Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 628

Chen Feng is discussing about the dinner with Annie, and Chen Yingcai on the other side, at this moment, is like an ant on a hot pot.
There were only less than three minutes left before the half-hour time limit Xie Yuan gave him, but he still didn’t think of any solution to the problem.
At this moment, Xie Yuan called.
“Chen Yingcai, how are things going? Did Princess Anne forgive you?” Xie Yuan asked in an anxious tone on the phone. The anger of Princess Anne has spread to the ears of many leaders above, and now these leaders have one after another. They pressured him to calm Annie’s anger as soon as possible.
“City…City leader, I haven’t seen Princess Anne yet.” Chen Yingcai bit the bullet and spoke. When things have developed to such a situation, he naturally dare not conceal any more from Xie Yuan.
“What?! Haven’t you seen Princess Anne yet?!”
Xie Yuan was immediately angry when she heard Chen Yingcai say this.
“Chen Yingcai, you are such a waste!” Xie Yuan directly exploded.
In the next second, before Chen Yingcai reacted, he listened to Xie Yuan angrily said: “Chen Yingcai, you don’t need to do it, and immediately roll up the bedding for me!”
“City leader!” Chen Yingcai was taken aback and wanted to go again. A few words of excuse, but there was a beep on the phone … Xie Yuan directly hung up the phone.
Chen Yingcai’s heart was ashamed, and Xie Yuan’s words were equivalent to announcing the end of his career…
Soon, the time came to night.
Hathaway’s dining place is a private house in Wangfujing of Yanjing.
This small house is not open to the public on weekdays.
Only the most powerful people in Yanjing are eligible to enter the house to eat.
Today, Hathaway specially packaged the entire house.
The owner of the house also knew that the princess of the Eagle Kingdom would be the princess who came to dine here today, so he arranged it in advance very carefully.
At eight o’clock in the evening, Liu Liang, a bulletproof Rolls Royce specially used to receive foreign guests, stopped at the gate of the house.
In the back row of the middle car, Anne and Hathaway were sitting side by side.
When the car stopped steadily, many bodyguards got out of the car, carefully checked the surroundings and confirmed that there were no dangerous factors, and then opened the door for Annie.
After Anne and Hathaway got out of the car, Hathaway glanced at Anne with a smile, and said, “Here, Anne, you can go in by yourself.”
“Hathaway, can you go with me? I’m a little nervous.” Annie glanced at Hathaway with embarrassment.
Hathaway smiled helplessly: “Anne, what’s so nervous about this. As far as I know, Chen Feng is a very good person.”
“Besides, this is your first official meeting. I don’t want to be a light bulb.”
“Okay, I’m going in.” Annie took a deep breath and quickly adjusted her mind.
Although she was only attending a private dinner with Chen Feng, Annie spent nearly two hours dressing up before going out. After careful consideration from hair, makeup and clothing, she paid more attention to the dinner than she arrived in China on the first day.
Today’s Annie is light makeup. She still wears her favorite white dress. She wears a beige coat outside. She wears a burgundy gemstone necklace on her neck. Her hair is not curled up high, but combed into a ponytail. In addition to being noble and elegant, people are also a little bit more cute than girls.
After entering the door, Annie found out that Chen Feng was at the door. After taking a closer look at Chen Feng’s strange and familiar face, Annie couldn’t help but speak: “Dear Feng, I finally see you again.”
“Princess Anne, I am not a big person, but you, with a noble status, it is not easy to see you.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
“Dear Feng, as long as you want to see me, you can anytime.”
Annie responded subconsciously, and then vaguely felt that her words were a bit explicit, she lowered her head in shame and flushed her face.
Ok? Annie’s reaction made Chen Feng faintly aware of a strange breath.
He is no longer the ignorant boy he used to be. From Anne’s reaction, it is not difficult for him to see that Anne likes him.
At this moment, the waiter knocked on the door of the box and brought the dishes in, breaking the slightly embarrassing and ambiguous atmosphere.
Although Annie is a princess, she does not have many dishes, four signature dishes such as braised pork, fire-roasted fish, local bacon, and tempeh pepper, plus a soup and a large harvest.
Liquor, the national liquor Moutai is used.
“Anni, I am very glad to see you again. You are more beautiful than eight years ago.” The food was on the table, and the waiter stepped back. Chen Feng personally poured the wine for Annie and picked up the glass.
“Thank you, dear Feng, your praise makes me very happy.”
Annie has a big smile. She likes Chen Feng’s praise, and she is not shy because of Chen Feng’s praise. This is largely because of the West. Cultural reasons Normally, Eastern culture emphasizes subtlety and moderation, while Western culture emphasizes boldness and directness.
“Good wine, delicious food.” After a glass of wine, Annie spooned a piece of braised pork. After eating, she couldn’t help exclaiming.
Then, Annie tasted the other three dishes one after another, all in awe.
“Dear Feng, for the second glass of wine, I will toast you. Thank you for helping me.”
Annie also picked up the wine glasses, but did not clink them immediately. Instead, she looked at Chen Feng sincerely and said: “Eight years ago, if you didn’t save me, I would have died in the hands of those gangsters. You are me. His benefactor is also the benefactor of the Eagle Royal Family. Our consortium’s trip to China is largely because of you, and my father wants to express gratitude to you.”
“Tell your father that he doesn’t need to do that. “Chen Feng smiled, then clinked glasses with Annie.
After the second cup of wine, Annie did not go to eat vegetables, but looked at Chen Feng with some doubts, and asked: “Dear Feng, why do those Chen family want to kill you? As far as I know, you are also the Chen family. In a sense, you should be relatives.”
Obviously, as a royal princess, Annie is no stranger to the power struggle of the royal family. She knows the cruelty of it, but she feels Chen Feng’s situation and power The contention is irrelevant.
“Family?” Chen Feng was startled, and then said with a wry smile: “The Chen family are not my relatives.”
“They are my enemies.”
“My mother was killed by them back then.”
“Ah?!” When she arrived at Chen Feng, Annie was obviously surprised. Then, she looked at Chen Feng apologetically and said: “Dear Feng, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned this matter.”
“It doesn’t matter, it’s all over.” Chen Feng waved his hand.

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