Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 627

Chen Yingcai didn’t realize Chen Feng’s doubts. He still said to himself: “Princess Anne came to China this time with the Eagle Country Consortium.”
“On our side, we want the Eagle Country Consortium to face Yan. Beijing invests…but whether the Eagle Country Consortium invests in Yanjing depends on Princess Anne’s mood.”
“Chen Feng, you and Princess Anne are friends. I hope you can consider that we are all Yanjing people. Princess Anne said, let her approve the investment of the Eagle Country Consortium…”
“Who is Princess Anne?” Chen Feng interrupted Chen Yingcai. He didn’t know any Princess Anne. He didn’t know at all. Chen Yingcai is here. Say what.
“You don’t know Princess Anne?!”
Chen Yingcai was taken aback when she heard Chen Feng’s words.
“I don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head. He did not know Princess Anne.
No, the Eagle Country Consortium…
Suddenly, Chen Feng frowned as he thought of something.
On the other hand, Chen Yingcai was a little frustrated: “Chen Feng, I know you still have a grudge about our past, but you don’t have to pretend not to know Princess Anne before me?”
“Princess Anne said you are She is her greatest benefactor. She came to China this time to find you. How could you not know her?”
In Chen Yingcai’s view, the reason why Chen Feng said that he did not know Princess Anne was purely to refuse his request.
“The Princess Anne you are talking about is the princess of the Eagle Kingdom?” Chen Feng frowned. After Chen Yingcai said so, he suddenly remembered that the little girl rescued in the Eagle Kingdom eight years ago came.
At that time, he only knew that the little girl was the princess of the Eagle Kingdom, but he didn’t know the name of the little girl.
On the other side of the phone, Chen Yingcai was taken aback again. Chen Feng didn’t seem to know Princess Anne?
“Yes, the Princess Anne I am talking about is the princess of the Royal Family of Eagle Country.” Chen Yingcai said after suppressing the doubts in his heart.
“What did she come to do with me?” After getting Chen Yingcai’s affirmation, Chen Feng suddenly had a headache. He didn’t expect that after eight years, the royal princess would come to China to look for him.
“How do I know.” Chen Yingcai was a little irritable. At this moment, he was jealous of Chen Feng from the bottom of his heart. He really couldn’t figure out what kind of shit luck Chen Feng had. If he could know a royal princess like Anne, he could still let Anne. Come to him from a long distance.
Moreover, the most important thing is that Chen Feng still can’t remember that there is a woman like Anne. She is a princess of the royal family. How many people want to flatter themselves… But
Chen Feng would be good. If it weren’t for him, Chen Feng would not Can’t remember who he was talking about Annie.
“Chen Feng, Princess Anne is expected to find you soon.”
“When she finds you, I hope you will mention to her about the Eagle Country Consortium’s investment in Yanjing…”
“Chen Yingcai, do you treat me as a fool? Before Chen Yingcai finished speaking, Chen Feng interrupted with a faint smile.
Chen Yingcai was taken aback: “Chen Feng, what do you mean?”
“What do I mean?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness: “Chen Yingcai, if I guess right, you are responsible for the investment of Yanjing. Right?”
“Yes, it’s me.” Chen Yingcai did not deny it, because denial is useless. Chen Feng only needs to investigate a little bit to know this kind of thing.
“Since it’s you, why don’t you go to Annie in person, but come to me.” Chen Feng said playfully. After figuring out who Annie was, he immediately understood Chen Yingcai’s purpose of looking for him.
If nothing else, Chen Yingcai must have done something to annoy Annie. Otherwise, Chen Yingcai would never find him.
Even if it came to him, it wouldn’t be this tone.
Chen Yingcai was shocked. Obviously, he didn’t expect Chen Summit to have such a keen reaction, and he immediately realized the crux of the matter.
“I’m looking for you because you know Princess Anne…” Although she was surprised at the bottom of her heart, Chen Yingcai was still stiff.
“Know Princess Anne?” Chen Feng smiled faintly, and then said: “You think too much, I know Princess Anne you said, but I am not familiar with her.”
“As for the investment you said, I don’t think I am There is so much face.”
After speaking, regardless of Chen Yingcai’s reaction, Chen Feng directly hung up the phone.
“This wild species!” On the other side of the phone, Chen Yingcai jumped in anger.
He also wanted to use the Chen family’s relationship to threaten Chen Feng, but he didn’t expect that Chen Feng would not even let him speak.
Soon after Chen Feng just hung up Chen Yingcai’s phone, another Yanjing number called.
After pressing answer, a pleasant female voice came from the phone: “Hello, is this Mr. Chen Feng?”
“I am Chen Feng, you are…”
“Hello, Mr. Chen Feng, I am Hathaway , Annie’s friend.” On the other end of the phone, a pleasant female voice proactively reported her identity.
“Hello.” Chen Feng responded politely. He was not surprised that Annie’s friend found his number.
“Mr. Chen Feng, I am sorry to disturb you in such an abrupt way.”
“In the morning, Chen Yingcai used your name to deceive Princess Anne.”
“Princess Anne felt guilty about it. She almost helped your enemy.” …” Hathaway’s tone was very polite.
Her politeness stems from the relationship between Chen Feng and Annie, as well as her respect for Chen Feng himself.
After learning about Chen Feng’s information, she only learned that Chen Feng turned out to be the peerless talent in the martial arts world a few days ago.
Fighting against the Japanese martial arts world with one’s own strength, and beheading two strong gods, was listed as SSS-level dangerous men by many countries around the world…
This is Chen Feng!
Chen Feng, the first to show off!
Originally, she didn’t know what kind of man could make Annie remember for eight years. After reading Chen Feng’s information, she knew!
“Tell Annie, she doesn’t need to be guilty, I didn’t put Chen Yingcai in my eyes at all.” Chen Feng smiled lightly, and he did not put Chen Yingcai in his eyes.
Although he was an enemy of the Chen family, from beginning to end, he did not pay attention to the third generation of the Chen family.
Only Chen Boyong and a few second generations of the Chen family can be regarded by him.
Chen Yingcai… but just a clown.
“Mr. Chen Feng, you are too big.” Hathaway complimented, and then she said again: “By the way, Mr. Chen Feng, do you have time tonight? If you have time, Annie would like to treat you to a meal. Fan, thank you for your life-saving grace.”
“I have time.” After a moment of indulgence, Chen Feng smiled.
“Well, Mr. Chen, I will decide where to eat, and I will send it to you after it’s decided.” Hathaway said.
“No problem.”
Chen Feng readily agreed. Annie came to him from Eagle Country not far away, so he naturally wanted to see him.

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