Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 632

After learning about Chen Feng’s terrifying incident in Japan, the Jing family’s head immediately made the decision to let the Jing family descendants challenge Chen Feng.
Chen Feng is the best springboard to make Jing Jia famous in the Chinese martial arts world!
If Chen Feng is defeated by the descendants of the Jing family when he is famous and righteous, then the Jing family will become the first of the eight ancient Chinese families!
“Dad, when did the descendants of the Jing family act on that wild species?” Chen Yingcai couldn’t help but speak. At this time, he couldn’t wait to see the descendants of the Jing family abuse and kill Chen Feng.
“Just these few days.” Chen Boyong responded indifferently. An ancient Wu family like the Jing family must build momentum before they make a move. Only when the momentum is reached to the top is the best time for the Jing family to make a move.
“Alright, let the wild species live for a few more days.” Chen Yingcai sneered. Due to Chen Zhennan’s order, the Chen family was not good at doing anything to Chen Feng, but now, the Jing family wants to do it to Chen Feng. Then it doesn’t matter to the Chen family.
Jingjia Manor is only the residence of the ancient family of the Jing family. It is located in the mountains and is also the ancestral home of the Jing family. It has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.
In the early morning, the morning glow filled the sky, running through the east and west horizons, poured into the mountains, everything was bathed in the morning light, and a new day began.
About 30 kilometers away from Nangui, the nameless mountain, the top of the mountain is covered with fog, the sun is shining, and the golden light is dotted, like a fairyland.
More than a dozen wooden houses are scattered on the mountain, almost invisible in a foggy day.
This is the ancestral land of the Jing family, almost isolated from the world, few people know.
In the heavy fog, a young man in a white robe sat cross-legged on a rock on the top of the mountain, facing the rising sun, breathing continuously.
His breathing is slow and long, his abdomen bulges high with each breath, like an inflated balloon.
Young people are not others, they are the genius Jingteng cultivated by the Jing family with all their resources.
The Jing family is a family of martial arts, which has existed for thousands of years, and was well-known in the ancient Chinese martial arts circle. It was one of the most powerful martial arts family at that time.
The strongest of the ancestors of the Jing family, combined with the essence of Chinese martial arts, created a peerless martial arts yin-yang boxing.
Yin-Yang Boxing, as its name suggests, combines the way of Yin and Yang, and is a boxing technique that combines both internal and external training.
Inside, use the breathing method to strengthen the internal organs, and outside, use medicated baths to forge the flesh.
For this reason, in addition to boxing techniques, Yin Yang Boxing also has a set of breathing techniques and prescription aids, all of which have been passed down completely and are the treasure of the Jing family.
As a descendant of Jing family’s exhaustion of resources, Jing Teng learned the complete Yin-Yang boxing, including boxing moves and breathing methods. The medicine needed for the medicated bath was searched for by Jing Yunlin’s line and sent regularly.
To cultivate a powerful descendant, take a bath every day with a variety of precious medicinal materials. The required medicinal materials are huge, and the value is beyond estimate.
For this reason, Jing Jiacai decided to enter the medical field and the medicinal material market. With the ancestral prescriptions and medical techniques, Jing Jiayi’s line became the cattle-breaking existence of the Chinese medical field.
When the sun gradually rose, the fog on the top of the mountain gradually dissipated. Jing Teng opened his eyes, his eyes sharp as a knife, and his body was full of vitality, like a stove.
However, as he stopped using that mysterious breathing method, the blood in his body gradually stabilized, his breath was restrained, and the whole person seemed as if a sword was sheathed.
“Young Master.”
At this moment, a young man in a gray robe came over and bowed to greet Jing Teng.
His last name is Yang, and he is Jingteng’s Wutong.
In ancient times, there were book boys who accompany the children of high-ranking officials and noble families to study. At the same time, there were Wu Tong who practiced martial arts with the descendants of martial arts families.
Under Chenhui, Mu Yang’s face was filled with awe.
Jing, is the contemporary heir of the Jing family from Jing Teng’s identity!
Fear is derived from Jingteng’s strength, and he broke through the strength at the age of 26!
Without Chen Feng, Jing Teng would be the fastest candidate for the young generation of China to break through to Huajin!
Moreover, the specific strength of Jing Teng’s breakthrough is measured by the ancient martial arts realm, which is far from comparable to that of the current martial arts world.
Jing Teng slowly got up and nodded slightly as a response.
“Master, are you leaving today?” Mu Yang asked respectfully.
Now there is still one month before the Chinese martial arts community participates in the trials of the Global Martial Arts Conference, and according to Jingteng’s previous plan, he will leave on this day.
“I have gained a new understanding of Yin-Yang Quan in the past two days. I need to understand and consolidate it. Go and tell my grandpa that I will leave the customs in a few days.” Jing Teng responded indifferently.
Hearing this, Mu Yang couldn’t help but stunned: “Master, didn’t the master tell you about challenging Chen Feng?”
“Challenge Chen Feng?”
Jing Teng frowned, “Who is Chen Feng? Why should I challenge him? ”
Mu Yang smiled bitterly: “Master, it seems that the master did not tell you what happened to the outside world in the past few days.”
“Chen Feng is the most reputable genius warrior in the outside world, and some even call him the first young generation of Chinese martial arts world. ”
The first person in the young generation in the Chinese martial arts world?” Jing Teng’s face suddenly became cold when he heard this call. As a genius, he naturally has the arrogance of genius, even if he has broken through to Huajin now, he does not. Dare to claim to be the first person of the young generation in China’s martial arts world. Now Amao Agou appeared from nowhere, but he was called the first person of the young generation of China. How could he not be angry?
“Master, you have been in retreat these months, I am afraid you don’t know this Chen Feng.”
“This person has been doing the best in the world in the past two months.” Mu Yang was not surprised by Jing Teng’s anger, he knew how arrogant Jing Teng was.
“Say! I want to know all the news about this person.” Jing Teng said in a cold voice. He originally planned to continue to retreat and comprehend Yin-Yang Fist, but now… it is unnecessary!
“Master, this person is the illegitimate son of the Chen family of Yanjing…”
Mu Yang explained Chen Feng’s life experience and his recent activities.
After Jing Teng finished listening, he couldn’t help but frowned.
I have to say that he did have some surprises.
It is not only an accident with Chen Feng’s identity, but also an accident with Chen Feng’s past actions.
Born in the Chen family of Yanjing, he went to Cangzhou to work as a son-in-law because he was unwelcome as an illegitimate child.
In Cangzhou for three years, it broke out, showing the strength of the early stage of Huajin.
Then, this person seemed to be on the hook. First, the gambling battle between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce was first revealed.
Later, he entered Japan alone, beheading two Shangren and two great gods… Such a record indeed deserves the title of the first young generation in the Chinese martial arts world.
But… all this was when Jing Teng was born. Now that Jing Teng is born, the title of the first young man in the Chinese martial arts world should be given over!

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