Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 625

“What to do?”
Chen Yingcai sat on her seat, like sitting on pins and needles, as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. The head of Yanjing City had already reported to the leader above for work, and was waiting for Anne and her party with the leader above. go with.
Under such a situation, he really couldn’t imagine how they would feel when they learned of the latest developments.
Annie quickly returned to the hotel room and asked the bodyguard to notify Mueller to come to her.
“Your honorable princess, you are looking for me.” Mueller entered the door and saluted respectfully.
“Uncle Mueller, inform Yanjing that our investment in Yanjing has been temporarily suspended, and all activities today have been cancelled.” Annie said with a cold face, her tone beyond doubt.
At this moment, she revealed the aura of being a princess of a country.
“Honorable Princess, what happened?” Mueller’s face suddenly changed when he heard the words. He knew something unexpected happened, otherwise Annie Never make such a decision suddenly.
“You tell them that if you want Eagle Country’s consortium to continue to invest in Yanjing, Chen Yingcai will be exempted from his current position, and he will never hold any position in China in the future.”
“I only give them twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours later, if Chen Yingcai’s position is not removed, then we will return immediately. At the same time, I will persuade my father to give up this investment.” Annie gave the answer indirectly.
“Yes, your honorable princess.” Hearing Anne’s words again, Mueller didn’t ask another word.
Because, through Annie’s words, he knew the reason, and it must be Chen Yingcai who did something to offend Chen Feng, which made Annie very angry.
In addition, he also knew very well that whether it was Annie or Annie’s father who came to China, even if it was not entirely because of repaying Chen Feng, the main purpose was to repay Chen Feng.
In such a situation, if something happened to Chen Feng to make Annie angry and turn her face, then even if the people here broke their lips, this foreign affairs event would be cancelled without any suspense.
At the same time that Muller led the withdrawal of Annie’s room, at a certain Yenching hotel, the leader of Yenching City met with the leaders above. After polite greetings and greetings, they began to talk about business matters, but the tone was very strong. Random, no title.
“Just now Xiao Chen called me and said that while he was dining with Princess Anne, he communicated with Princess Anne about the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium in Yanjing. Princess Anne said that she was very satisfied with the investment environment of Yanjing. Said that he would make a large investment.” said Xie Yuan, the head of Yanjing City.
“Xiao Xie, if Princess Anne’s statement is transformed into actual action, then this is a heavy achievement.” The leader said with a smile. If this thing is done, not only Xie Yuan, but he will also benefit a lot. After all, he is the supervisor in charge of this job.
“Please rest assured, the leader, we will go all out.”
Xie Yuan smiled and said, then changed the subject, said: “By the way, this time things can be so smooth, thanks to Xiao Chen. Although Xiao Chen is not very young , But he has a rich resume and strong working ability, especially in the field of external communication.”
“Well, Chen Yingcai is good. He works under you. It is both his opportunity and your blessing.” The leader nodded. He is not familiar with this young Chen family, but like other big brothers, he knows such a person.
This is the role that Chen Family Aura brings to Chen Yingcai.
If grassroots officials can do this, then promotion is not far away.
This time, without waiting for Xie Yuan to say anything, the door of the hotel room was knocked.
Hearing the sound, Xie Yuan quickly got up and opened the door. He suddenly saw his secretary standing at the door with a panic expression, as if something great had happened.
This discovery caused Xie Yuan’s face to change slightly, a little angry.
The secretary is usually the person most trusted by the leader, and the leader will be particularly concerned about choosing this person. In this way, if the secretary’s ability is not good, it also indirectly reflects that the leader knows and employs people.
“What’s the matter?” Xie Yuan asked calmly.
“Leader, there is a very urgent and important thing.” The secretary noticed Xie Yuan’s anger, but couldn’t keep calm, his expression still panicked, and even his voice trembled slightly.
“I’ll be with you.” Xie Yuan heard the words, turned his head and greeted the boss, then walked out of the room and walked towards the hotel’s rooftop in silence.
“what happened”? Xie Yuan didn’t ask until he came to the rooftop.
“Leader, just now the General Office received a call from Minister Mueller of the Eagle Country Consortium. According to Director Zhang, the Eagle Country Consortium wants to suspend its investment in Yanjing and cancel all the arrangements for today’s activities.” The secretary did not dare to neglect, and quickly replied. .
“Wh…what?” I was shocked to hear the secretary’s report. Even though Xie Yuan has been in officialdom, he has already forged a strong big heart. He has already managed to show his emotions and anger without showing his face. “Is there any reason from the Eagle Country Consortium?”
“You immediately dial Director Zhang’s number.”
After the questioning, Xie Yuan changed his mind and asked the secretary to call Director Zhang.
Because the meaning of words is prone to errors, it is not as accurate as direct communication.
“Director Zhang, what’s the matter? Okay, why should the Eagle Country Financial Group suspend investment and cancel today’s event schedule?” Xie Yuan asked straightforwardly after the call was connected.
“According to Minister Mueller, this is Princess Anne’s decision.” On the other end of the call, Director Zhang was also anxious about this matter. At this moment, he received a call from Xie Yuan and quickly said: “I also asked him the specific reason. He told me that something happened to Chen Feng, Princess Anne’s benefactor, that made Princess Anne very dissatisfied with Chen Yingcai. At the same time, Princess Anne also questioned Yanjing’s investment environment…”
Xie Yuan raised his brow.
He did not expect that Chen Yingcai had just reported good news on the front foot, and bad news came on the back foot.
This caught him by surprise.
“The head of the city, in addition, Princess Anne also said that if the Eagle Country Consortium wants to continue to invest in China, Chen Yingcai must be exempted from the current position. If it is within 24 hours, China will not exempt Chen Yingcai. She will return to the Eagle Nation with the group, and will advise her father to cancel the investment of the consortium.”
Director Zhang added: “According to Minister Mueller, Princess Anne’s proposal can almost determine the Eagle Nation consortium. Attitude.”

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