Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 636

“The mysterious warrior Jingteng will fight a life-and-death battle with Huaxia
Chen Feng on the bank of Huaxia Xizi Lake in ten days!” Just when Chen Feng concentrated on the research and development of martial arts, a post quietly exploded on the global martial arts forum, attracting tens of thousands of martial artists around the world. talk.
Because Chen Feng’s previous record has been known to many people, this time, the core of many martial arts discussions around the world has become Jingteng.
There is a post in which Jing Teng and Jing Jia were introduced in great detail.
“Based on the information and intelligence I have collected from various sources, it can now be determined that the Jingteng who challenged Chen Feng came from the Jing family of the martial arts family in China. According to past data, the Jing family is the most powerful martial arts family in China. One!”
“In the past thousand years, the Jing family has produced three martial arts masters! But today’s Jing family still has a complete heritage. In the past 100 years, they have rarely been born, but once they are born, they will inevitably be born. Brings a big event that has shocked the Chinese martial arts world! For example, one hundred and twenty years ago…”
This post is full of news, not only the history and development of the Jing family, but also Jing Teng’s personal information, including Jing Teng’s practice since childhood The Jing family does not pass on the unique Yin Yang Quan and the deeds of traveling out when he was sixteen years old, defeating the geniuses of various martial arts in a crushing posture.
“Sure enough, that Jing Teng is a very powerful genius, otherwise I would not dare to challenge Chen Feng.” After reading the content of this post, many warriors around the world have a lot of ideas in their hearts. As they expected, Jing Teng is indeed an extremely powerful warrior!
Because of Jingteng’s strength, the wind direction on the forum has also changed a lot.
When this incident was first reported, almost everyone in the forum believed that Jingteng was overpowered and seeking his own way. However, as the information of Jingjia and Jingteng was exposed, the wind direction gradually changed, and some people began to think that the winner would be Jingjia.
And such remarks have now become the main tone of the forum for two reasons.
First, in addition to the exposure of the information of the Jing family and Jing Teng, some people also broke the news that there are hidden powers like the Jing family in this world, and the helm of each power is comparable to the top ten of the gods. Each force’s successor is a powerful contender for the strongest of the younger generation, far from being comparable to the genius of the current martial arts world, and although Chen Feng has shown extremely strong strength, he is still in this hidden martial arts force. In front of him, he has no advantage.
Second, Jingteng has issued a life and death statement for more than 24 hours, but Chen Feng has not responded for a long time. This means that Chen Feng is not sure of defeating Jingteng, and even thinks that he is not Jingteng’s opponent. Challenge!
Will Chen Summit challenge? If Chen Feng challenges, can he defeat that mysterious Jingteng? When Jing Teng, the heir of the Jing family, wrote the book of life and death to Chen Feng, almost everyone who followed the battle had these two questions in their hearts.
As time goes by, the doubts and expectations in people’s hearts grow stronger.
However, Chen Feng, who has always been strong, did not respond as quickly as people expected.
Five days.
For five days, Chen Feng did not respond.
This makes people who are concerned about this battle impatient, but they can’t help but talk.
“Five days have passed. Chen Feng did not show up and did not respond. It can only prove that he believes that he is not strong enough to accept Jingteng’s challenge!” “Yes, do it with Chen Feng’s past style and strength. Pie, if he is confident of defeating Jing Teng, it is impossible not to respond until now. This can only prove that he is afraid!”
“Although Chen Feng was once known as the number one genius in the Chinese martial arts world, he was a martial artist who did not hide from the world. Geniuses from scholarly families and sects, such as Jingteng, are counted. If they are included, he cannot be ranked first. This is why he dare not respond to Jingteng’s challenge. If he fights, he will definitely die!” In the Huaxia martial arts circle, someone made the statement that Chen Feng did not dare to fight, and it was quickly recognized by many people, and then became the mainstream voice in the martial arts circle, and even some disciples of the famous school recognized such remarks.
Soon, such remarks spread to other fields and were recognized by many people. “It’s really annoying. What do these idiots do if they have a full day? They know nonsense!” On this day, Yu Wenbo was very annoyed after Chen Feng did not dare to fight, and he wished to hold a press conference to deny it. all of these.
But he just thought about it.
In fact, at this moment, even he didn’t give me Chen Fengneng to win Jingteng, because many people on the forum have already exploded substantive analysis.
Not only Yu Wenbo, but also the fourth brothers and sisters of the Chen clan and Huang Laosan came from Zhonghai.
“Damn, what kind of carrots do you put on these idiots, our uncle is afraid of trouble?”
“Yes, there is no such word in Shishu Chen’s dictionary. He did not respond in time. There must be Other reasons!”
“By the way, Master, do you know why the uncle hasn’t made a sound yet?” The
Chen brothers and sisters couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Huang Lao San, looking forward to Huang Lao San’s response.
“I have already understood that the boy is in retreat, and there is no time to pay attention to that boy named Jingteng for the time being.” Huang Laosan glanced at the Chen brothers and sisters and said.
“It turned out to be in retreat. I said, Shishu Chen is definitely not the kind of person who dare not fight.” Hearing Huang Laosan’s response, the Chen brothers and sisters couldn’t help but Qi Qi relieved. They were worried that Chen Feng was true Dare not challenge.
“With Shishu Chen’s temperament, once he leaves the customs, he will definitely respond, to be precise, to challenge, and then kill that Jingteng! Master, I think we should all go there on the day of the martial arts competition and witness Chen Shishu beat that Jingteng. A dead dog!” Chen Zeli suggested cheerfully.
“Okay!” Huang Lao San nodded slightly, but his heart was a little solemn. People like Chen Zeli didn’t know the horror of Jing Teng, and they had never considered the failure of Chen Feng…
“According to people close to Chen Feng, the reason why Chen Feng didn’t say anything was not that he didn’t dare to fight, but that he was practicing martial arts in retreat and would respond to Jingteng after he left the customs!”
An anonymous person posted a comment on the martial arts forum that afternoon Such remarks.
Then, this kind of remarks quickly became popular with the push hands, spread to the ears of all people concerned about the war, and aroused widespread heated discussion.
“I think this information is credible.”
“According to the information, Chen Feng will eventually respond regardless of whether he will fight or not .” “Leave aside whether Chen Feng will fight or not. According to the information analysis, Chen Feng has never defeated Jingteng. Be sure, otherwise you don’t have to wait until the retreat is over to respond!”

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