Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 622

Because the occasion was inappropriate, she never asked Chen Yingcai the question she wanted to ask.
However, she was very satisfied at the moment.
At least she knew that Chen Feng was in Yanjing.
Next, as long as she activates the relationship in her hands, she can quickly find Chen Feng.
After returning to the room, Anne didn’t even have time to change her shoes, so she called Hathaway’s cell phone number for the first time.
As soon as the call was connected, Annie said excitedly: “Hathaway, I found him!”
“Find him?” On the other end of the call, Hathaway was visibly taken aback. She mobilized most of the family’s power. There was no news about Chen Feng, so Anne used a dinner party and found it?
How did she find it?
“Hathaway, he is District Mayor Chen’s cousin…”
Annie didn’t hide, and told Hathaway about what happened at the dinner party.
After listening, Hathaway was completely shocked.
If she hadn’t known the identity of Chen Yingcai, she would have thought that Chen Yingcai was lying to Annie.
How could there be such a coincidence in this world?
“Hathaway, do you think this is my fate with him?” Annie’s face flushed. She remembered what Hathaway had said before. As long as two people have fate, even if they don’t deliberately look for it, they will eventually meet.
“Yes, this is indeed the fate of you and him.” Hathaway smiled bitterly. Before, her words were just to comfort Annie, but now, Annie is obviously taking it seriously.
“Hehe, Hathaway, you help me find out where he is now, and I will look for him after the investment promotion is over tomorrow.” Annie said.
Hathaway reluctantly agreed. Now Annie is completely mad…
At the same time, downstairs of the hotel, Chen Yingcai accompanied several tycoons of Yanjing officialdom to the parking lot.
“Xiao Chen, you performed well today, and you will continue to work harder tomorrow.” The leader of Yanjing patted Chen Yingcai on the shoulder, admiring Chen Yingcai’s performance tonight, and even the title became much more cordial.
“Yeah, District Chief Chen, Yanjing and even the first shot of investment promotion is all up to you.” The head Yanjing said this, and other bigwigs also praised Chen Yingcai.
“Please rest assured, the leader, promise to complete the task!”
Chen Yingcai promised vowedly, happy in her heart.
Because, he knows very well that if he successfully completes the work of attracting investment, he can not only leave a strong mark on his resume, but also have a good relationship with all the bigwigs in Yanjing.
In that way, his future work will be supported by the bigwigs, and the work will be very easy.
Then, amidst the praise, Chen Yingcai sent several Yanjing officialdom bosses into the car and waved goodbye to them.
After all this, he returned to his car.
“Are you okay?” In the car, Chen Yingcai’s girlfriend, Hua Lin, was sitting in the driving seat and asked with concern when she saw Chen Yingcai getting into the car.
She knew that Chen Yingcai would drink a lot of alcohol tonight, so instead of drinking, she drove Chen Yingcai back to her residence.
“I’m fine, smoke a cigarette before leaving.”
Chen Yingcai shook his head and said in a good mood, then lit a Nanjing Nine-Five Supreme in the car and took a pleasant sip.
“I didn’t expect that the wild species Chen Feng would know the princess of the Eagle Royal Family, and it seems that their relationship is good.” Hua Lin spoke again. She accompanied Chen Yingcai throughout the dinner just now, so she knew very well. The whole thing happened.
But even now, she still thinks this thing is incredible.
How does a wild species get involved with the royal family union group?
“Although it is very unexpected, their relationship has fulfilled me. Do you think I should be grateful to that wild species?” Chen Yingcai was not ashamed, but rather proud, with a joking smile.
“Speaking of this, I have to admire your quick response.”
Hua Lin admired and looked at Chen Yingcai with admiration. She and Chen Yingcai belonged to the same class, and both believed that the result was more important than the process and could even do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.
“You said, my cousin, if he knows that his relationship with the princess of the Eagle Royal Family will help me get a great achievement, will he be fainted by anger?” Chen Yingcai asked in a strange tone.
Hua Lin leaned forward and backward with a smile upon hearing the words, seeming to think that Chen Yingcai’s hypothesis was very interesting.
Chen Yingcai also smiled, and his face was full of spirits.
At this moment, Annie doesn’t know the relationship between Chen Yingcai and Chen Feng. She is still imagining what the scene will be when she meets Chen Feng tomorrow.
At this time, the maid’s voice sounded outside the bathroom: “Your Honorable Princess, I have prepared the clothes you are going to wear today. Do you need me to help you bathe?”
“No, you are waiting for me in the living room.”
Annie refused with a smile, and then began to wash.
At seven o’clock in the morning, a middle-aged man came to the presidential suite.
He is a member of the Eagle Royal Family, but he is not directly affiliated. He now holds an important position in the financial sector in the Eagle Country and has great power in his hands.
He is the first to follow Annie to Yenching this time. He is not only one of the representatives of the royal family, but also one of the representatives of the government.
“Your honorable princess, your complexion looks bad, is it because you didn’t sleep well because of jet lag?”
After seeing Annie, the middle-aged man found that Annie’s two cigarette rings were a little black and swollen, even if she couldn’t make up Disguise this.
Annie touched her cheek nervously. She did not sleep well last night. Because at the thought of meeting Chen Feng, she couldn’t sleep with excitement.
The middle-aged man nodded helplessly, and then said:
“Your honorable princess, according to today’s itinerary, we are going to the government department of Yanjing City to attend a meeting at nine o’clock. An important Chinese official will meet us. Then, officials from Yanjing will tell us about Yanjing’s investment environment and preferential policies in ppt format.”
“In the afternoon, we will follow Yanjing officials and businessmen to conduct field inspections and evaluations. If you don’t have a good rest, I suggest that you only attend the morning meeting, and you don’t need to go to the field visit in the afternoon.” The middle-aged man said about the itinerary and gave suggestions.
“Wait at noon.”
Annie answered first, and then asked: “By the way, Uncle Mueller, are you coming to see me for something?”
“Your honorable princess, the Yanjing official named Chen Yingcai came to the hotel. , Proposed to accompany you for breakfast, I will let him wait in the lobby, waiting for your reply.” The middle-aged man named Mueller explained his intention.
“You tell him, I will go down soon.” After hearing Mueller’s words in amazement, Annie’s turbid eyes suddenly lit up, and the delicate face like a porcelain doll became a little more radiant.

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