Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 620

After the conversation with Hathaway was over, Anne took a bath and changed clothes with the help of a maid. Then, wearing a white evening gown representing holiness and nobility, Anne attended the dinner and sat at the main table.
Sitting with her at the main table are a member of the Eagle Royal Family, the head of the consortium, and several business tycoons.
On Huaxia’s side, Yanjing’s top leader sat on the main seat, accompanied by several other major leaders. In addition, there were Chen Yingcai and a representative of Yanjing’s local business community.
Although Chen Yingcai is not high-level, he represents the Yanjing Chen family, and the Fangshan District under his jurisdiction is the main area for Yanjing to attract investment from the Eagle State Consortium.
At the beginning of the banquet, Yanjing’s top leader gave a welcome speech, and then Annie gave a speech of thanks on behalf of the Eagle Country Consortium.
After all this was over, everyone began to eat.
Annie well inherited the etiquette of the eagle royal and nobles. When eating, she moved gracefully and chewed slowly, showing her nobility and elegance everywhere.
Of course, she can’t avoid going to the village to do whatever the custom is. After a certain period of time, she will toast and toast together.
Although Annie felt strange to all this, she always responded with an elegant smile.
“Beautiful Princess Anne, welcome you again to China and to Yanjing.” When it was Chen Yingcai’s turn, Chen Ying stood up again, holding a wine glass and walking straight to Annie’s side, showing a face that she thought was very With a charming smile, “Although I saw you on the first day, I feel that I have a particularly cordial feeling with you, as if we have met many times and have known each other for a long time.”
“Dear Mr. Chen, I am also with you. I felt a cordial feeling on my body.” Annie stood up, holding a red wine glass, smiling in response.
Ok? Annie’s words rang in her ears. All the Huaxia officials sitting at this table, including Yan Jing’s top leader, were slightly startled, and then looked at Chen Yingcai with admiration. They all tried to get closer to Annie, but none of them. Do it!
While admiring, Yanjing’s top leader also secretly rejoiced, fortunately that the burden of attracting investment fell on Chen Yingcai.
In his view, from the performance of Chen Yingcai, Chen Yingcai has completely gained Annie’s favor, which will greatly promote the subsequent investment promotion work.
“Beautiful Princess Anne, I believe we will become good friends.” Feeling the admiration of the eyes, the smile on Chen Yingcai’s face became more confident, and her heart was full of pride.
As the leader of the third generation of the Chen family, when the Chen family first handed over the task of receiving the royal princesses of the Eagle Kingdom into his hands, he was still a little nervous.
In his opinion, the arrogant girl of heaven like the royal princess must be the one with higher eyes than the top.
Even if he is the Chen family, the royal princess may not necessarily give him face.
But unexpectedly, the royal princess was so easy to contact, he only used a few words to win the royal princess close.
“I am looking forward to it.” Annie smiled slightly. The first sentence made Chen Yingcai very happy, and the second sentence made the smile on Chen Yingcai’s face instantly stiff, “Because my first Chinese friend also has the surname Chen. , To be precise, he is my benefactor.”
Princess Anne’s benefactor… also surnamed Chen?
Hearing Annie’s words, the audience fell into inexplicable embarrassment.
Especially Chen Yingcai, who stood up to toast, was even more embarrassed at this moment.
I thought that Annie had a good impression of him because of his handsome appearance and prominent family background.
But now, Annie said that the reason why she liked him was because her benefactor had the same last name as him.
“Beautiful Princess Anne, who is your benefactor?”
After suppressing the embarrassment on his face, Chen Yingcai smiled and spoke. He was very curious about who the benefactor of Chen was in Annie’s mouth.
Because it is not difficult to see from Annie’s performance that her benefactor, whose surname is Chen, is very important to her.
“His name is Chen Feng.” Annie smiled charmingly and said a name happily and joyfully. next moment.
The audience fell completely silent.
Including Yanjing’s top leader, all Huaxia personnel attending the dinner tonight were shocked.
In order to show respect for Annie, every time someone toasts and communicates with Annie, everyone at the dinner will stop communicating, making Annie the absolute protagonist of the scene.
In such a situation, Annie’s words clearly spread to everyone’s ears, and all officials in the China camp, including Yanjing No.1, heard the name.
Chen Feng!
Isn’t it… Chen Feng who was kicked out of the Chen family? !
At this moment, everyone’s heart is extremely shocked.
If what Annie said about Chen Feng was really the Chen Feng of the Chen family, then the dinner tonight would become interesting.
Because Chen Yingcai is Chen Boyong’s son and Chen Yingrou’s brother!
Not long ago, Chen Feng interrupted Chen Yingrou’s legs and shattered Chen Yingrou’s dantian, turning Chen Yingrou into a complete waste.
One can imagine how monstrous Chen Yingcai hated Chen Feng.
What is even more embarrassing is that the reason Annie had a good impression of Chen Yingcai from the beginning was not because Chen Yingcai was a child of the Chen family, nor because of Chen Yingcai’s personal charm, but because of Chen Feng!
In other words, only because Chen Yingcai had the same surname as Chen Feng, Annie was taken seriously!
Even outsiders have guessed this, let alone Chen Yingcai himself?
At this moment, Chen Yingcai only felt that he was slapped silently in public. It didn’t sound, but it was painful enough!
Under the light, the smile and pride on his face disappeared, replaced by embarrassment!
That embarrassment made him very reluctant to find a place to sew in immediately!
However, embarrassment belongs to embarrassment, and the emotions are not exposed. This is one of the necessary abilities of official leaders.
Soon, Chen Yingcai’s expression returned to normal, and a smile appeared on his face again, but the smile looked somewhat unnatural.
Compared with the embarrassment caused by the same name and surname, Chen Yingcai wanted to find out at this moment whether Chen Feng that Annie was talking about was the Chen Feng he hated so deeply!
“Mr. Chen, what’s the matter with you?”
Before Chen Yingcai could speak, Annie opened her mouth first. She only noticed the anomaly between Chen Yingcai and everyone. After she said the name Chen Feng, the atmosphere in the court obviously began to be wrong. .
Chen Yingcai shook his head subconsciously, but his unnatural behavior fell into Annie’s eyes, making Annie even more suspicious: “Mr. Chen, do you know Chen Feng?”
Seeing Annie has a tendency to break the casserole and ask questions to the end, and Chen Yingcai also knows that this matter is not easy to fool.
So, after a moment of deliberation, Chen Yingcai smiled and said: “Princess Anne, you may not believe it. I have a cousin who is also named Chen Feng.”
“However, he should not be your benefactor.”

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