Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 623

Muller was watching Annie’s changes. He knew that it was only because the official named Chen Yingcai was Chen Feng’s cousin!
In addition, as the main person in charge of the delegation, he also knows that the reason why Annie took the lead in bringing people to Yenching before the King of the Eagle House visited China was mainly because she wanted to find Chen and Meet Chen Feng!
As for investment…
This is the return given to China by the Eagle Royal Family in order to thank Chen Feng for saving Annie.
Ten minutes later, Anne, accompanied by bodyguards and Mueller, came to the hotel lobby.
“Beautiful Princess Anne, your complexion doesn’t look so good, is it because you didn’t sleep yesterday?”
Chen Yingcai saw Anne bringing people up, and hurriedly greeted them, and asked with concern.
“Yes, I didn’t rest well last night.” Annie nodded.
“This is a serious dereliction of duty in our work!”
Chen Yingcai immediately reviewed, and then asked: “Beautiful Princess Anne, are you dissatisfied with the hotel’s environment and conditions? If you are not satisfied, I will immediately arrange for someone to change it for you Hotel.”
“No, the hotel’s environment and conditions are very good. I was because of jet lag.” Annie shook her head and lied. The reason why she didn’t sleep well was because of nervousness and meeting with Chen Feng!
“That way, I hope you can adapt as soon as possible and get a good sleep tonight.” Chen Yingcai said with a smile.
“Thank you.”
Annie thanked her politely, and then led her to the hotel restaurant with Chen Yingcai.
Because it was still early and there were not many guests in the hotel restaurant for breakfast, Annie refused Chen Yingcai’s suggestion to go to the private dining room.
This is also a difference between Eastern and Western cultures. Chinese people like to dine in a private box, which is confidential, while Westerners like to dine with many people in the hall.
“Mr. Chen, there is something I need to trouble you.”
Halfway through the meal, Annie put down her knife and fork, wiped her mouth and hands, and said to Chen Yingcai in a pleading tone.
“The beautiful Princess Anne, it is my honor to be able to serve you, please tell me.” Chen Yingcai showed a smile that she considered to be very elegant and gentleman.
“Can you give me Chen Feng’s contact information? I want to call him first.” Annie said straightforwardly.
“This… I’m afraid it won’t work.” Chen Yingcai’s face was embarrassed.
“Princess Anne, tell you the truth, my cousin and I have not had contact, I only know that he recently Yanjing, but specifically where he is doing, but I know nothing.”
“But , If Princess Anne wants his contact information, I can arrange for someone to look it up immediately, but this requires a bit of the world.” Chen Yingcai changed the conversation and said.
At this moment, he naturally couldn’t give Annie Chen Feng the way to contact. If Annie knew about the relationship between him and Chen Feng, he would not be able to get the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium.
“Time is not a problem, I can wait, I will stay in China for a while.” Annie said.
“Okay, when the breakfast is over, I’ll ask him to find his contact information.”
Although she said that, Chen Yingcai sneered in her heart: Annie wanted to contact Chen Feng before the Eagle Country Consortium signed the investment agreement. It is impossible!
“Thank you, Mr. Chen.”
Annie heard the words, and a charming smile bloomed on her delicate face, thanking her gratefully.
“You’re welcome, beautiful Princess Anne, as I just said, it is my honor to serve you. Besides, you and Chen Feng are friends. You come to China, let him show you the beautiful scenery of Yanjing and taste Yenching’s food is what I should cook.”
Chen Yingcai smiled and complimented, then changed the conversation again, and said: “Beautiful Princess Anne, I also have something to trouble you.”
“Mr. Chen, you Said.”
“Yanjing is the most economically developed city in China, and it has the best investment environment and policies in China. I hope you can help me convey this information to the businessmen who followed you to Yanjing this time, and let them Strengthen investment confidence and increase investment.”
If Annie is straightforward, then Chen Yingcai is a roundabout. He wants Annie to make an investment, but he didn’t say it straight.
“Mr. Chen, please rest assured, I will advise and persuade them, and they will definitely listen to my advice.” Annie smiled slightly.
“Thank you!”
Chen Yingcai smiled and thanked, feeling completely determined.
In his opinion, since Annie has made such a statement, the Eagle State Consortium’s investment in Yanjing Fangshan is firmly established, and the amount of investment is likely to give him a surprise.
All this made his mood extraordinarily beautiful, so that when he saw the waitresses in the restaurant, he felt that the other party was as beautiful as a fairy!
“Om” Just as Chen Yingcai was excited by Annie’s attitude, the phone that Annie put in her purse vibrated.
Annie gestured with a smile, then walked to the side, took out the phone from her purse, and suddenly found that it was Hathaway’s call.
“What’s wrong, Hathaway?”
“Anne, where are you now?”
“Dinning with Mr. Chen.” Annie glanced at Chen Yingcai.
“Dinning with Mr. Chen?” On the other end of the phone, Hathaway was stunned when she heard Anne’s words, and then her tone became serious: “Anne, I have to tell you something.
” I just got a piece of news.”
“The Chen Feng you are looking for and Chen Yingcai, who is dining with you, are enemies.”
Huh! Annie’s face changed drastically.
Chen Feng and Chen Yingcai turned out to be enemies? !
“Hathaway, what is going on, Mr. Chen said, isn’t Chen Feng his cousin?” Annie couldn’t help but speak.
“Chen Yingcai is right. Chen Feng is indeed his cousin, but at the same time, Chen Feng is also his enemy. Not long ago, Chen Feng broke the legs of Chen Yingcai’s sister…”
Hathaway investigates herself The information came out truthfully.
After listening, a flash of anger suddenly appeared on Annie’s pretty face.
Chen Yingcai actually deceived her!
The fact is not what he said.
He and Chen Feng are cousins ​​and the relationship is good, but he wants to kill Chen Feng!
Moreover, he also wants to use his goodwill towards Chen Feng to get the Eagle Country’s consortium to invest in him!
Soon, Annie hung up the phone and returned to the dining table.
At this moment, Chen Yingcai had already noticed Annie’s abnormality, and he couldn’t help but speak: “Beautiful Princess Anne, what’s the matter with you?”
Chen Yingcai’s words sounded in his ears, thinking of everything Chen Yingcai had said, Annie did not have an immediate attack. Chen Yingcai confronted and turned his face, but tried to control his emotions.

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