Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 629

“Dear Feng, that Chen Yingcai is really hateful. He is the most hypocritical and disgusting person I have ever seen.”
“Do you mind if I punish him?” After that, Annie asked for instructions.
The punishment she mentioned is naturally the end of Chen Yingcai’s career.
She knew very well that for a big family like Chen Yingcai, ending his official career would make him more uncomfortable than killing him.
“Don’t mind.” Chen Feng smiled. As he said, he never mentioned that Chen Yingcai was a jumping clown in his eyes.
Therefore, he would not take the initiative to ask Annie to do anything to Chen Yingcai.
But at the same time, if Annie deals with Chen Yingcai, he will not stop it.
In the following time, Annie was like a curious baby, full of curiosity and interest in Chen Feng, and she wished to move 100,000 why to the dinner table.
But from beginning to end, she never asked Chen Feng’s emotional issues.
It seems that she is deliberately avoiding something.
Two hours later, the dinner was over and there was not much food left on the table, most of which were eaten by Chen Feng, and a bottle of Moutai also bottomed out.
“Dear Feng, this is the happiest dinner I have ever had in my life. Huaxia’s wine and food are as delicious as the legend. Of course, the most important thing is to meet you again.”
Annie smiled happily. She said that although she only drank half a bottle of wine, her delicate face like a porcelain doll was a little red, and the sapphire-like blue eyes turned bright, making her whole person more charming.
“Let’s go, I’ll show you outside.” Chen Feng smiled, and then took Annie out of the box.
Outside the box, Annie’s bodyguard was like a sculpture, standing straight there, motionless, until after seeing Chen Feng and Annie going out, he bent over to say hello to them: “Your Excellency, Mr. Chen.”
“Rock,” Chen Feng wants to take me to the Bund, so don’t follow.” Annie said.
“Well, your honorable princess.”
Locke hesitated, then agreed to Annie’s decision, and then looked at Chen Feng with admiration: “I believe that with Mr. Chen’s strength, looking at the entire China, few people can I hurt your princess.”
Chen Feng heard the words and understood that the other party knew him, so he smiled slightly: “Thank you for your trust, I will send Annie to the hotel safely.” After the voice fell, Chen Feng took Annie and left the hotel on foot. The Bund.
Walking through the prosperous Nanjing Road to the brightly lit Bund, Annie completely discarded the nobility and elegance of the princess of the Eagle Kingdom along the way, like a bird out of the cage, jumping and chirping, it was an excitement.
Although Huaxia now has too many foreigners, and there is no shortage of foreign beauties, Annie has attracted countless eyes on the road, and Chen Feng has become the object of envy and hatred by many men.
“Dear Feng, thank you for your company. I am very happy tonight.”
An hour later, Annie stood by the river, watching the night view of the beach, nestling like a bird on Chen Feng’s shoulder, as the evening breeze blows. , Blowing up her long golden hair, covering her peerless face, but not concealing her throbbing heart.
“It’s okay if you are happy. It’s getting late, shall I send you back?” Chen Feng smiled and asked.
Chen Feng’s words rang in her ears . Although Annie wanted Chen Feng to be with him for a while, she didn’t say anything.
Forty minutes later, Chen Feng drove Annie to the hotel.
“Dear Feng, would you like to have a glass of red wine in my room and talk for a while.” At the door of the hotel, Annie looked reluctant, and at the same time made an invitation, her face full of expectation.
“No, I still have something to deal with. If you are free tomorrow, you can call me.”
Chen Feng politely refused.
He naturally understood what Annie meant by going up for a drink, but now he is already married.
There are some bottom lines that he will never break.
Soon, the time came to the next day.
Although at the dinner yesterday, Chen Feng did not mention the investment of the Eagle State Consortium to Annie at all, but early the next morning, Annie took the business leaders from the Eagle State Consortium to the Yanjing Investment Promotion Hall. Yanjing is the venue for the investment promotion meeting held by the Eagle State Consortium.
Annie came here naturally to allow Eagle Country’s consortium to invest in Yanjing.
However, this investment is not based on Chen Yingcai’s face, but on Chen Feng’s face.
She invested in Yanjing because of Chen Feng.
She made it clear to Xie Yuan last night.
After Annie and the giants of many financial groups arrived, the big men headed by Xie Yuan personally took people out to greet them with a very warm attitude.
The meeting went very smoothly. First, the staff from Huaxia gave a speech. Xie Yuan discussed the investment environment and preferential policies of Huaxia and Yanjing from the perspective of Huaxia and Yanjing, and respectively drew two aspiring blueprints.
After Xie Yuan’s speech, Yingguo entrepreneurs asked various questions and doubts about investment. The relevant personnel from various departments of Yanjing and Zhang Duo, the second-in-chief of Yanjing Investment Department and Fangshan District, answered on-site. The atmosphere is very harmonious.
“I would like to have your honorable Princess Anne speak below.”
At the end of the meeting, Xie Yuan, as the host, invited Annie to speak, which immediately evoked warm applause.
“China has a long history and splendid culture, and it is one of the four ancient countries in the world.”
“Before coming to China this time, my knowledge of China mostly stayed in books and materials. This time, it was my first. When I came to China for the second time, I admired the beauty of China, tasted the food of China, and tasted the customs of China. All this brought me a very novel feeling and made me full of good impressions of this magical country.
” Just now, I listened carefully to Mr. Xie Yuan’s speech and other Huaxia officials’ answers to investment questions. I am very satisfied and optimistic about Huaxia’s investment environment. Here I would like to say two things.”
“First, I and those present The entrepreneurs of Eagle Country are very optimistic about the investment environment of Yanjing and even China. We have a strong interest in investing here, and we want to transform our interest into practical actions. Later, I will witness Mr. Mueller representing our outstanding entrepreneurs. Signed an investment agreement with Yanjing.”

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