Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 621

“Not my benefactor? Why did Mr. Chen say that?” Annie was a little curious. At this moment, she finally understood why Chen Yingcai had such a big reaction just now. It turns out that Chen Yingcai’s cousin and her benefactor have the same name. Both are named Chen Feng.
However, why does Chen Yingcai feel that his cousin is not his benefactor?
“Princess Anne, your identity is so precious, just like the sun in the sky, and my cousin is just an ordinary person, I don’t think he has the opportunity to contact you.”
Chen Yingcai smiled and said this. The words praised Annie without a trace, but also answered her doubts.
As for Anne’s benefactor, Chen Feng, and Chen Feng he knows are the same person… Although there is such a probability, it is too small, less than the five million in the first lottery ticket.
Annie Liu frowned. Although Chen Yingcai was very sure, she felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart that Chen Yingcai’s cousin was her benefactor!
“Mr. Chen, would it be convenient for me to see your cousin’s photo?” Annie couldn’t help but make a request, although the probability that Chen Yingcai said Chen Feng and Chen Feng she knew were the same person is infinitely close Zero, but she just wanted to confirm it, but when she was ready, she thought about it in her heart.
“Of course it’s convenient.”
Chen Yingcai naturally didn’t dare to have the slightest objection to Annie’s performance.
Soon, he pulled out Chen Feng’s photo from other people’s circle of friends.
This photo is a secret photo of Chen Feng taken at the Kunshan Underground Circuit a few hours ago.
It’s not very clear, but it is enough to see the outline of Chen Feng.
In fact, in addition to Chen Yingcai, many Yanjing officials in the venue today also had this photo on their mobile phones.
Because, Chen Feng’s crushing of the Korean car king in the underground racing track has spread throughout Yenching through the circle of friends.
At this moment, most people in Yanjing’s upper class knew Chen Feng.
After turning over the photo, Chen Yingcai handed the phone to Annie.
Before answering the phone, Annie was stunned.
As if hit by five thunders, the whole person was dumbfounded on the spot.
“Princess Anne…”
Chen Yingcai was also stunned when she saw Anne’s reaction. Could it be…
Anne’s benefactor, really that wild species, right? !
“Princess Anne…”
Chen Yingcai couldn’t help but speak again. He wanted to remind Annie that she might have confessed to the wrong person. However, before he finished speaking this time, he was interrupted by the extremely excited Annie: “Mr. Chen, he is me. The person you are looking for!”
Chen Yingcai’s smile froze completely.
Annie’s so determined tone immediately broke the last trace of luck in his heart.
“Mr. Chen, where is he now?” Annie’s face flushed with excitement. At this moment, her inner mood can only be described as excitement. She had planned to look for Chen Feng in China for the rest of her life, but she did not expect that she just arrived. Huaxia got news from Chen Feng.
“He… he should be in Yanjing now.” Chen Yingcai forced a smile on his face. At this moment, his mood can be said to be more uncomfortable than eating a fly. He would never have thought of killing him. Annie was looking for it so hard. This benefactor would really be Chen Feng!
“Is he also in Yanjing?!”
“God, what a coincidence!”
Annie’s beautiful eyes lit up again. At this time, she no longer has the noble attitude of a royal princess. It is more like a candy Cheering little girl.
“It’s a coincidence.”
Chen Yingcai nodded and forcibly suppressed the unhappiness in her heart.
Although he couldn’t understand why a wild species like Chen Feng had something to do with the royal princess on the other side of the ocean, for him, the most important thing at this moment is to attract investment!
Annie’s visit to China this time is with the Eagle Country’s consortium.
And he is also the person in charge of investment promotion in Fangshan District, Yanjing. If Annie can win the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium, his position in the political circles of Yanjing will be greatly improved.
At the same time, he will have a greater right to speak within the Chen family!
Therefore, he must take down Annie.
Judging from Annie’s current performance, she is completely out of contact with Chen Feng.
In this way, he can use the relationship between Chen Feng and Annie to make a fuss!
Anyway, Annie doesn’t know about his hostile relationship with Chen Feng, and even Annie still has a good impression of him because Chen Feng was his cousin before!
After thinking of this, Chen Yingcai deliberately pretended to be very angry, “Chen Feng is too unkind. He has an elegant and noble friend like you, but he has never mentioned it to me.” This time, Annie Wen Yan, with a smile to cover up her embarrassing so-called friend, she unilaterally raised it, and has not yet been recognized by Chen Feng!
In embarrassment, Annie wanted to ask Chen Yingcai where Chen Feng is now in Yanjing, but she knew that the occasion was not suitable, so she didn’t ask.
At the same time, the members of Huaxia in the field looked at Chen Yingcai strangely.
They all know the relationship between excellence and Chen Chen Feng, Chen excellence results also peace of mind to help Chen Feng relationship with Anne’s fuss …… face thick black heart.
At this moment, they coincidentally made this evaluation of Chen Yingcai in their hearts.
“Beautiful Miss Anne, for this magical fate, we have another toast.”
Although Chen Yingcai noticed everyone’s gaze, she didn’t care, but smiled and clinked glasses with Annie again.
What Annie meant to him was that he could decide whether the Eagle State Consortium invested in Fangshan District, Yanjing, and how much it would invest. As for the means used to achieve this goal, it didn’t matter. The important thing was that this matter allowed him to be on his resume. Leave a strong fortune and lay a solid foundation for your future career!
“Okay, Mr. Chen.”
Annie agreed very simply, and had another drink with Chen Yingcai.
Next, Chen Yingcai completely replaced many Yanjing bosses in the venue and became the protagonist of the Huaxia camp at the dinner party, frequently chatting with Annie.
Generally speaking, leaders pay attention to face and authority on two occasions, one is the meeting place and the other is the dinner.
In the meeting, any word of the leader is an instruction, and in the dinner, the leader is the object of everyone to flatter and flatter, and is the absolute protagonist.
But today, many Yanjing bigwigs in the venue willingly let Chen Yingcai replace him in the limelight, the purpose is to make Chen Yingcai on behalf of Yanjing and Annie and his party to establish a good relationship, paving the way for tomorrow’s investment promotion negotiations.
At nine o’clock, the dinner ended with laughter.
Many Yanjing bosses took Chen Yingcai and others to the elevator before leaving the hotel.
“It’s a pity that I didn’t have time to ask the specific whereabouts of Chen Feng, the head of Chen district.” The elevator went up, and Annie was surrounded by bodyguards and wealthy businessmen, feeling very sorry in her heart.

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