Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 633

Thinking of this, Jing Teng glanced at Mu Yang coldly: “Mu Yang, in my name, immediately gave Chen Feng the next battle. Ten days later, I will take his life by the West Lake!”
“Yes, Master! “Mu Yang was a little excited to take the order. As he expected, Chen Feng’s recent record really inspired Jing Teng’s fighting spirit.
Next, Jing Teng will appear in a way that makes the world tremble! this day.
The descendants of the Jing family’s generation left the customs and challenged Chen Feng to life and death.
The news spread quickly throughout China and even the global martial arts community as if wings were on, causing a huge shock.
And because of Chen Feng’s special identity, coupled with various past deeds, this incident has also attracted great attention from the Chinese upper class society and the global underground world!
What is Jingjia?
Is Jing Teng very good?
After the news came out, except for a handful of people who knew the information of the Jing family, almost everyone was filled with such doubts.
In terms of power, although Chen Feng is the illegitimate son of the Chen family, after experiencing a gambling battle between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, Chen Feng clearly has a decisive influence in China Shipping.
At least the Zhonghai Chu family is standing on Chen Feng’s side with a clear-cut stand.
In addition to the Chu family, Chen Feng also received the support of such powerful children as Yu Wenbo, and the genius of Jianzong.
These forces alone are enough to make most of China’s giants daunting.
Not to mention Chen Feng’s personal strength.
He is China’s fastest warrior to break through to Huajin!
Moreover, he also killed two Shinnin and two powerhouses in Japan, causing a worldwide sensation in the Japanese tragedy!
Moreover, he escaped from Japan alive during the encirclement and suppression of Japan.
It stands to reason that even at this time Chen Feng should have a place on the gods list, after all, he killed two gods list powerhouses.
And the reason why he didn’t rank in the god list was nothing more than because he didn’t kill two god list powerhouses by his own strength, but with the help of hot weapons.
But this is the case, he has also been rated as SSS by the officials of various countries!
One of the most dangerous people in the world!
Under such a situation, Jing Teng, a contemporary heir of the Jing family, suddenly appeared to challenge Chen Feng to life and death. How could this not cause a sensation?
Yanjing Chen’s house, Chen Boyong’s study.
“Husband, what’s the matter with Jing Teng? Is he the one you’re looking for?”
Chen Yingcai’s mother Wang Xiulan asked Chen Boyong, she didn’t know Chen Boyong’s previous plan.
Ever since her daughter Chen Yingrou was interrupted by Chen Feng, she has been looking for a famous doctor abroad and wanted to connect her leg bones.
However, Chen Feng was too ruthless at the beginning.
He directly smashed all of Chen Yingrou’s leg bones, and there was no hope of healing at all.
In desperation, she had to give up treating Chen Yingrou and instead sought a way to retaliate against Chen Feng.
Chen Boyong nodded very simply, and then said: “I did find that Jingteng.”
“When did you find it? Is that Jing family reliable?” Wang Xiulan couldn’t help asking.
“I looked for it a few days ago. Of course the Jing family is reliable.” Chen Boyong smiled and said: “You may not know that the Jing family is a hidden martial arts family in China. They have existed for thousands of years.
” Their heritage is extremely long, and their martial arts heritage is extremely deep!”
“Their Patriarch owed me a favor back then. This time I specifically asked them to avenge their daughter and son.”
“To avenge their daughter and son, why not just let the older generation of the Jing family get out?” Wang Xiulan asked.
“If the older generation of the Jing family is dispatched, the Wumeng will be held accountable, and the reputation is not good.”
“So, let the Jing family’s successor take action and kill the wild species in the name of life and death challenges. , Is the best way.” Chen Boyong explained.
“As far as I know, the wild species that has suffered thousands of swords is hailed as the first young man in the Chinese martial arts circle. Are you sure that Jing Teng can kill him?” Wang Xiulan asked again. She doesn’t care what the situation of the Jing family is. I only care about whether he can kill Chen Feng and avenge his daughter.
“Xiulan, you don’t know anything. The name of that wild species is only for the sake of creating gods.”
“Jing Jia Jingteng is different. In China, except Shaolin, Wudang this martial forces beyond the next plane, as well as the hidden forces of martial arts, martial arts these hidden forces than those martial clear surface forces are more than ten times a hundred times stronger! ” ”
King The family is the best among these hidden martial arts forces. The master of the Jing family, Jing Yunfeng, has an extremely powerful force value. According to rumors, he is China’s most promising martial artist to break through the martial arts master in the past ten years! And Jing Teng It is his grandson, and he taught martial arts personally since he was a child. Now that he has arranged for Jingteng to shoot, there must be no problem.” Chen Boyong said with confidence.
“That’s good!”
Upon hearing Chen Boyong’s words again, Wang Xiulan sneered, “Ying Rou was devastated after that blow. I was worried that she would be depressed for a lifetime, but now I don’t have to.”
“Well, you will get this news as soon as possible. Tell Ying Rou. So that she can rekindle her fighting spirit and live strong. As for her legs… we will find a way later.” Chen Boyong agreed.
Wang Xiulan nodded, and then left the study.
Wait half an hour.
A nursing home in Yanjing.
Chen Yingrou, who was paralyzed in bed, learned that Jing Teng, a heir of the Jing family, was going to kill Chen Feng in the name of a life and death challenge.
“Haha, hahaha, hahahaha…” After learning the news, Chen Yingrou, who had been devastated like a walking corpse, seemed to have heard the happiest thing in the world, and laughed up to the sky like a lunatic. It was filled with monstrous hatred and joy.
“Chen Feng, you crap! What if you interrupt my old lady’s legs!”
“You are about to die, and my old lady can live well! And live a long time!”
“Wait, wait until my old lady stands up again. One day, my old lady will dig up your corpse from the grave, chop it up and feed it to the dog!”
When Chen Yingrou learned that Chen Feng was about to be killed, she rekindled her hope and fighting spirit for survival, Thousands of miles away, at the Shenyin headquarters in Japan, the person in charge of Shenyin’s new battle hall brought together many core members of Shenyin.
“Today, I called everyone here because of Chen Feng’s little beast. Presumably everyone has heard about it. Jing Teng, a contemporary descendant of the Chinese martial arts family, Jing family, was born and challenged Chen Feng’s little beast to life and death. !”
At the beginning of the meeting, Koji Hokusai, the head of Shinyin’s new head, spoke first, and then said: “Now, Watanabe tells everyone about the origins of the Jing family and analyzes the results of the battle. Then we will follow Watanabe’s analysis The result decides whether to implement the plan made before.”

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