princess Anne, I am Chen Yingcai, I am glad to meet you.” The handsome young man took the initiative to extend his hand.
The words of a handsome young man rang in her ears, and Annie’s sapphire-like eyes suddenly lit up. The young man in front of him had the same name as his benefactor!
“Hello, Mr. Chen.” Annie stretched out Subai’s small hand with a smile, and shook Chen Yingcai together.
What surprised everyone was that the time for Annie to shake hands with Chen Yingcai was obviously longer than that of others.
Does Annie have a crush on Chen Yingcai?
The eyes of many Yanjing officials suddenly lighted up. If Annie has a good impression of Chen Yingcai, then the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium in Yanjing will probably depend on Chen Yingcai.
Seeing the enviable eyes of many Yanjing officials around, Chen Yingcai suddenly felt that his vanity was greatly satisfied.
Whether Annie knew his identity in advance or was infected by his charm, she treated him differently, but in the final analysis, this is his proud capital!
After a short welcome ceremony, Annie and the others boarded the bulletproof Land Rover that had already been prepared, and went to the hotel that had already been booked.
Annie stayed in the presidential suite of the hotel.
After Hathaway left the airport, she returned to her family.
“My Excellency Princess, dinner starts at seven o’clock. Would you like to take a break and then take a bath and change your clothes, or take a bath now?” After entering the hotel, the maid took out Anne’s pajamas and evening gown from the suitcase and asked for instructions. .
“Wait a minute, you go outside and wait for my notice.” Annie glanced at the maid and said.
“Yes, your honorable princess.” The maid bowed her orders for the first time, and slowly exited the room.
Annie took out her mobile phone and dialed Hathaway’s number.
“Hathaway, do you have any news about him?” As soon as the phone called, Annie couldn’t wait to speak, she wanted to know the news of her benefactor too much.
Moreover, she has great hopes for Hathaway.
Although Hathaway is a Chinese of eagle nationality, her family is extremely powerful in Yanjing. It is not difficult for such a big family to find her benefactor.
“Anne, it’s only two hours before we get off the plane.”
“Two hours, it’s not enough to even give orders, let alone find someone.” On the other end of the phone, Hathaway said helplessly. She didn’t expect that Annie would be so eager, just after getting off the plane, she wanted to find out about her benefactor.
“I’m sorry, Hathaway, I was too anxious.” Annie stuck out her tongue, seeming to realize her gaffe.
“It’s okay, Annie, I can understand your feelings. I also know that you are very anxious.”
“However, the Chinese saying goes, called Eat Hot Tofu.”
“There are some things, anxious useless.”
“If If you really have a relationship with that person, even if I don’t look for it, you will see each other sooner or later.” Hathaway smiled and said, she can understand Annie’s feelings at the moment, after all, she had been in love with her.
“Will you see each other sooner or later?” When Hathaway’s words rang in her ears, Annie suddenly felt a little lost.
She remembered the scene when she first met that person eight years ago.
It was one night, and she had just finished her fourteenth birthday at the Eagle National Theater.
When preparing to return to the palace, she was kidnapped by terrorists.
In order to save her, the royal family specially dispatched an entire royal special team.
But unexpectedly, the Royal Special Forces did not even break through the terrorist’s first line of defense, and they were completely destroyed.
I thought she would die at the hands of terrorists that night.
But unexpectedly, at the very moment of her death, a teenager no more than a few years older than her appeared.
The appearance of a young man is like a god soldier.
With just one person and one sword, dozens of terrorists were slaughtered.
In front of young people, those fierce terrorists with far-reaching reputation are as vulnerable as paper men.
No one can hold a young man with a sword!
To her, the boy that night was a god!
She can’t remember exactly what happened afterwards.
She only remembered that in the night, the young man took her by the hand and sent her to the gate of the palace.
With the faint light, she could clearly see what the boy looked like. It was a typical oriental face. On that face, coldness and tenderness coexisted… When the boy was leaving, she finally plucked up the courage to ask the boy. name.
Chen Feng.
From China.

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